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Soulja Boy off in this emu
Watch me crank it, watch me roll
Watch me crank dat Soulja Boy
Then Superman that emu
Now watch me SUEEEED (Crank dat Soulja Boy)
Now watch me SUEEEED (Crank dat Soulja Boy)
Now watch me SUEEEED (Crank dat Soulja Boy)
Now watch me SUEEEED (Crank dat Soulja Boy)

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If they forced me to pick something between Skrillex and a bullet .. i will proudly take the bullet
what the fxxx were they thinking when they upload this , why square didnt stay with Planit-b and why they didn't pick Haywyre instead of him if they are aiming for a western DJ .. da fuq

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"God of War was such a ***huge risk*** for the development and direction that absolutely deserves the award"
You have got to be kidding me !! what risk are you talking about you make it sound like they did an oldschool risk , its just a scripted cinematic experience like any scripted cinematic we play in today's gaming

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People CLEARLY don't realize that FF7 world is HUUUUUUUUGE and that costs so much effort and time and thinking how to execute it part by part since one blu-ray isnt enough for it

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I cannot stand the main character .. everything about him piss me off .. from his look to his voice and he doesn't sound like how he look , he looks like a mix between Willem Dafoe and Arnold Schwarzenegger and i do know that they face scan the voice actor behind him ( even though he looks nothing like him in real life ) he still looks like what i describe.. i give props to the VA for how many lines he read but the voice actor despite his youth look he is trying so hard to sound old it ma...

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This is the worst list i have ever seen in gamespot history

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Propaganda .. so they can push another reboot with a male protagonist this time .. uncharted style /s
but seriously .. i wont be surprised if TR makers are highly influenced by this random reddit post that is coming from a gay porn model .

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Sony ... WTF are you doing , this s*** creates bad vibes for other Japanese devs to not release their games on PS4
Quit following the SJW's .. they are slowly killing your history and your legacy and your whole brand

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YOU DON'T SPEAK FOR ME ya filthy casual ,
Classic RE games > westernized modern crap / casuals bait

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so pity and salty , this is some Nicki Minaj level of saltiness

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Capcom ... one of the strongest SJW supporters this gen .. quit supporting them

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Do you even focus on the person on the picture .. does your brain realize that they put this feminist chick as her
Capcom has a clear message but you derps are too dense to realize that in time

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That's the type of girl you find usually on Tumblr .. and feminist too
Capcom westernized direction ladies and gentlemen .. SJW agenda in your face


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I'm so sick and tired of corporate slaves like you who always give a free pass for companies because of fake hype

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Current Capcom is westernized and have no passion or respect to their past or to the people that worked for them
they are officially out of my book , the Japanese passion is gone .. now its all westernized crap

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For Fxxx Sake ...
Things getting worse and worse and worse and worse .. now we have people defending stuff like that .. we are fxxxed

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The Sonic 06 of GOW games .. extremely overrated with zombified userbase who blindly follow anything hyped and overrated , it is by far one of the examples that i despise about todays gaming and it pushed the industry to an unoriginal direction that may inspire others to make more copycats like it .. just pure scripted cinematic crap with bland designs since that what kids these days like .

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