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Can the Cringy Nintendo community just DIE , omg it gets worse

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I honestly want to choke this OP for those shady fanboyish comments and his greedy ass

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Parasite Eve 1 & 2 Shits all over todays games , not a single game make you hooked into todays gaming other than the older games , PE is the prime example of how today's gaming sucks

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Don't give me that " nobody wanted to publish " Bull**** , just say that SEGA wanted to get into Nintendo pants and Nintendo themselves has been drooling into owning the IP since day 1 and that's the moral of the story .. history will remind you and SEGA that both of you are sellouts to Nintendo for neglecting the gaming community needs and your core audience

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"The first remake was lazy"
And with opinions like this it explains why we have games like RE7 exist .. its because of stupid fans and newcomers who shit on the old games in favor for Capcom "changes"

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Why do people complain about the face .. i freaking love this face since it remind of the classic TR games even when it looks whore-ish like , people miss the point when it comes to designs like this

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WTF does camera perspective has anything to do with the circus and the supernatural things that happened in RE7 and the huge difference between ALL RE games that has its own vision and universe .. make up your mind for fxxx sake is this a RE game or a Clock Tower sequel , RE7 whether you like it or not is NOT a RE and will NEVER BE .. universally and design wise it does NOT fit in the same universe no matter how many times you or Capcom try so hard to fit it in the franchise , use your damn b...

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Situations like this makes perfect sense to be backed since not only Sony are good for indie devs , Sony is also very generous they might as well allow a PC port for it , Platinum Games on the other hand makes no sense and keeps making shit excuses and selling out to Nintendo for no reason even Kamyia himself aren't ashamed and arrogantly proud of it , PG and Nintendo are in the same pants don't let anyone fool you from not knowing that with all the corporate PR Bull*** that comes out...

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@Tekolie What part of my comment do you not understand , it doesn't matter if i sound angry to you or not , both of you belong in the same Nintendo fanboysim circle so don't even try if you don't know how to defend yourself , if you have something to argue or to correct on my comment say it if you don't zip it and hit that disagree button if you are that insecure to argue , its really not that hard for brainfarts to get that .

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Why would you even be salty when you have too many options to play DMC games including emulators and PC ports and you do know that the HD DMC games released last gen too , your comment makes 0% sense compared to the Bayonetta situation since the 3rd game is locked behind exclusivity and you have no choice to even try it if you don't own that console of choice , its either that or nothing but in your situation you are making it seems like its impossible to play something like this .. you a...

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What about those B2P games behind paywalls with P2W , this is 9999 times worse than a normal F2P game .. its so sad to see people supporting that recently

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You trying to TELL ME that RE7 isn't on that list .. you have to be kidding me !?

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State is DDD : Deep Down Dead

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The likes of you who keeps drumming for no reason DISGUSTS ME in the gaming community , what part of my comment do you not understand when i'm clearly aware of what i'm talking about but you have the nerve to call me ignorant for it , THAT'S EXACTLY WHY i'm criticizing this whole thing .. ITS HIM and his drummers .. even a Korean MMO devs can do much better than he does when it comes to innovations , the guy is overrated plain and simple .

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How the hell does this guy become trustworthy all of a sudden since FF14 still is heavily dialogue based game with the same combat system and the same terrible and confusing level designs since 1.0 .. i swear to god this guy accidentally becomes overrated due to the mistake that is called FF 14 , he doesn't even have history of making a singleplayer games .. people praise him out of nowhere but doesn't give reasons why , talented this talented that , wth did he did exactly .. you derp...

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Nothing bother me more than a big budget game exclusivity on this day and age considering they do know they have audience on the other platform and give 0 fxxxs about them .. Atlus is very fossil and not getting with the times

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Can we please give PE series some love and push more articles about it , SE needs to know that we want this series back

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Of all mobile FF games .. why in the world do you want this trash specifically to be ported , i cant with gamers mentality .. what is wrong with people and their random requests

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