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^^Third-person/side scrolling Metroid would be awesome. #4.1.4
@ fatneal

You're looking at cross-gen titles.

I can play a game from 2004 in 1080p at 60fps, but that doesn't make it any more next-gen than PS4/XB1 games. And you're calling us idiots? #2.1.5
Did you try to say "frat" person shooter or "first" person shooter? #2.2.2
""Deserves More Just For Scope & ART""???

HAHAHAHA! Are they serious?

The graphics may be pretty but it lacks a decent art direction. Its design is bland and generic. Absolutely no personality. Gear is too similar. All weapons look the same. Environments are uninspired. I mean, holy s**, Bungie, you only had 3 classes to work with and you couldn't be any more creative with your designs?
How can a supposedly "epic"... #2.1.3
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Wasn't that Tropical Freeze? #4.1.1
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You mean the Wii U isn't that much more powerful than the PS3 and 360.

The difference between PS4/XB1 and Wii U is almost the same as the difference between PS4/XB1 and PS3/360 when looking at multiplatform cross-gen titles.

From a technical standpoint, Wii U is the not first of the 8th gen consoles, it's the last of the 7th gen consoles. So it's very much comparable to PS3 and 360, IMO. #2.1.1
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@ Kingthrash360

You just described any RGP.
And "funner with friends" applies to any multiplayer game. #4.1.4
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""I Have To Play Destiny For 20 Hrs. Before It Gets Good?""

Reminds me of the time FF13 came out... only a lot more shady. This game is getting a lot of special treatment compared to other games.

@ Bloodborn

Yes, the mechanics, gunplay and graphics are rock solid. There's a lot of money invested in this game, so it's very polished.
However, that doesn't keep it from being soulless. I've... #1.1.2
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Technically, your PC is outdated the moment you finished building it and new parts hit the shelf.

LAST GEN consoles with 8 year old hardware managed to run games that were also demanding on PC with less than 512mb of RAM. #1.1.20
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Wow and they somehow managed to make these games run on consoles with 8 year old hardware and less than 512mb of RAM lol

Looks like console games have nothing to worry about for the upcoming future. #1.1.5
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Wow, it didn't take much for all these people to show up.

@ MrPink2013

> says console fans are insecure too, then proceeds to justify his PC gaming choice lol. No need, buddy.

@ Consoleslateagain

""dumb elitist I'm better than you""
*reads username* Oh the hypocrisy.

Hey, you all don't see me going into PC-only articles and cla... #1.2.6
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You: It's relevant because I can't read.

The topic is about a 720p iPhone supposedly being on par with next-gen consoles. Not sales.

Seriously, if 20+GB games like MGSV, Arkham Knight, perform and play just as well on a 5 inch touchscreen as a PS4 or Xbox One, then I'll be proven wrong. #7.1.1
Then I expect games Arkham Knight to run and play just as well on a 720p iPhone 6 as a PS4... lmao who am I kidding. #1.2
Sony wouldn't have been able to do anything that wasn't in their agreement with Nintendo. Otherwise Nintendo could take legal action.

However, it was Nintendo that went behind Sony's back in the end, which clears Sony of any wrong doing. #2.1.1
How many of these insecure PC fan articles do we need?

[EDIT] Never mind, the author seems a little more obsessed with 4K when there's little 4K content in the first place. Wait, isn't the PS4 4K ready(for video)?
He just mentions one source that claims that you won't be able to buy 1080p TVs in two years. Which is BS btw. #1.2
That's like saying that PCs are outdated the moment new and better parts hits the shelves two months after you finished building one... #3.2
All digital would have been great 2 generations ago, when games were not over 20GBs in size and every major ISP wasn't trying to throttle your bandwidth.

Besides, there's still a lot of people who love physical copies and digital feels like it's nothing but a backup copy to a game you don't own...but you paid anyway. #1.1.2
That's what I thought as well. #1.1
@ starchild

The difference with Sony is that when a developer pitches a game to Sony, they like it, help fund it and if it succeeds they become one of Sony's studios.

When Microsoft buys a developer, such as Rare, they destroy them along with the franchises. #1.1.8
There were already players at level 20 this morning. #1.5
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