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Whoever claims that graphics don't matter wasn't old enough to remember the wonders a graphics boost did to SNES games, in particular 'Yoshi's Island'. Not just from a visual standpoint with its advanced 2D effects and rendering, sprites, polygons, etc, but from a gameplay one as well.
Please, I'd like to hear all about how that game would've been remotely the same on vanilla hardware.

I'm buying a Switch. But accept it for what it i...

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It's the tired "Nintendo focuses on gaming first" argument.

Despite the fact that the inclusion of a Netflix app wouldn't take anything away from it and is a separate business entirely. No time or money is being taken away from game designers or network developers from creating a decent online service, in exchange for media apps.

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As someone else mentioned bellow. Far Cry 3 did it better. And it had a better balance in tone and didn't take itself too seriously, so it doesn't feel so inconsistent and contradictory.

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This. The moaning got annoying quick. The new games take themselves too seriously and feel forced.

Classic Lara knew what she wanted and was a thrill seeker of sorts. She had the right personality for the adventure.

Playing the more recent top-down Lara Croft games made me miss her character more.

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Pretty much this. I was looking forward to Scalebound as well, but unfortunately that's no more.
And with a half decent PC i can play pretty much every XO game.

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@Dan_scruggs and @343_Guilty_Spark
are the type of people here who think N4G is run by Sony fanboys.

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Is that the one where they spent 20 minutes talking about the camera angles in Pokemon?

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" if this were said about Sony or Microsoft, far fewer would contest it"
Nah, I've seen enough evidence to the contrary.

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"Theyve been reserving wiiu games for the Switch"
People said that last time.

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You could play as Diddy years ago without needing to beat the game at 100%. And forced motion controls were always a weak point in Wii games.

And yeah, the narrative in Other M wasn't good and once again forced motion controls were a thorn in a game with otherwise good gameplay mechanics. Pointing at the screen to find some random bit of info and coming to a complete stop in the middle of combat to use missiles was awful.

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I'm gonna take a wild guess before I actually read it and say that the complaint with Chrono Cross is that it wasn't Chrono Trigger 2.

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Battlefield has been selling 15 mil on average, whether you care for the game or not, is a pretty beastly number.

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I see people still don't like to do the least bit of research.

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I remember all those things fans said Nintendo would never dare do unlike the inferior two competitors.
But then ended up doing them anyway.

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How do they absolutely nail the Hawaii feel?
It's just a sand castle which could represent any beach with nothing region specific about its design.
Also a stuffed animal and a crab. We've seen crabs before.

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People want a proper Metroid game and we haven't gotten one in a long time. Instead we got a handheld spin-off.

StarFox Zero wasn't even supposed to be a full game. It was originally meant to be a quick pick up and play a mission type of game until Nintendo realized that fans actually wanted a full game. They didn't even know. THEY DIDN'T EVEN KNOW. And that's why it was delayed.

Nintendo remains clueless about what their fanbase wan...

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Actually, with Microsoft putting more games on PC, leaving Xbox with less and less exclusives, there's even less of a reason to consider buying an Xbox One.

At least Sony and Nintendo give you reasons.

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Apparently Rare Replay = all N64 games /s

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With MS putting more games on PC leaving the console with less exclusives of its own, there's even less of a reason to get an Xbox.

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There's a bundle.
Many people already have the camera, that's why they're not bundled by default.

I actually played with the PSVR and I didn't experience the issues he mentioned and/or other people have speculated on.

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