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Not sure what your mean by not putting a price on a handheld Dragon Quest. Sometimes there are games that would be more enjoyable on a big screen.

Anyway. As a Dragon Quest fan who's been looking forward to this game, I ain't waiting for the Switch version and I don't see it looking any better.

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Been looking forward to this game. Don't think I'll wait for the Switch version tho.

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It's cheaper to buy a 4K Blu-ray player or upgrade your PC to play every so called "exclusive" (if it isn't already powerful enough at this point).

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If you have the og Xbox One, then it's cheaper to upgrade your PC (if it isn't already powerful enough at this point) to play pretty much every so called "exclusive". Instead of $500.

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Dude, I'm not sure how showing us an 8 year old game like Minecraft in 4k is supposed to make us excited.
$500 for a system with practically no exclusives.
They're putting all their games on PC, so why should we even bother with the One X?

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Whether you hate the guy or not, if you care for ethics in reporting and journalism, you should at least care for context.

There, I made it easier for some of you to understand what's going on in one video.

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It's common with insecure fanboys

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It's Nintendo, that's why it's ok now. /s

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Odd that you go straight for a PS exclusive and not games in general that have done this.

What's even more odd, is how blind Nintendo fanboys mocked the idea of DLC, season passes, incomplete games, cash grabs, etc, when third parties did it.

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They went from making hardware that better enhances their games, to making games that justify the hardware.

Gamers prefer the innovations within the games themselves, rather than unnecessarily reinventing the wheel with their consoles.

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It's called context.
If you just take the line "Death to all Jews" and call it a day, without the who or how or why? Then of course you'll easily buy into a constructed narrative.

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Not a PewDiePie fan at all, but I know bullshit when I see it.

He never seriously said or did anything antisemitic.

The Wall Street Journal didn't do any actual journalistic reporting or investigating. They just repeated sh*t out of context, and because the WSJ is a big name, people believed it to be true.

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Whoever claims that graphics don't matter wasn't old enough to remember the wonders a graphics boost did to SNES games, in particular 'Yoshi's Island'. Not just from a visual standpoint with its advanced 2D effects and rendering, sprites, polygons, etc, but from a gameplay one as well.
Please, I'd like to hear all about how that game would've been remotely the same on vanilla hardware.

I'm buying a Switch. But accept it for what it i...

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It's the tired "Nintendo focuses on gaming first" argument.

Despite the fact that the inclusion of a Netflix app wouldn't take anything away from it and is a separate business entirely. No time or money is being taken away from game designers or network developers from creating a decent online service, in exchange for media apps.

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As someone else mentioned bellow. Far Cry 3 did it better. And it had a better balance in tone and didn't take itself too seriously, so it doesn't feel so inconsistent and contradictory.

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This. The moaning got annoying quick. The new games take themselves too seriously and feel forced.

Classic Lara knew what she wanted and was a thrill seeker of sorts. She had the right personality for the adventure.

Playing the more recent top-down Lara Croft games made me miss her character more.

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Pretty much this. I was looking forward to Scalebound as well, but unfortunately that's no more.
And with a half decent PC i can play pretty much every XO game.

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@Dan_scruggs and @343_Guilty_Spark
are the type of people here who think N4G is run by Sony fanboys.

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Is that the one where they spent 20 minutes talking about the camera angles in Pokemon?

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" if this were said about Sony or Microsoft, far fewer would contest it"
Nah, I've seen enough evidence to the contrary.

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