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The PC blasts the PS3 out the water in

*online multiplayer
***And best of all, what PS3 boyz have been ranting about all the time: FREE

Free multiplayer
Free games
Demos & Betas everywhere!

Everything a growing gamer needs!

So, I'd say heck no! Use that money to upgrade your current PC or build a new one that's as sweet as mine:

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More movies, more games, more communications options! More flags!

Six Flags!

More fun!

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Let's see 10-20+ articles against XBL for raising it's price $10 in 8 years, even though it's a common fact that you can buy a year membership online for $10 under the suggested retail price, even though for the last 8 years, XBL has made major progressional improvements to it's service (yearly) since 2002, even though the console competition has recently started a fee service (which adds NOTHING to improve PSN).

On top of that - look at all the nay sayers w...

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I'mma go on Sony's site now & add it to my d/l que now!

Oh damn! That's 360. Guess I'll have to wait til I get home...

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And EVERY year there was something major added to the service! Many of which the competition (which also started it's 1st online service in 2002, also) have yet to implement. And this is the 1st year of 8 that they'll be increasing the price??

What other service have you had that doesn't increase their rates/fees?
Common sense will tell you; the more users on your network, the more costly it is to both operate & maintain. It's business.

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Now...where'd I put those 'shrooms...?

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Sony should've stuck it out with the 'ORIGINAL' PS3 controller design!

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Yea... so the Wii hasn't been hacked yet! Your philosophy makes it a better system, right? LOSER.

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I've been 'online' since 1995 and I have NEVER seen anyone so loyal to any one product!!! I have NEVER seen anyone go AGAINST hax to any system, either!!

Where does it end? How loyal can you be? There must be some kind of subliminal system at hand when you turn on a PS3! STAY AWAY!!!

If Sony ruled and was your GOVERNMENT, then y'all would be the most ENTHUSIASTIC supporters, ever to exist!!!

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Not everyone can afford a PC like this:

Or keep it up to spec for years.

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more articles like these on a monthly basis!

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This is a 'Military-Style' ARCADE shooter....

It is NOT a Military Sim (aka Ghost Recon, ARMA II, OF:DR)

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Don't really agree with ya...but +bubbles for a respectable, mature, non-fanboyish answer!

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If Eyetoy IS the does the EXACT SAME things that Kinect does, then why did Sony rush their 'new invention', the glow sticks, out of a closet last [email protected] in what seemed like a rushed mess to say "Me too"?

Why didn't Sony just use the eyetoy instead of spending $$$ on development, etc of said glow sticks?

Better yet, why didn't Sony provide a firmware patch so that the XMB could use the eyeto to navigate or the PS3 could use it to...

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Virtual Air Guitar Company is a next generation (Xbox 360, PS3 and PC) game developer. The company was founded in 2006 by new media, computer vision and virtual reality researchers. We develop unique social and exergames using our patented computer vision technology.

Our proprietary FreeMotion® technology (patents pending) is a computer vision library that allows accurate real-time tracking of the entire human body as well as background removal using regular webcams....

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"Are you saying you think the cameras on kinect aren't just webcams "

Sort of...FreeMotion tech is 3rd party software using 1st party hardware.

Kinect is 1st party software (built into the webcam), using 1st party hardware.

So Kinect can be implemented into ANY given game.

FreeMotion would require any 1st party devs or other 3rd party devs to license the software for use.

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All I hear is;

"Pay $50 for free stuff + discounts."
Reality: Either most people already OWN what's currently listed as free and discounted OR they have no interest in the lack of CHOICE Sony gives them. Also, the 'FREE' is more like RENTALs so call it what it is - you never truly will OWN it.

"What they give you for free and in discounts amounts to way more than $50."
I was at the supermarket the oth...

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Wonder why?? Oh yea...Because having no controllers "limits experiences".

This won't be exclusive anyway:
Virtual Air Guitar Company is a next generation (Xbox 360, PS3 and PC) game developer. The company was founded in 2006 by new media, computer vision and virtual reality researchers. We develop unique social and exergames using our patented computer vision technology.

This isn't the Eyetoy capabilities, either. It's the...

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From this article being approved to the TROLLS posting comments...WHERE THE FUCK ARE THE MODS???

This site is SLUMville. Only a step above shady porn sites & warez sites.


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Paying $50 to have auto d/l & installs of patches is sooo worth it!

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