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The only problem I found was soul reapers where always in bankai and the hollows where in the 2nd form would of liked to press r2 and be like BANKAI

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Gran Turismo says hello

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Locked and loaded

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2.01* is the patch number and I haven't downloaded the patch but I can still be online psn

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Video private :(

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To be honest I liked oblivion better. Before anyways says I haven't played it iv gotten over 50% of trophies and level 52 on my third play through

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Yes could even be ubisoft

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It's only cool in mass effect. And I have seen it in plenty movies before star trek

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I will never play skyrim the same :o

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Well ff13 had 3 discs for the 360 and ff13-2 has 1 I guess that supports you

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Kinect sold 90% of its units last year that says a lot meaning this year its only sold 1-2 million . Source ? Ubisoft made a comment .

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the sims, need for speed and other ea ips

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I'm guilty for getting overly hyped for need for speed the run

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nice work . personally out of over 20 games I haven't gotten a single platinum :( closet I have gotten is mass effect 2 , 5 trophies short of a plat

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I remember selling the sword because my blades sword was stronger

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I'm sure they'll lose 1million to guild wars 2 also

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well said bubble up

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@coolbeans because forza doesn't have night racing weather changes night / day cycles Katy racing rally and snow racing NASCAR super gt. plus gran turismo makes racers in real life

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Awesome because i didnt like controlling the other characters in Yakuza 4

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sold 5.5 million last year that's good numbers was only out for a few weeks last year

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