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Guess ill try import it ..... If Last Of Us gets banned too, I will be very pissed.

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Could not agree more Riderz

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Are you serious ...... Sony is on track to make Profit next quarter, and here you're "bearing bad news"

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Geez, I have a feeling I'll be shitting bricks playing this... But nevertheless I'm still keen !!!!

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Why not, Xenoblade Chronicles came out three years ago in Japan. They've obviously spent more than two years on it.

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Americans don't speak 'Queens English' learn how to use commas too.

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Read the article, its not really a leak, I'm assuming the person from Microsoft just assumed the date ?

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Where's the irony ? If it ran on a 360 then maybe.

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Samsung's has had the the leading market share for a while now.

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They'll milk the Xbox brand name to bits. plus I don't see how it will benefit them, since most their revenue is from the Smartphone market.

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Don't count out FIFA !

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I can promise you Sony and Nintendo hire more Asian citizens than Microsoft... Its a double edged statement. P.S who do you think make and manufacture Microsoft products ?

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And promotes a Japanese product... Mate you're giving a racial impression. On topic, Microsoft has really dominated the USA market.

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@mcstorm. You do know Android has the biggest market share for smartphones worldwide. Samsung has become the biggest manufacturer for phones, overtaking Nokia last year, followed by Apple. Samsung has become so big, they manufacture iPhone cpus and ram, the iPad's cpu, ram and display. Apple even downgraded their expectations for iPhone 5 sales during the holiday season. This clearly shows Google isn't playing catch up

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Really da shredder? The nexus 10 has a better resolution, than the so called 'retina' . A windows tab or Android are more similar to a carried computer. Apple products are a locked eco system. And yes when you buy an apple product, you're paying for the brand, not the hardware. Oh and the nexus 10 has far superior specs than an iPad 4 in almost every way ,for, 100 dollars less. Proof? Google the specs

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That is why they introduced cabs. Have you tried TBOGT?

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Because reviews make a game? How could you say GT5 is not quality.... I've been playing it for GT5 for three years. I use a G27 love GT5 , but to say it's not a quality game is far fetched. Yes I'll admit GT5 wasn't the best game at launch, but a dozen patches later its changed.

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Yes. I'm looking forward to a full list of changes.

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Finally the embargo is lifted! Great review too.

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And the Japanese market alone, bought 1.8 million copies of FF13

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