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Final Fantasy was never a PlayStation exclusive (8,9,10 were the only exclusives on PlayStation) GTA games were on Xbox last gen. MGS games were on Xbox last gen (started on Nintendo) Tekken and DMC where the only franchises that changed. You're acting as if PlayStation didn't gain the likes of Bioshock and Mass Effect.

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It is a Rumour.

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wheres my Spec II for GT5, wheres my Prolouge for GT6

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Read the article first ladies an gentlemen.

"Due to the necessities of multiplatform development and publishing, it is likely that such a partnership will not extend beyond exclusive downloadable content, or staggered release dates. An outright exclusive EA game on the Next Xbox would be unlikely, and certainly a major coup for Microsoft if such a deal were to be secured".

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The was a female on Media Molecules presentation, just saying.

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Placeholder price, with the Australian dollar stronger than the US hoping for a $700 . For the record the PS3 was $1000 at launch

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Remember when the WiiU wasnt shown, and the specs weren't exact .announced

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Such a shame I noticed that too.

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There was someone playing onstage so In game

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If PS4 announcement on 20th FEB we riot

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I thought NPD only provide North American numbers?

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Dat Song :'(

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Its been Confirmed for PS3 via leaked image

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Why are you comparing it to Half Life 2, its Naughty Dogs longest campaign length. Not thr longest of all time

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Last a heard, was Jesse Mckarnty put a photo on Instagram of him In a studio, voicing a "Kingdom Hearts" game. Mind you this was last month too

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Head tracing has been on GT5 since launch

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@Cocozero funny cause this report shows the PS3 ahead of the 360 by 1 million . Edit: ma...

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Ofcourse they will, they are on track to make their first profit in years, next quarter.

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The console would be locked into an ecosystem, that would limit multimedia capabilities. Lets not forget a premium price tag, and yearly variations released.

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