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The movies channels I pay for have no ads, the sport channels I pay for show no ads during a game. The main selling point for cable in Australia is "Live and interrupted"

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14 hours in and I can see why. Such a great game.

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Fake, the background is the same one used for speed Test in GT5.

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Not only that, the original story had 100 million €, which is worth more than $

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Gran turismo 5 sold over 9 million

So what were you saying about ps3 exclusives not selling?

EDit: it's almost at 9.2 million

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I have a XPERIA z and iPad and I absolutely dislike gaming on them sure they're fun for quick ttime killers, but nothing beats gaming on a PC or Console.

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Don't forget the developer friendly architecture :)

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Hope it comes out this year for Australia too, please Sony.

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You have to buy an attachment to play 360 games. Oh Microsoft

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It would be awesome is Gaikai was Subscription based. I would be more than happy to pay X amount of dollars a month, to play unlimited PS3 games through gaikai.

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So for the Xbox mini I would assume you would need a gold subscription, and always online? No thanks

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They expected 3.4 million, far from CoD numbers.

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I admire his passion for gaming.

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According to this guy, 500 million isn't a lot of money.

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The target was 3.4 million, and they didn't achieve it.

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I still play Frozen Throne

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I never got 0:00 time, I spent so many hours trying.

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Maybe this will apply to games played through Gaikai

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Just shows even Microsoft are vulnerable.

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@squall 7 was released on PC and sorry I did forget 12

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