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It's not that much they make. They still have to pay for labour, servers, constant workers etc. But still they are racking millions

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That sure got alot of attention ad epic work

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Thanks you ! because i only remeber it being red through out my campaign bubs for your help

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Grrrrr I hope the picture of cerberus near the blue planet isn't a hint I would rage if it is

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Yen/Dollar value is really doing harm

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PS3 sales increased 400% when it initally cut the price a few weeks later when 360 dropped its price PS3 had another 50% increase in sales

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The 360 had a Prtice cut a few weeks ago In Australia instead of it getting a lift PS3 sales where up 50% :S????

It would shift numbers in US of A though

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3 more hours till its reeased in australia

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I remeber that there was green on button teased only to be revealed as an iPhone game

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A few more hours and it will be launched in Australia

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Just wondering was it meant for people pre ordering the game?

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I really disliked part 2 and I think part 3 is the best video game I have ever played

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@godchild gta 4 was 6.51 gigs on the 360 I really don't think more islands would fit on one disc

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Rdr had two cities....

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Fanboyism aside I'm guessing maybe the 360s disc limitations?

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I'm not a happy chap!!!!

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It's different because they are journalist they do it to get hits for their website. In other words make revenue from clicks and ads. Not quite patehtic after all

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It's an open world game and for an open world game graphics are spectacular

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Fifa on ps3 highest selling game this year so far

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Vtec yo!

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