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I just read the sources website, the guys posts such BS! no joke.


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Handy for remote play!

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"Orders before 5th of July are guaranteed". Phew, lucky I per-orderd mine on the 24th of June!!

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You cared enough to comment.

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As I was reading your comment, a skylanders ad came on tv.

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You're letting journalists choose with their scores over let's say motoring enthusiasts? Gt5 sold more than all forza games combined.

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Not all a pretty picture. On topic : And they said consoles where dying.

Edit: As of now their after hours shares are down 6.12%

EDIT 2: nevermind, didn't realise number were lower than last year

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Speaking if PS+ Need for speed Most wanted, Mafia II, Spec ops the line!!!! For Europe and Australia next month

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Keep in mind Killzone is only using 3gigs of the DDR5, imagine the draw distance and texture with more

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Couldn't agree more! I just feel like their story is complete.

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I'm pretty sure diehard fans have been begging for more out of SF4. Just check out EVO

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I've never read someone misspell Japanese like you just did.

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He got a $49 million package to join Zynga.

P.S he was highly tipped to be in that new ladies position (Google it) why he left? Obviously he followed the money.

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Imagine if a form if the infected looked like that :o

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Same..... :/

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You obviously don't know who Edge magazine are.

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A set of headphones, typically with a microphone attached

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Ps Eye lets you hear peoples Voices straight from the TV, as well as being a Mic itself.

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I'm surprised they haven't confirmed supporting Windows phone too

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