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Some people would say 8.8/10 is a great score and it would be if only there was any logic to them. #5.1
Wow! Its like they were waiting with their ****s in hand for such a game. Great publicity! Great clickbait! #7
Very Fishy indeed. #9.1
God I love this soap opera, I am beginning to relate to why some women watch so many of them.

"Indie" =/= Independent

Good riddance Phil. #47
Phil has died and risen up more times than Jesus Christ. #6.1.2
Imagine if Itagaki took over Uncharted.

Did you really imagine that? Good, now you know why not many want DmC from western studios again. It is meaningless. #1.7
Yep these guys, gamingbolt and others like them have a very predictable pattern when it comes to headlines. #3.2
Often when I see overblown headlines on N4G, its from this site. #25
There will always be a few of such people when something like this happens. It doesn't mean the argument about Facebook being bad for gaming is suddenly invalid. #12
Worst gaming news in a long time! I bet those early beta testers feel like total suckers now. #111
Oh my Gawd! WTF! 3000 dollars for a consumer grade card. Why? #27
Its just a tablet game. Move along. #3
This site is as trustworthy as Ubisoft. It's all about the traffic.

Everyone has something to complain about the new trailer, for me its the leaves which look like they are stuck to the ground with glue. Totally different from the earlier versions. #43
Ever since I read their stupid reviews of JRPG, I couldn't give a damn about Polygon.

It is just as bad as Kotaku. #1.1.10
Yes I am totally looking forward to InsideGaming to play this gem like that Uncharted clone: A bin of butts. #21
Damn it I imagined Miranda's ass to be a Guy Fawkes mask #17
I will certainly get it if that happens to be the case. #2.1
I believe it is free. The link is in the article. Its just that many fans were quite attached to the series for years, only to get the RGB ending. This seems to be one guy's attempt at getting peace and sharing it.

If not for Marauder Shields fan comics and ACAVYOS Shepard ending reaction video, it would taken longer for me to get over the cra'py feeling.

Of course, the best thing to come out of years of following ME has to be manslayer's Gamer P&... #4.1
If only Tales had Japanese pack as DLC like Soul Sacrifice. Glad SE is doing it for Lightning Returns. #1.1.15
Garbage article
These censorwads have more in common with nutty puritans than rational people. They are just as bad at distinguishing reality from fantasy as those idiots who want to ban games for violence. #23
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