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So Hip Hop Gamer is intent on coursing Violence against attendees come E3 hey. Hip Hop Gamer should be locked up this sort of behavior is not tolerable........and he goes about as if his a Gaming Journalist when all along his main attempt was to just course riot come E3 he should be locked away from venerable public until E3 is over. We can't have a maniac lose running amuck.

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Windows 7>XP>Vista>Linux

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This is a joke right?......I almost fell for that lol Linux.

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Yeah that's right i am a Tool......a Microsoft Tool u have a problem contact Microsoft support 0800.


Yeah what ever u keep believing that crap that u spew out of your mouth.

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3D will start when Microsoft say's until then u can forget about 3D unless u have a ps3 then i understand why u will defend it because u have no choice.

Did Sony even mention that u have to buy a 3D tv which costs a arm and a they didn't they left that out Sony thinks everyone is f*ckin rich. Microsoft is right we don't need 3D at this moment maybe on the next consoles in 3 to 5yrs from now when 3D tv's will be reasonable price.

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So do i see a future in 3D but that's a long long long way down the road, until we can purchase a 3D tv at a reasonable price it's not gonna happen anytime soon in our living room.

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All very nice exclusive games catering for the harcore gamer and the casual gamer.......very nice list can't go wrong.

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Excellent application Xbox Twitter is so fast to load up.

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Best game everrrrrrr multi-player untouchable by any other game now and in the future......accept it and move along don't reply and embarrass yourself.

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Xbox 360 Natal = It Only Does Everything.

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Aaron Greenberg told me personally they are holding 2 press conferences at this year's E3 on twitter. I know it's hard for u ps3 fan's to accept that because jealousy just shows on your lot's faces.

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E3 is gonna be Mega Explosive with announcement's like Natal and Slim 360 poor ps3 isn't gonna get it's foot through the door before it's slammed shut in it's face.

The talk of E3 is just gonna be Natal and xbox360 slim as for Sony and Nintendo they might as well not turn up sadly that's the truth.

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That would be nice to have Dreamcast games on xbox360 i hope Microsoft can clinch a deal for all dreamcast games to come over to xbox360 exclusively.

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GOW3 is a good game but 7hrs worth of game-play and frame rate drops to 20fps at times is not good it could have been a great game but because of those flaws i would advice anyone interested in purchasing GOW3 to look else where for better game's like Dante's Inferno or Bayonetta.

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Pathetic is all i can say i've been waiting so long for Dead Island and Warhound and after all this time they are.........on ice..... what ever the game they are working on better be god damn worth it.

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Cut the crap simply they don't wanna have anything to do with American Product (xbox 360) that's plain simple truth. Also Japan is unimportant when u look at the whole picture.

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Now it is just wait until what? I guess they are waiting for GT5 now lol.

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Sony will never surpass xbox 360 sales and that is the sad truth and that hurts me so much......i just wish we could be in Second Place so i could know how it feels like.

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I hope it's still xbox 360 exclusive.

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