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its not only sony fanboys,its a well know fact
the only things m$ is focusing on is doing kinect craps..latest flop btw is fable the journey...epic fail game.

instead wasting their money on new IP'S they throwing rehashed franchises like halo-gears-forza for more than 6 years...if u count halo then 10 years at least.

they completely abandon their hardcore base and try to much to become the next Wii..they give you a halo and gears here and then so ...

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agreed also a new broken sword game is coming just like the 2 classics and also it has been founded by gamers

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here for pop corns and soda !!!

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whats the differences between killzone 2 and 3 ?
i played kz 2,i have it actually but i want to know whats wrong with KZ3..

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in the U.S maybe but in europe and asia we dont give a crap..beside we have something that is called PC,and ipod if we want to DL and listening to music. but who im talking to...another blind xbox fanboy.

And who gives a fck about fail tablet that will NEVER surpass iPAD or the fail win8 wich is completely crap even gabe say its a nightmare. i stick with my win 7 thx

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and again m$ focus on everything else except the most important thing..GAMES

IF i want music,i have my ipod and pc...

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bulletsorm is free in the EU at least

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trust me buddy we dont give a fck
you can go back to m$ live and pay like the sucker you are. but hey...thx for telling us anw

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time travel ?

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ppl want from sega the next shenmue

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highest rated or not

gran turismo like it or not buddy remains the best driving simulator.

when flopza will surpass 7.88mil. gt5 did give me a call till then enjoy the reviews.

your jsut another nintendo-xbox fangirl that bash sony in everysingle article out r not getting bubbles down cause you r trolling very well and clever.

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if they r not doing a good job then why the ps3 outsells the xbox WORLDWIDE for more than 3 years?

why they close the huge gap of 9.2mil to 1.8mil ?

if u ask me sony is doing a great job

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another reason why the ps+ is the best service
M$ can keep charge everything it wont change that

fanboys or not its a well know fact psn does better deals.

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bethesda ?

lol dude...everysingle game they launch are 100% full of bugs...crappy company

glad the pc owners can mods their games

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we need more rpg's,jrpg's and Little big planet games likes
were u can create share and play

but too many kids these days want only michael bay WTFROFLPWNED SHOOTERS KABOOOOOOM ZERO STORY

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thats why it sold more than 4mil...aye ?

anw ye the game sucked except leon campaign wich was better than RE5,too bad they should have focus on his campaign alone...cause it was by far the best campaign...

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i got bulletstorm
re5 gold edition
tomb raider
just cause 2
and KK games completaly for free...let those suckers paying their shitty live for no reason.

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keep making these stupids article jsut to bash sony more

BUT i wonder in 2013 what excuses you haters gonna find to bash sony...since EVERYBODY knows its gonna be sony year by miles with all the AAA exlcusives that will come monthly

the last of us
beyond 2 souls
sly cooper 4
the last guardian
and i can continue but there is no point..just waiting and see what the haters gonna find for excuses

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so what we dont care anymore
the wii is dead..nobody buy that old tech crap anymore.

ps3 and xbox will sell more than the WiiUpgrade

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