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try harder 360 fangirl

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ps3 will and IS surpassing the xbox u better get used to it....360 will get the third place its a matter of time

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ff13 6+mil
ff13-2 2mil

its pretty sure that ff13-3 sales will fail

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kinect sucks
its just for little kids

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killzone 2
last of us
beyond 2 souls

games that rapes your crappy fps graphics wise and ofc gameplay wise on consoles so stfu crytek and stick on pc's cause your games sucks gameplay wise

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too bad it will sale less than 100k on pc's
waste of moneu from ninja theory the yshould stick on consoles only

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ps3 nuff said.


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no xbox ?


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go bacl to your overated boring shooters buddy the last of us is certainly not for you

u can join the pegi-5 wagon kkthxbb

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and project zwei is is more than enough

kids better forget dead space and other similar craps that followed the gears of nabs wannabe rout

these 2 games i mentioned are gonna define the survial horror genre

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mika shut up already every single comment of yours are more retarded one after the other so plz for the sake of it...kindly shut it kkthxbb

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cant find the beta...
where is it ?

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xbox was already maxed out with gears 3
ps3 will be maxed out with the last of us nad gow:A

say what u want crytek its not you who maxed out sony console its sony computers studios,naughty dog,guerilla games who did it.

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still uncharted 2 is the game with the most winning awards the last 2 gens

and yes LAST OF US will get the goty if rockstar doesnt pay anything.

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xbox live wooot ????

ps+ hands down

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OFC its the best version,bioware said it,EA said it
ME1 ps3 version have ME2-3 kits unlike the xbox version and pc.

haters might hate but that doesnt change the fact that ME1 best version is on the ps3 end of story.

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since when xbox had any exclusives except halo,forza and gears ?

most of their games are also on pc

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trust me the majority doesnt care
player base will get it for ps3-xbox

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meanwhile noctis still waiting

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this is not coming on the wiiHD better remove this

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