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Paper-cut the reviewers. Make funny hats. Wrap food in it. Use the to balance that one wobbly leg your table has. Make paper planes. Make more paper planes. #1.1
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I do NOT understand the flak. I'm level 19 atm, levelling other chars too.. I am, in no possible way, lacking content. I have yet to finish the story because I've been having too much fun doing strikes and PvP.

What I mean to say is, I haven't even gone through all of the ocntent, and my character is technically "maxed" (pre light levels).. I like the story (or lack thereof). The idea is, that we've been brought back into a world that we don't un... #15
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I'm glad these reviews come after the release. Gives us a chance to have unbiased opinions on the game. This review strongly opposes my personal opinion on the game. #92
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"Did you play any of the ROS content yet" guy asks
Greg replies "I don't know".

Hope he's not in charge of the review :p #2.1
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Yeah, that's the transmog thing.

Not sure if I really dig the idea, or really hate it :p.

I hate butt-ugly armour - so being able to transmog it is nice... Conversely, there's also a certain sense of satisfaction in finding matching pieces of armour.

I'll go dig up my masculinity again in a minute #2
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Look at Kai's face-paint.
Now look at Hellblade's protagonist.
Look back at Kai's face paint and back at the Hellblade protagonist.

Look down a your feet, then back up on the Hellblade protagonist, now back to Kai.

Same eye colour, same face-paint, semi-same haircolour... Only this time, Kai seems determined not demented :p

Yay. I can't wait to re-re-re-purchase 4K remakes... #23
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You live up to your name, sir. Thank you ;). #21.1.1
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They never stated that progress would carry over.. How can one be dissapointed in someone not fulfilling an non-expectation? #21
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Oh come on!! Really? Is the entire last gen library getting a makeover while all new titles get pushesd to 2015? #66
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I smell flamebait #27
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So, er..

Will I need to get a hand on a PS3 and a PS3 versiom of Diablo 3 (again), upload savegame via battlenet to be able to play it on my PS4?

Or will there be some kind of magic trick we can do? I am hoping for the latter to be true, cause otherwise it'll involve a lot of fiddeling around :) #7
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This is wrongfully quoted. The question in the video is "Is there only one exploreable planet?" The response is "Yes, we're clling them destinations - there's Mars, the moon, Venus and you've got earth".. This makes it extremely vague

However, he goes on to state that the've shown everything there is in the release version of the game? #13
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ah dem feels :((( #12
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It'd like to see a chart illustrating NEW games vs ports/remasters so far, for this gen... #3
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I have little to no Halo experience, sadly. But I think Destiny seems like more ambitious undertaking. 'Better than Halo?' though, I can't make a valid comment on that.

On a side note - some people are slating the similarities to Halo as negative points.. To me, (w/o/ Halo experience), that sits like a stamp of approval though. 'If it aint broken', you know.? #18
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Had high hopes for for a Dragon Âge themed ME3 style multiplayer, but alss, I think... #6
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Inb4 sued ! #6
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Yeah they kinda died in my version.. #1
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So, premium, booster packs and now battlepakcs.. I bought Premium and I love the game, but when that's been said - I think the DLC shoulda been free with those pricetags #3
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