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We meant more that they could have shown the 360 version. It seems very strange to put a release date above the Xbox One version of the game.

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You're right about the 3DS sales sentence: our mistake. Thanks for letting us know! We're not counting out Zelda U entirely though...we have a feeling we'll see something at E3.

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No, I just think why should taxpayer's money be spent like that? If I am ever unemployed, which I will be one day, I would not just live on the dole. I would actively try to find a job, which this guy doesn't seem to be doing.

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I'm not bitter, I just dislike people that sit around on their arse doing nothing, wasting governmental and tax-payers money on unimportant things like games.

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I agree with you on that. It can help. However, normally reviews of a game come out before the game's US release as well, so it's not really that important.

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And YOU disgusting people are the reason why the government is low on money. Lazy.

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Really? I see absolutely no good points to be being a British gamer. Do enlighten me. (I'm the author)

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I wrote this piece. Just to answer some of these comments, there are other games apart from Angry Birds on iOS. Infinity Blade, Modern Combat, Street Fighter, Call of Duty: Zombies, and many more. And as I said, I wouldn't buy it as a games device. It's the fact that it does more than just games.

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