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LOL #3.1
You're still bitter over Monster Hunter and the first RE: Revelations game, I see. #3.2
3rd-party support as in whatever Sony/Microsoft usually gets. FPS's, grey-and-brown violent (open-world) action games and EA games. #7.2
@ Xman2K

LOL @ the PS4 being the best choice. PS4 owners barely play anything that isn't an FPS, an open-world action or a sports game. So exactly, how are Shinobi and Sonic being on the PS4 gonna benefit them? #24.1.2
No. Shenmue was the reason Sega could no longer make consoles. It ruined their finances. Barely anyone bought that game when it came out. Nintendo has no real reason to get Shenmue.

How many people are checking for Shinobi in 2015 to warrant development?

The PS4's base is barely any different from the XBox One's base in terms of tastes. So are Shinobi and Sonic being on the PS4 gonna benefit them? #24.1
You know that a vast majority of the studios that went under last generation did exactly what you're suggesting Sega should do with the Yakuza IP, right?

How? Sega may not make as much money from the Yakuza exclusivity but they're definitely not losing as much since they don't have to pay extra licensing and manufacturing costs. #1.4.3
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@ breakpad

Nintendo is not the reason for Capcom's current woes. And Monster Hunter being a Nintendo platform exclusive didn't hurt its prestige or sales much as MH3 became the highest-selling home console MH game to date and MH4 moving along nicely. Their current woes started with Resident Evil 6, a game Nintendo never got.

Yakuza is not that popular in the West like it is in Japan.

True quality games always successful? Anarchy Rei... #1.1.8
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The unintended consequences of being a Sony/Microsoft gamer. #3.2
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LOL #15.1
Or camera-wise. It isn't 1996 anymore when dual analog sticks barely existed and consoles aside from the N64 couldn't do proper 3D graphics. #11.1.2
Who doesn't? New IP's didn't stop coming out. It's just that the vast majority of new IP's fail while only a handful succeed. #8.2
What about 8 and 16-bit era consoles? Shorter games were the norm back then. #7.1
40-year-old virgins and the socially awkward? #3.1.4
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Exactly. #25.1
I don't know about not being able to stop playing, but Gears Of War was one of the most memorable IP's I ever played. The 2nd one was just insanity! #21
It wasn't 30 years ago and it still isn't now. #5.3
AHHH YES! The same Shinji Mikami who laid the foundation for the current RE games because even he wanted to move on from the old formula. #1.1.7
Wasn't RE3 the game where people started complaining about how stagnant the IP was becoming? #15
CNN was founded by a Commie sympathizer. So yeah! #4.1
No. Where are the gamers gonna find the time to play if every game was open-world? #3
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