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Of course she can't do it alone. Her and her ilk always need some useful idiots to do the dirty work they consider themselves too enlightened and educated for.

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Street Fighter wasn't always multiplatform. SF1 was a TG exclusive and the OG SF2 was a SNES console exclusive. And neither was Tomb Raider. Two of the first 3 games were PS1 exclusives.

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They already did this in the early 1980's. Put out games on many platforms as possible. And look how that turned out.

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Console exclusive means the game can be available on PC, mobile, etc., but cannot be available on any competing console. Case in point: Splinter Cell Conviction.

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SFV being an exclusive was a blessing in disguise as Capcom didn't have to pay double in printing and licensing costs having to sell double just to turn in a profit.

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The West ran the industry to the ground.

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And on what planet is RE Revelations considered crappy?

Capcom still makes money from MH. The 3DS has served them well, hardware limitations notwithstanding. That's why they still support it.

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They have only the Chinese government to thank for that.

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Bethesda didn't make those other games. They just merely published them. Also, those games are decidedly linear.

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So that works out to $400 CAD at bare minimum.

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I'm surprised that the Wii U only had 1 price-drop so far in its life cycle.

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RE7 an abomination to who exactly? So far, its reception has been good.

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All because they don't wanna be labeled bigots if they dare take a stand.

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Actually, the PC crowd insisting on how open-minded, tolerant, friendly, compassionate and empathetic they are from their ivory tower is even more funnier.

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My sentiments exactly. And I'm Black.

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I miss the old Lara Croft.

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Too bad a lot of the biggest tyrants in history were SJW's who claimed to be for the poor, oppressed and disenfranchised, but took advantage of them for selfish gain under the guise of compassion and empathy, and eventually kicked them to curb once they were deemed no longer useful.

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Meh. Spoken like the typical man-hater.

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And this is where 3rd-party exclusives, timed or otherwise, come in and play a role in shaping the console's identity.

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OZ2C was a fairly easy game to Platinum. As for it not selling? It was a niche title that actually outsold all of its previous efforts.

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