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It did sell a million. But due to its budget of the day, it was nowhere near enough to turn in a profit on. #24.1
And yet those were the games that effectively killed the Dreamcast as neither of them recouped. #5.3
Is the author that naive? 360 owners will shift to the One once they see some games worth getting the One for. Why would they care about BC when they already have a functional 360? #20
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Devil May Cry hasn't changed much aside from Dante's personality and appearance. Resident Evil was always bound to be an action game at some point with the advancements in 3D technology. Much of the gameplay mechanics that supposedly defined RE and the survival-horror genre in general were products of the hardware limitations of the era and the deliberate design choices to artificially lengthen the game by making it slow-paced and hard. #11.2
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Thank God for Game Genie in the 8-bit days. That's how I managed to beat Silver Surfer. #1.5
Well, it lost Sony some 5 billion dollars. It costed its maker, Ken Katuragi his job. So yeah! #20
A first-person game? An action-adventure game? #5
Online multiplayer? Isn't that what the game got delayed for? #1.3.1
Where's Mighty No. 9? #6
Eventually, no. Nothing is forever. #25
So far, Ratchet & Clank. Pretty much the whole series. And God Of War 3. #41
Distribution? #7.3
Sony ditched native BC due to technical and cost issues. #4.4.1
I had Bayonetta 2 since launch. I'm still 1 Bewitchment away from 100%-ing the game and finally getting the Climax Bracelet which gives me unlimited magic. #8
I don't stand a chance. #12
I'm definitely gonna miss Konami for Contra, TMNT4: Turtles In Time and Double Dribble. Those were some great games. #9
I guess MGS5:PP didn't make much money back for Konami. #44
Where has the author been since 2007? #23
And also Super Luigi U. #2.3.4
You forgot Rayman Legends. One of the highest-rated games on the Wii U. And Resident Evil: Revelations. #2.3.3
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