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With the rise of development costs, I'm surprised that the final product's retail price hasn't rose. But of course consumers won't take it too kindly if they're forced to actually pay for all the latest and greatest they so demand. #4
Yes, because they didn't wanna upset feminists by including a male lead character to undermine the female one. #1
Projecting much? #19
I hope it's this year. #15.1
So far I can say that's an accurate statement, especially with Bayonetta 2 and Super Mario 3D World. And I had my Wii U since launch. #13
Nah! That would be Marxism. Marxism gave birth to SJW's. #8.1
Less of a choice, because most gamers were kids back then and their tastes were largely restricted to whatever their parents bought them. And to top it off, many games were shorter than even the shortest of today's games due to the hardware technology of the day. #2.1.1
Namely anti-Western Westerners that preach Marxism yet strangely refuse to live where their ideas are practiced. #6.1.1
Or the term "fan service." #1.2.1
I might have something to play at the end of the year on the Wii U. #14
From the way it looks and plays, it should have been a PS3 game. #2
It's already too late, because for the last 50+ years the state has undermined the parents' (especially the father's) authority over what goes on in the home. This is one of the results. #7.1
I think the correct word is "ignorant" or "apathetic," not "uneducated." #2.1
It would contradict their narrative that only men are capable of sexism. #7.1
Or maybe they're not gullible and naive like most bleeding-heart liberals and SJW's? #15.1
You mean okay at best and average at worst. But SR:GOOH was disappointing due to the general lack of main (story) missions. With that said, it was also arguably the easiest games I 100%-ed. #1.2
Nintendo has about 2 years left to do it. #10.1
Not just crying but also projecting their own insecurities onto everyone else especially those that disagree with them. #14.1
Well, video games have always been a luxury. And like nearly every other luxury, it's restricted to those who can afford it. #5
I thank Mr. Iwata for bringing me back to video games via the Wii and NSMBWii. #3
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