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Me? Last year with Army Of TWO: The Devil's Cartel. #6.1
The government won't let them buy a console. #4.1
The 7th generation sold the most hardware and software and generated the most revenue ever in the industry's entire history. Right in the face of the recession. #3.1.3
Feminist-pandering? Especially when Marvel's previous attempt at a female Thor failed. #5.1
It was never about equality. It was always about special treatment at men's expense. #1.1
RE6 was decent, but man those QTE's! #5
Meh. I'm more disappointed with the $50 price hike on the PS4 earlier this year, though presently I got the money to buy it. #12
But national currencies are not the same. #6.1
Well since women are supposedly equal to men now, she can make her own game and have all the female characters she wants. #47
And what prominent role would that be? #28.1
It's been under attack since the 1960's. #6.1.1
Bikini Samurai Squad and Bikini Zombie Slayers were not ported. They were built from scratch and exclusive to the 360 and Wii. #4.2.1
Yes. Then it was ported over to the PS3. #4.3
L got lucky on finding the Wii version. I found it in a bargain bin at a used computer shop. #8.1
It's because they're not the opposite sex. Why is it so hard for people to accept that men and women are just simply not the same when it comes down to it? #4.2.1
I'm not holding my breath for that. #3.2
So is it finally gonna get a worldwide release date? Or is it Japan-only just like the last game? #6
Chronic malcontents they are! #2.2.1
Three reasons. Smaller demographics, too much state intervention and the general lack of market competitiveness/clout. #6.1
That's because old franchises especially ones that the mass market care about sell. Most new IP's flop, and this "phenomenon" didn't just start in the 7th generation. #2.2
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