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Correction: an uproar over a game that wasn't gonna be sold outside of Japan and a handful of Asian countries.

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It depends on how many copies a game has to sell for the company to recoup the costs. In the case of DOAX3, since it was a low-budget game, 190 000 copies sold is actually respectable.

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It brought the Achievement system to the table. It gave something to play for after the playthrough is over.

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@ yomfweeee

Exactly. Microsoft didn't change their tune until the pre-order sales came back The XBOne had to be stripped of its original features just to save face.

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Or has the exclusives that people actually care to buy.

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They're never satisfied with what they already have.

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Sony co-developed Demon's Souls. Don't hold your breath on that happening.

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According it its die-hard fans, it left the PS1 era.

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RE was always an action game at heart. It's just everything they wanted to do with the IP came full circle with RE4, taking advantage of the newer technology at their disposal.

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Ironically, the same Mikami that called for the ditching of the old RE formula (read: PS1-era gamelay) in favor of fresher ideas in RE4, because even he thought RE was getting stagnant.

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In other words, RE simply evolved with the times while its fans refuse to let go of the PS1 era.

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You mean Sony gamers when Sony announced that they were gonna charge people to play online upon the PS4's launch. But yeah!

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Nope. Try reboot.

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It was my go-to console and entertainment center of the 7th generation. I loved the Achievement system it brought to the table which for better or worse gave games some replay value. It's amazing how it still trucked along in the face of RROD.

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Like Sega did with the 32x and CD?

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The funny thing is that Kratos's voice actor is Black.

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White people have plenty of cable channel options to choose from considering that they make up the majority and own and operate nearly all of them. They have no need to demand inclusion into someone else's space.

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Same here. But this time, I need a Suda51 for my PlayStation. I bought both No More Heroes games for the Wii. I bought and 1000 GS-ed all the other games for the 360. Shadows Of The Damned, Lollipop Chainsaw and Killer Is Dead.

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Probably, considering that his real successes so far were No More Heroes and Lollipop Chainsaw.

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Which is why developers and publishers have to either go multiplatform or be selective about which console they make their games exclusive for.

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