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I love my XBox 360 too much, though. I just recently unlocked all the SP Achievements of Resident Evil 6 in addition to 100%-ing 4 games in the past month (Bayonetta, Alice: Madness Returns, Killer Is Dead and Prototype 2). #27
Um. No. The author knows that Saints Row exists if he/she's that desperate for a female protagonist, right? #48
Anything is possible. After all, who saw RE4 being a (timed) GameCube exclusive coming? #20
- Achievements I didn't get yet
- Unlocks to beat the game on the higher difficulties #33
If RE7 does end up having QTE's, I hope they're not as annoying as RE6's. #14
It's not. They ain't coming back like the technology they were built with. #5.1
Indeed. #1.7.1
Locked. Not because of Sony but the Chinese government. #10
No, because I enjoy banging them. #18
Feminism in general is annoying. #46.1
Bayonetta 2. Most hours I put into a video game all year. Too bad I'm still a long way from getting the 1st Climax Bracelet, though. #11
This has been going on long before Microsoft even thought of making consoles. Either you're young or you just conveniently forgot about the PSX-era Sony and NES/SNES-era Nintendo. #1.4
Who's "nobody?" #23.1
The games are usually made with console and lower-end PC owners in mind since they make up the majority. #20.2
Welcome to the downside of multiplatform game development. #4.6
Meh. Owning only one console doesn't entitle anyone to anything. You own a console that a game you're interested in is not available for? Either buy that console the game you're interested in is available for, deal with the games available for the console you do own, or do without. Playing everything on the market is a PRIVILEGE, not a right!

For the record, I think the industry could use some more third-party exclusives since what I didn't like about the last... #23
@ bullymangLer

Despite it being a timed exclusive, I would add Resident Evil 4. Probably THE greatest M-rated game ever to grace a Nintendo console. #1.1.3
Agreed. #17.2
But it helps the developer by lower development costs since he's making the game for only 1 console. #3.2
It is less risky in a sense that Capcom won't lose much if the game doesn't sell due to lower development costs. #1.2.1
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