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Bayonetta - B1 had Angel enemies. B2 had Angel and Demon enemies. So why not B3 with Demon enemies? #26
As much as I don't agree with NOA pandering to SJW's and feminists, agreed. The negative responses, going as far as wishing Nintendo bankruptcy, are not doing the gaming community much in favors. #26.1
But I'm having the time of my life with SMM. #13.2.1
Since it's available for the 360, I might buy it by the end of the week. #24
But I thought women could do anything men could do, including being violent. LOL #7
In all fairness, the publisher/developer/hardware-m anufacturer is well within its rights to remove games from the store any time for any reason. #3.2
Of all the women who bought a console, how many of them bought it for their own use as opposed to for their kids? #3
No. Games were bound to get bigger anyway with time and technological advancements. Even the inherently shortest of games. #20
Actually, every Super Mario game except 3. #1.1
Didn't the studio that made the IP go under? #2.2
Aside from the PS3, Sony's consoles were always dudebro-friendly. #1.3.10
It's the truth, though. #4.2
SMH. Indeed. And Hulk Hogan contributed more to the WWE than Arnold Shwarzenegger. #3.1
A beat-'em-up action in the vein of The Warriors. #13
The only people worse than them are their enablers. #2.1
Because they still think the big bad patriarchy boogeyman is out to get them as peddled by SJW's and the left-wing media. #15
But undermined by their constant jumping the gun and throwing their fanbase under the bus in the process just so they could beat Nintendo and Sony to the punch. It figures why their consoles had relatively shorter shelf-lives. #3.1.1
- the failures of their previous ventures (32X, CD and the Saturn).

- the massive discount in hopes to undercut the PS2, but backfired when people opted to hold out for the PS2 as opposed to buying the cheaper Dreamcast. Sega lost a lot of money for that.

- the lack of DVD playback. One of the PS2's selling points was DVD playback, especially for people looking for a cheap DVD player at the time.

- the absence of EA and Squaresoft (n.k.a... #5.2
Devil May Cry and Grand Theft Auto III were rubbish? #4.2
Not only that, but the PS3 didn't start turning in a profit until Sony "slimmed" it down. #1.8.3
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