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That's if you have low standards, yeah! Female players are just as talented as the male ones. #8.2
Try North Korea or Laos. #12.3
Too bad those "real" feminists enjoy the privileges, exemptions and benefits of doing so. #16.1
Because it hasn't done anything worthy of respect. #4.1.1
The only reason it's even around at all is because the NBA subsidizes it. #3.1.2
And yet it gets about as much fanfare most women's sports in general which is marginal. #13.2
That's still around? #16.1
LMAO #8.3
Confirmation bias? SJW's ask for female main characters only to ignore them so they can feel justified in their hatred of the activity and its participants from the outside looking in. To them, symbolism is more important than making an actual contribution since the former requires just mere presence while the other requires effort. #20
Was that the game which its creator (a guy, by the way) harped on about the 4 publishers prior to Capcom declining to publish it due to its main character being female, accusing the industry of sexism? #3.3
Yeah. How dare those companies cater to a market that care about video games but don't really care for consoles? #3.2.1
Should have kept your PS3 and 360. #3.2
Makes sense for Japan. The only people who have time to stay home in front of the flatscreen to play home console games are kids. #17.1
WOW! Indeed! But then again, statements like those are nothing new to Marxists. #3.1
And a Black female at that. #13.1
Chicago is overdue for the GTA treatment. #7
Agreed. Quality doesn't always equal sales. #2.1.1
It's the fallout of the one-child policy. #2.3
That's their way of taxing the rich. LOL #28.1.1
Even more amazing is the great lengths people will go to justify it. #19.3
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