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It's coming out around the same time I get my vacation pay. :)

Too bad I live in a province in Canada that won't allow most retail stores to sell it due to it not being in French. :( #8
Only after 2010-11. #3.2.1
Could the Chinese government have something to do with that? #8
I'll jump into current-gen gaming when the PS4 and XBox One have some games I can consider worth giving a hoot about. Until then, my Wii U will suffice. #5
Deep down, I think they feel ripped off by Sony not including BC in the PS4 despite Sony having a good reason for not including it. They didn't want another PS3 case. #1.6
*two thumbs up* #17
But Nintendo's finances aren't ****ed-up enough for its shareholders to call for his head like Square-Enix at the time Wada quit. #18.1
Saudi Arabia

By the way, Dubai is not a country. You mean to say the UAE (United Arab Emirates). #4.1
Especially for a feature that might jack up manufacturing costs and the final retail price that many consumers are not willing to pay, due to its infeasibility. #9.1.1
I 100%-ed the last Prototype game. It was one of the easiest 100% Completions I ever got. #18
Microsoft had to do a lot of compromising just for anyone to consider buying the One due to the backlash against its original purpose. #12
Pretty much. #7.1
The GamePad just might have something to do with it. #17
It was cool for what it was. #3
Here's something worth getting a PS4 for. #12
Betterment of the world. Translation: the warfare/welfare state. Working for the benefit of the elites and the deadbeats that vote for them. Don't you just love democracy? #7.3.1
Maybe when gamers stop worrying about whether general society will accept them or not. Besides, this tradcon, feminazi, SJW-indoctrinated sorry excuse of a general society isn't worth getting acceptance from. #16
I thought girls hate guys that play video games, because it deprives them of the attention they so deserve. LOL #11.1
Slavery has been around for far longer than America has existed. Rome and Egypt owned slaves. Muhammad, the person responsible for the founding of Islam, owned slaves. Various African tribes pre-colonialism owned slaves. America's predecessors, England, France, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Belgium, etc. owned slaves. #6.4.2
You mean home console gamers since they'll be even more at the mercy of the hardware manufacturers. The PC crowd long moved on from physical discs. #28
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