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Exactly. Nobody stays young forever. #2.1
Or they have better things to do with their time than play those "complicated" games. Not everybody's a 15-year-old, a social outcast, a trust fund baby or some welfare bum with a crapload of free time. #1.2
Unlimited checkpoints are a product of bigger game worlds due to the advancements in 3D technology. #5.1
For TV, it's the exclusive licensing agreement between the show's producers and the local TV networks.

For video games, you're just paying market price by your country's standards due to the overall living costs and wages. #2.4
Rest in peace. #7
:) #16
Yeah, as if left-wing sources like MSNBC, CNN, NPR and the millions of "alternatives" are so less biased. #2.1
It really doesn't make a difference who's in power. People will have only as much freedom as the government will let them have. #19.2
Too bad the civilized world is repeating the same mistakes that ancient Rome made once it reached that certain level of affluence. #5.1.1
Leftists? Gay rights activists? #14.1
And that's what some LGBT defenders seem to forget. Western values do not apply in the Philippines. #16.2
Entitled much? #6.2
Maybe if more people have bought MM10, they would consider the idea. #2.2
Rest in peace. #29
The truth is most gamers are just as sheepish as the "casual" audience they so love to bash who barely play anything outside of whatever the collective approves of. #2.1.1
Well-said. And I'm not exactly on the all-digital future bandwagon. #15.1
Physical disks are only always accessible as long as they're in decent condition and/or the consoles are still functional. #2.2.2
But physical isn't forever either. Disks do deteriorate and get scratched/damaged. Consoles do eventually crap out and become next to impossible to replace when hardware manufacturers stop producing them and stores stop selling them. #12.2
LOL #3.1
You're still bitter over Monster Hunter and the first RE: Revelations game, I see. #3.2
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