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I still have a few original xbox games laying around, kotor and the warriors are there for sure, need to dust them off. I think I have matrix the path of neo, but that could by for PS2. Wonder if we will get any of these game on the games with gold service. Would be a good way to get these games populated again.

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Very nice, a few real good titles, kotor is such a great game, one of the best star wars stories to date in my opinion. And it was the first title I thought of when I heard about original xbox bc, the second was kotor 2, lol. Ninja gaiden old school dark souls. hope the list is real.

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You guys are way to serious, lol.

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Have you ever met a woman they are not made of glass. Tougher than most men.

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Sex and violence has been around since the caveman days, club a woman and take her back to your cave for Sex. Its is just some people that get embarrassed, depending on how they were raised or events in life that make you think a certain way about things. Me personally I think the worst ive experienced was Trevor from gta that guy was a loon, I laughed as much as I cringed at him, but at the end of the game I didn't want to kill him off as he made the campain for me. I wouldnt want t...

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Yeah I meant made by Sony.

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I dont understand why Sony dont do it, they must know the people are more than willing to buy them.

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Still no elite controller thumbs down

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Good idea, ill do that. is that the yoda lightsaber card, how many times will go get to go yoda in a match. Plus you will have to be on republic team to go him. Doesnt sound too Op, you might get to use that card once in every 3 to 4 matches. Plus im not defending the way Ea are going with loot boxes, I just focus on the positives,

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Too true, but it might help others who have not invested in the game yet.

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The way im looking at it, if I buy the the game day one, it will cost say 50 quid, im not gonna buy any loot crates, and I get all dlc free. sounds good to me, I really enjoyed the space battles once I turned off all the assists, I think its called advanced flight mode, ill be getting the game mainly for that game type. Plus we get a campain that we all complained about. only thing im worried about the drop rate of cards which we dont know yet, if the drop rate is awful then ill be b...

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I played for a good while yesterday, it looks like you have challenges in this one like kill so many with this class or 50 kills with certain weapon, complete these and you get rewards loot boxes , also you earn coin to spend on boxes. I liked it, its definitely an improvement on previous game which felt unfinished in my opinion. Im getting a bit tired of hearing this pay to win stuff, buy all the loot boxes you want, wont help you, skill and map knowledge will win in most cases. Also...

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Bring more of these games out I say, I would like to see a dice version using frostbite. Ive been having fun with fortnight battle royal, hope you are too.

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People will always go to the cinema, how else are they going to record the movie on there camcorder.

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Ive got my hunter raid ready started my warlock, man that intro mission gets dull second time round.

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At least the game looks great as you lose.

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How could I lose my treads upon stars, I have it on me at all times. I guess the cabal blew up my pockets too, your gonna pay cabal. Also you want me to become Legend twice in one lifetime, im not even sure if thats possible, once a legend always legend.

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hey mammy!

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Just booted up first destiny last night to get the last achievement I needed, flawless raider. Used looking for group to find some players and I got lucky, found a destiny veteran super team, honest It was to easy, should have had it already.
We had a smooth run and added each other at the end of the raid and took selfy using take a screenshot. I felt a bit sad as thats me really done with destiny one, ive got everything and beat everything, till September. ive started a gro...

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Iron banner hunter looks nice, and vault titan.

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