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Yeah what a game, love me some advance wars.

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Looks sweet in the case. Will keep the dust off. I like these kind off storage cases, make me feel my toys are safley tucked up in bed.

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If they polish it anymore it will be a mirror.

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Alot of people are saying wait for Scorpio but im thinking what content will be available that takes advantage of the Scorpios extra floppy bits at launch, ill get a slim now and get Scorpio when theres enough content available to warant the upgrade. something about Scorpio has me thinking its not gonna be what we think it is, im waiting for a catch to it.
Or I just need a new foil hat.

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I would like the jrpg games lost odyssey, tales of vesperia please.

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I still have my FF 7 ones Cloud, Vincent and Sepheroth I think they cost about 30 quid UK, I loved all the fancy poses they showed, but they wont stand up without the ugly plastic stand attached, that bummed me out a bit, still love them though. also one in the pictures are prototypes, the mass produced ones differ slightly.

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The gun looks cool, bit of an upgrade from the nes zapper which I still love the look of.

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It cant come quick enough for me, as I have nothing to do at the moment in destiny.

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When I saw the graphics for FFX for the first time my jaw hit the floor. It was of the best looking games of that time in my opinion.

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Ps2 for me. FF 7, parapa the rappa, all the oldies but goldies.

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Im think they feel the popularity of the movies will make us part with our cash. Ill wait for sale also.

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Alot of fighting games seem to be excusive to playstation this gen, I guess Microsoft just want us to buy killer instinct. I prefer streetfighter and snk games, I love the Japanese art style and stuff.

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I hope you can taunt people as you force choke them, I find your lack of faith disturbing.

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Wrong. It will improve. But thats not why you buy it, you buy it because its better than standard controller.

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I get drifting problems on xbox one contollers too, after about six months of heavy use they start to drift up and I look after my pads. Thats why I went with elite. The build quality is amazing. Thank you for a grown up and honest comment. Its hard to get a good debate on here. Im no fan boy, im a gamer. Love all platforms. Have good memories from them all.

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Just like I said once you use a controller with buttons underneath, I use them as rb and lb, games play so much better. Its good for things like driving and shooting in gta, also in destiny I can activate specials, revive and shoot without taking fingers off analogs. I thought it was self explanatory. I would like to see Playstation make a version of elite because I like Sony tech. Im not recommending scuf, id want a Sony one. Geez was my comment so unclear sorry.

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PS fans deserve the option to buy an elite style controller, I thought that this was it. For hardcore fans its so worth it. After you get used to it you will realise that you need to grow extra fingers to use a standard pad perfectly, or the simpler option put buttons underneath.

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I would like a Night of the living dead style game, you have to secure the house but also deal with people freaking out.
A mixture of action, combat, tower defence, and a bit of tell tale games, when npcs cant be calmed the leave and mess up defences.

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It should hit ea access soon enough, thats when ill pick it up, then ill just buy dlc.

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