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I would like a good go at VR as I haven't really had time with it, till then ill just use my beer goggles, they feel kind of Vr ish.

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Its a bummer for those who paid for the special edish to get this, im sure I read that it wouldnt come out as a stand alone when first released. 20 quid sounds nice, just for a few nostalgia nights, cod 4 was the only cod I really enjoyed.

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Agreed the loading times are what makes me shut it down sometimes, that and people with high levels that play the game like noobs, they are not even greivers.

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I hope you can spin a Web any size, and catch some thieves just like flys, LOOK OUT.

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Good choices, I would like knights of the old republic please. I would like a new one but if they can mess up mass effect I can stick with the oldies till you remaster them.

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Im not complaining really, I have the gears xbox one and when I get a Scorpio it will feel like a downgrade in the looks department, I know its how it runs thats important but ive always liked themed consoles. Im sure they will do a halo or forza themed one at some point. The detail they put into the gears one is sweet as, they should keep that up for the suckers like me.

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No little screen on the front, what happened to that, at least give us a night rider light that goes wooov woooov, bling it up a bit so it looks like an upgrade. In the videos during the conference the inside of the box looks more exciting than the outside, ill wait for xbox one xs 3d vr slim pro halo limited edish

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Sounds good, I remember when resident evil 5 came out, I enjoyed sharing the res evil experience with friends, even if the game wasnt that great. Im sure sharing a Co op uncharted like experience would be awesome, im in.

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Looks nice, I would get this but im always hardwired.

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Is that Ada Wong. Creepy

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We'll meet again spidermaaan.

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Is that the ones from previous events, yeah I think u should still be able to buy them too.

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Woah where's the other half of that controller.

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I seem to like games with a crazy character roster like streetfighter, overwatch, team fortress and ive always loved everybody's golf.

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Dunno if I would buy a switch for Street fighter 2, BUT I would defo buy that poster of all the characters in the main picture, ive always loved those character pics, I would like to see one were they aren't all posing together but winding each other up as most of them dont like each other.

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Its designed so that you dont get everything, like the other guy said its to make the skins more like an exotic, if we all had them they wouldnt be desirable. Like with destiny, once they gave everything away it takes away those YEESSS moments. also I dont feel they are forcing us to do anything, some people just think they are entitled to everything by puting in minimal effort. Buying loot boxes is one of the gaming sins in my book, these things wouldnt be as popular if people weren&#...

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Wow imagine a face hugger attack in VR, stuff of nightmares, glad I wore the brown trousers.

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I got an import copy of rez 4 very early on the gamecube and I remember how good the game looked, I thought if it looks this good the game must be short, I was wrong the game felt huge too. Agreed one of the best gaming experiences from that time.

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Agreed the last few have been meh.

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Lol yeah cod zombies is for idiots.

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