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Lol strategy book, goto inverted spire strike, complete and replay x100. Thats my strat and it works well for me.

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Its seems like on launch you get micro transactions then after a while they give the items away free though loot boxes destiny did it and rainbow six has just started doing it. Im sure there's more. After they make a 100 million dollars, you will get them free.

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Yeah I think they know this game could be really good, it looks like It could play like raids in destiny, lots of communication and various mechanics.

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Tomorrow it will be no2, hee hee no2.

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One of the feature I liked about achievements is that you could use the picture as a background for your dash, I always wished developers made some of them better, like posters and artwork instead of a picture of a box with a x50 next to it. I like the star wars battlefront ones I use the boba fett pic. So yeah make achievement pics better especially rare ones so we can display them on our dash.

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I like games like that some nights, when you just wanna slow the gameplay down to a crawl instead of super fast burning eyes pvp games.

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I think you can finish the nightfall after the timer ends, you could take 30 mins, you get extra deluxe mega loot for finishing within the time or complete part of a quest.

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I agree with jhpadilla, got my moneys worth with destiny, for me it was all about getting ready for the next raid release, get a good loadout hit a raid on launch night and somehow figure out the crazy mechanics, I loved it. I also liked that sometimes old weapons might need dusting off as they become useful again. I had a treads upon stars that I took everywhere it could stun anything. Also I was born a hunter (the first charcter I created) so thats my favourite class, I run with one o...

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I never liked the jaguar contoller, the d pad and button layout wasn't very comfortable to hold. Still had some neat games.

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Breakfast of destiny 2 champions.

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Woooah hoooaw look at those babys!

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For me VII is were it all began, it was my first FF, FFIX is amazing but VII taught me the mechanics and showed me the value of turn based combat. I also loved FFX, blitz ball was ace.

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Yeah I agree about fun times ahead, what im saying is it wont make people want to buy an xbox if its on all platforms.

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I downloaded it from ea access and did the gauntlet achievement, took me about an hour to get it, each time you beat a ghost it gives you a faster ghost to beat on a faster path. I thought mile high club from cod 4 was harder, it reminded me of that.

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Im looking forward to this, I dont think it will be xbox one killer app as im sure it will be on playstation at some point, and so it should be, I would hate this to be excusive, everyone should get a taste.

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Elite controller is best no contest, such a well made piece of kit, all controllers should have paddle buttons, once you use them it just makes sense.

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I would happily play the online part, I had fun with gta, I liked the movie editor too, please expand on that.

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See you guys in there. Downloading now.

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No thanks, I would scream every time a face hugger appears.

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