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Sup rayman, Im in the UK. When I say quid I meant pounds, 80 quid would be about 125 dollar's per game. Totally agree on the nickel dime part. #18.1.1
Yeah, you have to understand that the average game cost 80 quid today. They just split it up and charge us 40 quid day one, then 40 later for "dlc". If they charged us 80 quid day one for complete games no dlc, most people wouldnt pay that myself included, but split it up and it doesnt feel like as much of a rip off. Classic jedi mind trick. #18
Looks Ace. #7
I never played this FF, is it the multiplayer that's been cut or co op. If it's co op do you think it will play well or just a cash grab to bundle a demo of New FF. #8
Damavand peak please, for rush. #8
I played gears 1 to death, was great fun back in the day. I would like to revisit just for nostalgia purposes. Good times. #13
I have the headset pictured. I love them, good quality sound. Only fault bit on the heavy side for long sessions. #4
Give me The Batman headset with built in bat ears.
Please. #4
good luck. #652
FF16 will be out before this. What a wait its been.
I don't think it could ever live up to the wait we have had to endure.
If it did it would have to be the best game ever made in the history and future of the gaming universe.
Still day 1 for me if I live that long. #12
I think that way too, No matter what you pay,
just as long as you get your moneys worth.
Left 4 Dead for example, I got my moneys worth 100 fold.
I played that game to death, It came back from the dead and got played some more.
As for Evolve it does have similar art style and feel of l4d but with some bells and whistles. Must buy for me.
With turtle rock being close to valve, I wonder if the steambox will have a better version than new gen conso... #6.2.1
Any word on the official Titanfall bundle, is it still rumored to be cancelled. #11
This new update it great, if you liked enemy unknown you will love this. some of the new additions are cool. #1.1
sup thanksgivers, have a goood un. #505
Ive punched loads of stuff in my time, what about you guys?
Ive punched a xbox, playstation, a TV, windows, One dog,
Lots of peoples faces, a door, the air, and a bus. oh and one time I put a cake on my fist and punched a friend.
cake punch. #33
Do you think its fixable with a few months of updates, or would you consider it unfixable. Ive held off as I have had enough of buggy launches.
Im hoping to save some money by waiting till its well and trully patchtasic. #1.2
I would like to see a fight break out at one of these events.

Just so I could see a group of stormtroopers kick the crap out of pikachu or something. #4
Yep, me too. #1.1
Xbox find me a PS4, The Xbox then calls you a Cheater, Moves out and takes the 2 Kids, the psv and your extra controller. #10
Its like most things, you dont think its for you, get hands on for a bit and wonder how you lived without it. #10
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