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I would have expected they'd move to launch on Steam first, as from what I understand the consoles' licensing process takes much longer. Obviously they have a stronger idea of what works for them though. #20
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Not often that you see teams develop for every console like this. Good show, I hope the finished product turns out well! #25
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Quite right, it is Bluepoint Games working on the 360 version. It was actually EA that announced the delay, not Respawn. That's been updated in the site's excerpt for the article too. #1.1
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I believe it was originally scheduled for Sept 20 alongside the PC release, but something happened (maybe new bugs cropped up) to delay the XBLA release. #1.1
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I hope this doesn't end up leaving gamers on the fringe as MS turns its focus to primarily business... #1
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Well to avoid the problem of no profit-shares, console manufacturers could set-up a licensing system where they receive a small portion of micro-transactions in-game.

I can actually see this becoming a thing, at least with smaller developers as the author says. As the world becomes more "connected" online, models like this in the gaming industry make more and more sense. It cuts on production/manufacture costs and still provides the dev/publisher with a method of tu... #1.1
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I feel bad for the devs that lost their jobs because of this, but I do understand why it had to happen. If they were only licensing IPs for the most part anyways, it's just not economical to keep them running. #1
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Admittedly it's a sub-genre that doesn't really draw my attention. The last one I only bought because I wanted to play multiplayer with some friends. #2
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Microsoft is posting record profits? Maybe as a company overall, but their Entertainment and Devices division recorded a 11% drop in revenue last quarter and cited a 25% increase in R&D costs. #10.2
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From what I've been hearing/seeing on Twitter, the North American SimCity servers have been too full to allow people who bought the game to play.

The prophecy. It is coming true! #3
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I know what you mean. I didn't see the light until just a couple years ago, but when I upgraded to a gaming PC it was one of the best days in my gaming life. #2.1.1
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I'm willing to sit back and wait a couple of weeks at least. I'd rather skirt around the bothersome hiccups that will inevitably crop up. #1
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I'd like to see a streamlining of the double-sign-in crap that they'll have. I remember jumping through numerous hoops with one of my Games for Windows titles and it was both frustrating and demoralizing - when I was done setting up, I didn't want to play anymore... #1
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I was a little surprised, but it actually sounds better than I expected after playing a demo of it at PAX. #1
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I'm sort of glad that I held off on purchasing a Wii U. I still plan to, but I think I'll wait for a couple more good games. #1
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Oh Disney.. How can I say no? #1
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The title of this game is ridiculous. I should probably get it at some point though, it sounds fun. #1
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What bothers me the most is that they don't even really try to build a solid argument. Violence happens? "Video games. Because there's violence." Diversionary tactic is right! #1
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Deadlines are certainly necessary for any project out there and games are no different. The problem I've noticed in hearing from many developers and QA testers is that many times management is so flip-floppity when it comes to feature requests and agendas that it's the managers themselves who can potentially screw everything up. I reiterate: Deadlines are important, but so is working out the details for your project beforehand. #12
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I still don't really get why this is so popular. I suppose it's one of those things that you have to experience yourself to get? #2
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