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I never wanted to click and read such an article but I did out of pure curiosity, and if these games ever get released you bet your life than you'll likely play them out of pure curiosity! #21
It's pretty funny though, watching the PC master race get all hyped up and then once they realize it's not PC footage they slag the game off to high heaven #14.1
The differences between the 360 version and the Xbox one is more of a skip than a leap. #6.4
Not sure why you have disagrees because the Mass Effect multi-player dlc was fantastic, they added new weapons, characters, maps, enemy types and more. Alotta content, more than most paid DLC! #1.2.1
Wow, that was one hell of an Epic battle #3
Loved the dynamic themes on PS3 some amazing stuff. Planet Earth was my fav #6.1
Guess this is another one of those "Indies aren't real games" guys #16.1
For £150 I got a 3G vita, Tearaway, little big planet and a 16gb memory card. That is a very good price for what you get. #17.1
I can't believe how well it runs on such old Hardware, Bluepoint really did a great job! #2
It will be worth the wait, I cannot imagine what it looks like now. It will be at E3, it has to be. #27
I been wanting Killzone it's £32 in GAME! Finally it hit's the PSN sale, think it was £12.50? Either way I bought it and i'm very happy! Along with Retro city rampage and Castlestorm! #4.1
Ni No Kuni for £5.49 Bloody hell... That's a damn good deal! #1.4
I'd play this game again for sure, amazing story, like a really good movie. #62
I got around 30 games due to those sales after Christmas! Filled up 2 16Gb cards! Plus God of war will be coming in May! #5.2.1
There's new stuff nearly every week, I got one for Christmas and can't believe I didn't own one sooner! It's an amazing device, never leave home without it! #4.2.1
Nope, have enough going out my account monthly to be forking out more to play a video game. It's stupid, you'll have to pay £50 for the game then have to pay a monthly fee on top?psh #16
The Xbox ones annoy me, making stuff up like the Xbox has secret sauce etc. I mean I'd have to agree, something that big you'd expect it to have something decent in other than hot air.

That being said, whenever a PC Elitist pops up spouting nonsense annoys me too. Nintendo Fans usually attack when provoked. Sony fans just want to tell the world how great everything is. #42
It's April fools every day for that paper #12.2.1
WarThunder is really good btw, one of the best f2p games available. #1.1.1
Ahh I got Hotline Miami in last months sale for 2 quid. :( it be cool if it was Ghosts of Sparta are something. #18
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