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Abysmal. What were they thinking? This should have sold better it deserves to sell better because it's an excellent game. 300k is poor for a big AAA title. Even next to fallout 4.. I still played this for 20 hours straight before even going back to fallout! Such a shame. #86
Actually it's more like Gardens n Graveyards from plants vs zombies GW #1.1.1
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Yeah classic smoke n mirrors to blame the publisher and not the people bombarding them daily with BS nonsense because the game hurts their feelings. #8
"Everything is sexist, everything is racist and you have to point it all out" As stated by Femzilla #60
Some people have got bigger rose tinted spectacles than Elton John! #2.5.1
If you took out the Star Wars bits out the movies theyd be shit too #2.6
It's clever, releasing that just a week before the movie. #1.1.6
Motor Bikes lmao #6
Will we see The Last Guardian before No Man's Sky? #8
You know what fine, the game is amazing, follow missions are incredibly fun, climbing towers the 100th time is ground breaking and doing the same stuff in a new setting is innovation to the core, if you can't handle criticism of your precious little games stay off the web.

Also cut scenes with invisible characters, floating npcs and dumb AI is completely acceptable in a AAA game.


This is what gets me when people are complaining about... #10
Whats Mission mode then? I see that next to Survival mode in the beta. #23.1
@Doctor The thing is a lot of people won't pre order there's little reason to these days unless you found it cheap online, but you can guarantee that people will be getting this for Christmas in conjunction with the films release. Games have flopped but gotta remember the last 2 was a Kinect game and a MMO that started off as subscription based. This is the first casual/mass appeal Star Wars game in a while. #11.2.4
N4G comments are acting up ffs #11.2.3
Battlefront. Its gunna sell like hot cakes due to the Star Wars hype train, I expect it to sell a lot more than Halo and COD in its opening week. Doesn't matter on level of content etc #11.2
is it right to award a score when you haven't included the MP in the review? What if it's fundamentally broken like the Halo Collection was? #5
Same but DriveClub did have its issues on launch there's no ignoring that and had valid criticism, different story now tho, tis brilliant thanks to updates and on going support. #6.1.3
This type of mentality killed the Action film industry by making every action flick a 12a, be a bad idea to start doing it to games too. #23
You nearly answered the question yourself "Most of the stuff he complained about, is how the whole series has been... "

Failure to innovate on tired and dated game mechanics is an issue, playing like a game that released 3 to 4 years ago isn't the best thing. They done very little to change the formula presenting something that just does the same job albeit stale. Black Flag was not a good Assassin's game but a good pirate game, when it tried to do all the... #6.1.1
No way near click bait, just the truth. Heck they even got vids if invisible characters, floating/gliding NPCs after installing the patch! #3.4
I know people have been complaining about Battlefront not having much content but this new Rainbow 6 game must be the most bare-bones AAA game to release this year. £50 game, no campaign(Least Battlefront has a mission mode) £40 season pass, Microtransactions and limited online game modes, something you'd expect to see from a free to play game in terms of content. Crazy. #13
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