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Daily Mirror? Surprised they didn't throw in.l Cancer too

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It wasn't Sony in the interviews it was Sean, if the game was going to be shipped "as is" it would have released June 24th. the hype levels were vaulted by the likes of IGN who even dedicated 2 entire months to this game.

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No, but then where are all the lawsuits against Ubisoft? Shouldn't damn one if you don't damn them all.

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If you've got money to waste on NFC characters then you afford PlayStation VR

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Nothing wrong with having a little Authenticity though....

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If my comment/analogy wasn't satisfying or lived up to other comments/analogys, why don't you ask for a refund then?

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I hit myself with a brick for 50 hours but I didn't enjoy any of it, can you refund me for the brick please.

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HAhaha, what next? It's all a trick and it's being shut down for good next month? I was looking forward to this game (with expectations in check) but bloody hell, I didn't expect anything like this, No Man's Sky is 2016's Colonial Marines. Bloody heartbreaking because it looked good, too good to be true obviously, I'd been happy if it was just lacking narrative because I would have created my own, but it's lacking so much more, from ringed planets to that amazing ...

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Getting tired of the future war setting, more will flock to World War setting because most of us grew up playing World War games

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Tbh worst £30 I ever spent. I hated this game, if you love puzzles go for it but it should have been a tenner and nothing more

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Neither should the Order 1886 or that Ghostbusters trash that released the other week. NMS worth every penny in comparison

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Looks amazing, Resi was getting stale :/ aside remaking the old games this is a great direction, survival horror at its core.

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That Hype train was fuelled by IGN, didn't they dedicate 2 entire months to NMS coverage? To then just shit on it?

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way too early Hello Games just finished their first patch which adds features and fixes things.

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"Sean Murray tweet "No Man's Sky doesn't actually use this "superformula" thing or infringe a patent. This is a non-story... everybody chill
(シ_ _)シ

Well someone's got egg on their face.

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Lol a made up character with made up clothes is offensive to their made up god...

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Phipped it

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Not many played Gun Survivor see...

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This thing that doesn't currently exist yet is more powerful than this other thing that don't exist yet...

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