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End of the day Forza Horizon is nothing more than a glorified Test Drive. #28
No man's sky as it's more likely to provide a longer experience as well as a new one. #26
It's as big as Europe, you and your kids are in for one hell of a adventure! #17.1
Microsoft's Gamescom was just a repeat of E3 with Tomb Raider as a shock exclusive that was it, nothing new! Sony announced a lot of games that weren't mentioned at E3 and Wild is probably game of the show! Also P.T is a huge surprise, a scary one too! #1.8.1
It is indeed a great game, I found the HUD annoying though, however the Developer are releasing a patch that enables you to switch it off for ultimate immersion! They also said they're considering Pure Snooker which would be brilliant! #1
woah, I loved that movie and was way more enjoyable than Expendables 3, great Sci fi adventure and the 70s music is awesome, much better than the crap in the charts (How can Will I Am birthday be number 1?) Also it's explained about 3 or 4 times why he was abducted/taken from earth.

I felt the reason he didn't take his mothers hand was because he couldn't face the reality she was going to die, heck he might have even been angry too because she was leaving him. As... #1.1.1
buh buh I had a blue super rare gun :( Ah well guess it'll be another few hours grinding and trying my luck with that guy who sells you random stuff back at the Tower #20.1
great, can kiss all that loot goodbye #19
Expendables 3 is bloody awful, poor excuse for an action movie #1
I imagine Black Beard and his hearty PC elite crew will pirate this across the 7 seas #4
Sub Zero.... now ..... PLAIN ZERO... #19
Yeah I have Steam account, never use it though as I own a laptop... don't care how many there are only how many are active and I don't think it'll be 900 million! #4.4.1
Well i'm sure you will all have fun playing Call of Duty instead #28
Makes me wonder if EA game demos etc will be only available to subscribers #40
Lol It's like the people who got to see the new DOOM game play. Just wait and be patient. #13
The Daggers are out for Destiny. I enjoyed the beta, shooting is fun and I like Dinklage's voice... Then again there's people that hate Skyrim so I dunno #6.2
There were a lot of non accessible areas in the beta guarded by high level enemies, especially on Earth, also the Moon is indeed big, I found myself getting lost after exploring some of Alien buildings. I'm not ready to grab my pitchfork and weild a fiery stick like some people on here are.... #13
Seems like a scrubbed up list with little thought, for me both FFX and Skyrim are 2 of my all time fav games which I sunk well over 100 hours into playing from dawn till dawn! Skyrim sucked me in with it's wintery world, epic music and hunting massive dragons and FFX was one of the first PS2 games I bought with my own cash and stole my summer with a brilliant story! I can agree that FF series has lost it's way though, after X it took a plunge unfortunately.

I suppos... #24
I'd just like the Onimusha trilogy to be remastered... #33
Same here, beginning to think people just don't know how go use it #17.1
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