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The only place Metal Gear Survive belongs is in the bloody sea!

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I can't begin to imagine how much money they made from those stupid Fifa packs year after year, you have to be a special kind of mug to drop £100plus for digital junk, I've seen those videos of people spending stupid money, kids too. I just don't get it

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The real question "is there a mute button for the dweeb of a son you have to babysit" lol

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I think Destiny could learn a thing or two from Monster Hunter

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Clues in the title mate

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It's a video game, shaddup ya pansy

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This is true, looking back at the reveal video, there's not one child in the entire video, not even in the background lol

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That's 10 million less that Mass Effect Andromeda right?

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I thought it would be controlled by another player... Hmmm

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You can never, and I mean never win with these people. Nothing is ever good enough.

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Leonardo DeCaprio was snubbed for year after year at the Oscars, doesn't mean any of the films he was in were bad. Just is what it is pretentious snobbery from the self proclaimed elite. What remains of Edith Finch has no business being at best narrative. Yakuza 0 told a better story than that.

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Good, a racing game that keeps engine upgrades hidden away in bloody card packs should be judged harshly

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And there's me thinking "Recap" articles aren't aloud.

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I beat Super Ghouls n Ghosts as a kid, after picking up a Snes mini and jumping back in, I have no idea how, back then I guess we was just accustomed to hard games?

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Sure it doesn't look as nice, but least I can now punch things in the face and blast stuff with a shotgun on a train journey. Graphics are one thing but that's not what makes Doom , it's the game play that makes Doom fun.

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Probably an Iphone game, Elder Scrolls dragon village

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People forget there's people under the age of 14 that enjoy video games, the amount of parents that struggle finding age appropriate games is more than you'd think, least on PlayStation there's a few good child friendly games like Tearaway, Crash, Knack, Little big planet and everybody's Golf. I think a lot of adult reviewers forget this.

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I dun av new bwain dimage frum grwims da fu?

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After playing it is actually makes sense from a story standpoint, and it makes each encounter more intense, I only died once so far, but I have to say from first few hours of play this is a really good game. Love the psychological aspect and the permanent death mechanic plays into that

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Right okay, not sure where to start with this one. too long and boring? This was my first Persona game and I loved every second of it, spending time with the characters, the combat, capturing new Personas, exploring Tokyo and just enjoying the story, everyday I was doing something different, either you didn't know what you was doing or didn't care, you mention the school sections were boring but you actually can learn something during the tests and can skip classes when you form a bon...

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