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I remember when Mercenaries was the best open world destruction game. Crackdown 3 could have taken notes.

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"Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy shows why we shouldn't remaster classics" It's had the second largest launch of the year in the UK. I doubt that will extinguish this trend, and considering i'm one of the many people who bought it I'm very much so enjoying it along with the Wipeout Collection.

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I really doubt this, a cursor vanishing after a particular input being the sign of a Spyro Remaster is reaching pretty high

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No idea, it's like they have a fear of success and money.

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If they made every damn character BLUE they would still cry the shite

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As long as they keep it true to the original release i'll be happy, if it ends up being over the shoulder i'll be a sad panda.

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I can't wait, I managed to finish Farpoint and Persona 5 yesterday, so I need another lengthy game to keep my attention. Also this really helps fill the void left by Red Dead 2.

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It's because we're used to games being chopped up and sold as DLC

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Aliens, House of the dead and Time Crisis VR, get this done already! And a Onimusha trilogy remaster!

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After playing Farpoint, this should be a no brainer, same for House of the Dead and Time Crisis,.

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"Yo dawg we released another handheld to go with your handheld!"

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Just looks like a typical F2P game at a glance, not even booted it Up and if the online community is non existent might not even bother

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Yep, sucks not to be included

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Solid review, actually takes the games flaws into account rather than blatantly ignoring them. Also glad he mentioned the amiibo bullshit too, they are locking content behind a physical paywall

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Possibly cherry picked sites for review?, One site even gave Horizon a 5/10... I guess it makes sense to send review copies to sensible publications rather than any Tom, Dick or Harry

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About 90,000 sold in UK which sounds great right? Well around 1500 of those consoles sit in CEX stores, that's just over 1% of sales

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Keep it away from Fishtanks, wouldn't want Nemo and Dory ruining game time lmao

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You will never please that crowd, it's pointless trying

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Zelda sits at 98 with around 64 review scores, Horizon is at 88 with about 94 scores including a moronic 5/10 by some idiot. Personally I'd pick Horizon also works out cheaper, you can get Horizon and a PS4 for £240

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Just mental

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