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Good, a racing game that keeps engine upgrades hidden away in bloody card packs should be judged harshly

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And there's me thinking "Recap" articles aren't aloud.

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I beat Super Ghouls n Ghosts as a kid, after picking up a Snes mini and jumping back in, I have no idea how, back then I guess we was just accustomed to hard games?

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Sure it doesn't look as nice, but least I can now punch things in the face and blast stuff with a shotgun on a train journey. Graphics are one thing but that's not what makes Doom , it's the game play that makes Doom fun.

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Probably an Iphone game, Elder Scrolls dragon village

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People forget there's people under the age of 14 that enjoy video games, the amount of parents that struggle finding age appropriate games is more than you'd think, least on PlayStation there's a few good child friendly games like Tearaway, Crash, Knack, Little big planet and everybody's Golf. I think a lot of adult reviewers forget this.

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I dun av new bwain dimage frum grwims da fu?

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After playing it is actually makes sense from a story standpoint, and it makes each encounter more intense, I only died once so far, but I have to say from first few hours of play this is a really good game. Love the psychological aspect and the permanent death mechanic plays into that

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Right okay, not sure where to start with this one. too long and boring? This was my first Persona game and I loved every second of it, spending time with the characters, the combat, capturing new Personas, exploring Tokyo and just enjoying the story, everyday I was doing something different, either you didn't know what you was doing or didn't care, you mention the school sections were boring but you actually can learn something during the tests and can skip classes when you form a bon...

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If you alienate your core audience you lose sales, simple as that, yay games might be more "diverse" but if they appease a smaller crowd they will see smaller sales but Publishers like money and after how Andromeda tanked I'm not too worried because they won't let that happen again (although R.I.P Mass Effect franchise, you deserved better). I don't mind male or female leads they been around decades I'm more concerned for the call of changing historical facts i.e th...

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I remember when Mercenaries was the best open world destruction game. Crackdown 3 could have taken notes.

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"Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy shows why we shouldn't remaster classics" It's had the second largest launch of the year in the UK. I doubt that will extinguish this trend, and considering i'm one of the many people who bought it I'm very much so enjoying it along with the Wipeout Collection.

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I really doubt this, a cursor vanishing after a particular input being the sign of a Spyro Remaster is reaching pretty high

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No idea, it's like they have a fear of success and money.

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If they made every damn character BLUE they would still cry the shite

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As long as they keep it true to the original release i'll be happy, if it ends up being over the shoulder i'll be a sad panda.

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I can't wait, I managed to finish Farpoint and Persona 5 yesterday, so I need another lengthy game to keep my attention. Also this really helps fill the void left by Red Dead 2.

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It's because we're used to games being chopped up and sold as DLC

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Aliens, House of the dead and Time Crisis VR, get this done already! And a Onimusha trilogy remaster!

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After playing Farpoint, this should be a no brainer, same for House of the Dead and Time Crisis,.

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