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Bloody hell.... 4 of those games are free on EA Access. In the last few weeks these Deals with Gold have been utter shite. #1
Takes me back to the old Namco museum game collections, and I was like "wow, all these great games", in 2015 we get a game with 30 classic games... I hope we see more collections like this! #10
Now that is "NICE" As Marcus Fenix would say. #28
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There is huge bias with the article, both consoles have some nifty games coming out this year, I can't wait for the likes of Gears, Rare Replay, Until Dawn, Tearaway, Everyone's gone to the Rapture, SOMA and my personal fav, No Man's Sky.

I would like to throw in Beyond 2 Souls and Heavy Rain since I never played them on PS3.

There's no shortage of games on either platform, it's the preference of a gamer and luckily for me I got plenty to... #28
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@Ezz no where does it call "gamers" morons. It calls morons "morons" which are also babies, are you a baby moron? Chuffster! #1.1.5
7 reasons that only babies will argue with, and no one likes a baby, because they poo their nappies, cry for hours on end,spontaneously vomit and they don't even know what a Gym is! #13
Only babies make assumptions and to assume something negative instantly is moronic! Sit in the corner chufster because you don't know the score and you don't know the truth! #3.2
Great review, I never got round to doing one myself, but the game is without a doubt a classic. The best movie licensed game ever made! #8
The type of people that would go into a bakers and point at every cake screaming THE CAKE IS A LIE! #16.1.1
Just a few too many fetch quests for my liking and thinks its funnier that what it is. #16
Yes I mean I want to stay at fixed camera angles, I don't want it to be be like Resi 4,5,6 #23.1.1
Yes but keep it the way it was, for god sake don't make it 3rd person! YUCK! Not how I like my Resident Evil games! I like them with charm, each room you enter tells a story, along with the music, playing through Resi 2 on my vita and loving it, I'd happily have a re-mastered version as long as they stay true to the original. Also Onimusha Trilogy remaster please! #23
Recently got an Xbox One as well, I mainly got it for the exclusives, Rare collections and Gears will make this August a good one! Had a PS4 since launch and along with the Wii U (Wii U was traded in towards an Xbox) I prefer my PS4 for numerous reasons but the Xbox is without a doubt better than the Wii U. #13
Big Boss man sadly not around anymore, he died in 2004 :/ #6.1
Off top of my head

Alien Isolation
Witcher 3
Life is Strange
P.T Demo
Rocket League #17
The way the WWE are reacting with this punishment is insane, it's like they're putting him on the same level as Benoit! #3.1.1
With the amount of videos IGN has been pumping out covering all bases, I don't think we're far off a release date. #4.1
This is one hell of a shoddy review. #10
Battlefield Hardline
The Order

Not essentially bad but certainly disappointing #16
I wouldn't know, still waiting for update on PS4 was told it went live last night about 18 to 20 hours later still now available to download. #4
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