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Lmao they still want your money for decades old games. They can't even give something away for free in a paid subscription lmfao

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"Someone Who Has Worked In Game Development" So? As if this makes your word any better than anyone elses? Brianna Wu works in game development and she's a right wally. Alotta devs have had bad experiences with Ms and I know a few devs who'd disagree with what you're saying too

Microsoft clearly have no interest in supporting exclusive content unless you're Gears, Halo or Forza you should be worried if working with them. I'm sure we'll see S...

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Nah mate Resident Evil 2 is the best of all time

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This will the best Resident Evil game in years... Been over due a return to true survival horror

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Pretty sure when Resi 7 comes out VR will be the best way to experience it. there's some great games on VR, in fact it had a better launch window than the life span of the kinect in terms of quality titles that are actually worth playing,

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These PS exclusives also released this year, which people tend to forget about

Dragon Quest Builders
World of Final Fantasy
Digimon Cyber Sleuth

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Funny considering Nintendo once used the tagline "Now you are playing with power"

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Evolve got a 9, Alien Isolation got a 4.9 IGN sometimes get things wrong

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I thought it looked dog rough coming from Infinite Warfare campaign, was impressed, Shadow of Mordor looks better too

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Upgrade to a 3TB hard drive, glad to be that 5%

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I had numerous issues on PS4, screen tearing, falling through the world and environments literally rendering and flashing in when I turned around, yet some players tell me they had no issues at all....

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Games aren't entitled to positive reviews, Bethesda are just dodging the bullet called "criticism"

We can't have negative reviews effect sales, that's bad for business!

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Shoot people in game = Okay/Acceptable
Nudity in game = This is outrageous get the Pitchforks!

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I didn't have a great experience with Dishonored 2 on Pro, didn't pop like other games, I did fall through the map and the world would flicker in when I turned around. Thinking of returning to Shadow of Mordor as I've heard good things

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Enjoy it, also keep an eye out for a decent TV in sales, I recommend Samsung. The one I'm using is great!

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I can't imagine why though, Sony's exclusive line-up has been great recently, especially with PS VR, not to mention Killing Floor 2 and Last guardian arriving this year. Next year looks to be one of the best yet too with Horizon, Detroit, God Of War and Days Gone. Xbox one S has a 4K bluray player... great I guess? People can scream and shout about backwards compatibility but personally PS Now trumps that being just £12.99 a month that's £3 more than a NOW TV movies pa...

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I got all 3... Really enjoying IW campaign, prefer Titanfall multiplayer, got sick of snipers not ptfo in BF1 but the graphics are nice

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Lmao have you seen Microsoft's VR unit? Lol

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Probably the type of person who goes to a Basketball court to play a basket ball game on a handheld...

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Could clearly see it was a bullshot trailer

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