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Not many played Gun Survivor see...

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This thing that doesn't currently exist yet is more powerful than this other thing that don't exist yet...

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I'm loving it, not loved a MP game this much in ages. Plus the content will be fixed due the support from Blizzard. No season pass too! Not fussed over SP although the characters are so deep and interesting, must be something they can do with them.

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How is rumour classed as fact these days?

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Why not both? Nath had a Brother, surely he knows it's good to have a sibling?

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Well Journey is one of them. It's more of an all rounder, 1 relaxing, 1 mindless, 1 with friends etc I find Dynasty Warriors to relieve stress for me the most :)

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Wahhhh i need an easy mode... You play Tetris with slo mo? Some games are supposed to provide a challenge, whats the point of playing? Would you play golf if every ball you hit was a hole in one?

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It's funny though... That certain people in employment which consists of reviewing games are awful at their job.

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Yeah imagine being paid to do work that you can't do.

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Lol IGN reviews are a bit all over the place... That time they gave Evolve a 9/10 and Alien Isolation a 5.9/10 crazy stuff

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Spent countless hours playing Mass Effect 3, best Co Op multiplayer I've ever played. Also all the DLC was free! Hope they don't ditch it for the sequel.

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I've not read such tripe in a long time. Poorly written, poorly formulated opinions, what the hell were you drinking? Uncharted 4 has a strong identity and a strong lead with a likeable cast, to some this can be subjective but it's no way a "Fraud". Tomb Raider is good yes, but it's flawed too, with the magical stone samurai etc It ruins itself with silliness despite trying to take itself so seriously. To be blunt your articles a joke, you fail to nail home anything t...

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So where does "Deep Down" come into all this?

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It's really hard to tell the difference between up and down.

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Too early to tell.... Still got the Last Guardian to release along with Dreams and a few other massive AAA games. Uncharted 4 is ace but this year is far from over. 2016 is a pretty damn good year tbh

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"News flash: they have played it, and you have not" Not entirley true.. I had played Doom before Polygon did lmao

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They can't be backpeddling on this as well surely? The amount of stuff they changed on Xbox One is crazy.. Stick with your guns for once

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Spent some time with Overwatch and well it was a bit dull. Battleborn has got a lot more content going for it. Felt the matches in Overwatch were too short and some characters felt unbalanced or just plain useless

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Had this game since Sarurday. Can't plat it tho due to servers being switched off.

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A sealed copy in CEX? That's rare, I also work within CEX sealed games should always be unsealed mainly to make sure said disc is in the case and not a picture of one, yeah that happens...

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