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Damn, I just played through a few hours and had some great moments, just found out they stopped archiving, pretty sucky thing to do! #11
Do Microsoft have a conference at Paris games week? Or TGS? Or their own special Conference in December? Hmm? #17
I've pre ordered both and MGS5, I can live without food for a while right? #6.2
Gears and Halo should be good I look forward to playing them, but I will still be playing games like MGS5 and Battlefornt on PS4 #61
Why limit yourself to one platform? Why miss out on so many great exclusives? #22
Still waiting for Toy Soldiers it was supposed to be a worldwide release but there's nothing on the store and neither Signal Studios or Ubisoft will comment! #6
I always grab my subscriptions from CDKeys, 5% facebook discount and they're usually cheaper than anywhere else. #12
A heads up, GAME are doing a digital version that's available to buy for £29.99 from their online store, as an incentive you get access to the game a week early! #4
I think Beyond 2 Souls and Heavy Rain are supposed to be coming, I remember seeing a post on the PlayStation blog a while back #25
Is there a demonstration vid for this thing, I'd like to see it in action. #9.2
Pretty cool if you don't have a space for a massive TV, just aim the thing at your ceiling and you're sorted :D #28
The first game to release on new gen to get a remaster lol #6
They taken a few ques from Titanfall albeit with better AI by throwing in bots to make battles seems busier and intense. In the grand scheme of things it's going to be fun as hell. What part of that trailer didn't look fun!? #1.2.3
Virgin Box already does that for me. #8.2.1
I was kinda shocked when they started talking about TV.. #8
Definitely buying it, don't care about them as a company and I'm not letting something petty get in the way of playing such an incredible game! Kojima and his team will get credit because it will be the people playing giving him their thanks and their appreciation! I've seen enough to know this game is going to be something special. Not missing out on this at all! #12
Bloody hell.... 4 of those games are free on EA Access. In the last few weeks these Deals with Gold have been utter shite. #1
Takes me back to the old Namco museum game collections, and I was like "wow, all these great games", in 2015 we get a game with 30 classic games... I hope we see more collections like this! #10
Now that is "NICE" As Marcus Fenix would say. #28
There is huge bias with the article, both consoles have some nifty games coming out this year, I can't wait for the likes of Gears, Rare Replay, Until Dawn, Tearaway, Everyone's gone to the Rapture, SOMA and my personal fav, No Man's Sky.

I would like to throw in Beyond 2 Souls and Heavy Rain since I never played them on PS3.

There's no shortage of games on either platform, it's the preference of a gamer and luckily for me I got plenty to... #28
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