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i loled hard in the part with 10 minutes AFK

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If this truly nd last uncharted game then they really make sure the other studio will have hard time to make other spin off of this series if sony hand this series over for them

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if they are count for MC then they are legit, still better than throw away 60 bucks just because of some random guy on internet suggest this for you, non?

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after hear about their plan to re-release 4-5-6 on current gen i thought this will be trilogy but seemlike they try to charge us 60 bucks for each game again so i just wait for sale then

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i unsub this channel after this review

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just wait til they see DOAXL3

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i don't care if they make us to kill whatever kind of god out there, as long as Kratos back, Kratos is the unbalanced psychopathic asshole but he is also the God of War, don't even think about swap him with other guys because is just not work

if you want a new guy then just make a new IP

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i prefer VR as long as i can use controller to play the game, AR? too much work, i never into motion control game in the first place

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well i know what genre they are since i done some research, i'm curious because i saw so many topic said how awesome GTA5 is, so want to try them out sometime and maybe this sale it's a perfect time to do it

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never play any GTA before (my most favor genres are JRPG and platformer) so might be interest in jumping to GTA ship with this triology, does it's worth for 17 bucks?

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wow, the graphic have dramatic upgrade compare with PS3, hope the other 2 VCs will have remaster soon, they wil make perfect double collection since they are handheld title

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What if, years from now sony make PC section on PSN and begin to sell all of its "console exclusive" game on PC?

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nothing stop me from buying kojima's game, after that, konami can kiss my A goodbye

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impossible, the battle system of FF7 is unbalance and outdate as hell, and they have to add some new feature here and there so it can follow the same direction as AC, BC, ans CC story so the complete remake is need

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i'm pretty sure this is defile version, my HP bar and stamina bar about what he has when i have 50 vit and 40 end

and beside Amygdala is not hard when you stick to its tail and dont go crazy with your attack then all it does it jumping around like a crazy

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agree, this game have more bugs than AC: unity, wonder how dev can get away with it but ubisoft geta sh*tstorm from unity

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yes that one, it's take me 1 day just tried to find the way to fix it but nothing work, so i gave up

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this game look great but maybe they should try to redesign the UI, it look a bit mess up especially in fighting game

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i don't even getting pass the intro loading bug to play this game, just throw it to my backlog now and will try it again when the new patch go live

PS: it's PS4 version and this is my first game of CDPR studio, going to take note at that one and never get thier game day 1 again, sadly

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it's look delicious

finally my long wait come true, now please make valkyrie profile 3: Hrist

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