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oh wow, i really miss that one exclusive mobile game

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they are completrly two different kind of game

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i will boycot if they censor this out of the game

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never change ubi, never change....

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@The_Infected: you can't buy which isn't on sale

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i think it's worth it, it cost 14 bucks more compare to a normal version but you get a season pass out of it, all of other armors and weapon it's just like icy on a cake, they maybe look cool but you likely discard them for a better soon

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30 bucks and i will bite, but if they like full price too much, then i will see them in flash sale

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why don't japanese devs use similar method as DoA ex3, just release their game with freaking english subs, so more ppl will import and play them, because f*** gorvement and their rating system

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jesus don't transfer his wills 10Mbps, so that why he is so slow to understand how moderm world work, and that why i'm an atheist

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not to be a dck, but i'm playing zombi now since i got it with PS+ and it's feel like sht, so never trust ubisoft in their promise, i even have very low expectation with their upcoming "for honor"

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lol, i knid of understand in insomiac case, since they sometime make game for other system rather than sony, but for Guerilla case, it's literally have "sony" word write straight on everyone in that studio face, and ppl still cry because thier game to be exclusive? how idiot

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people seriously cry because first party game is exclusive? really? that remind my of bayonetta 2 fiasco

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lol, i hope SE isn't stupid enough to charge 2015 game with 2016 price or else i'll wait for flash sale

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gotta catch them all, huh?

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they talked about making PSX event for europe about month ago, so i guess they go with this idea then

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tbh, my hype for TGS is more than E3 and gamescom since most of my favor game, aka jRPG, being announced there

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any link?

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simple, sony don't have any PC OS so putting game on PC will do more harm for them than good compare to MS, a few more million copies from their first party game can't cover the lost of PS+ and 3rd party game they get from their own system, since now ppl have less reason to buy their hardware

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"We've had a long history of success with Activision... but the future of the Spider-Man console games is with Sony and Insomniac."

this is a part of new console strategy of marvel, currently they have no interest in PC so you can say if this spiderman game is success then sony will have ...

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completed it atleast 3 times on PS2 and countless time that i start this game, play midway and got distract by other thing, will do it again in HD remaster, hope they will suprise us by add the revenant wings follow this game

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