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Very good man. #5
I care about it if it's good. Resistance still has the most meaningful campaign in any fps to me. #1.1.1
No need to rush. It can be beaten in 4 hours. 4 hours 10 minutes and 10 seconds is my record on normal difficulty. #1.1.3
friggin awesome game. #5
Such a fantastic game! I can't believe they added a difficulty setting though. I mean the game can get pretty tough but that's really the point. That old school difficulty. I managed to beat every level collecting every orb (albeit not perfectly). Just takes time practice and muscle memory. #1
Less than 2 weeks to go. Already took off work. I have the entire day planned for MGSV :) #2
I hope not. I hope we at least get the mgs1 remake. #3.1
What? After 3 games? That never fully explored it's vast lore? #1
But that's just extra you have to buy. You can charge on the console for free. Why not just have one charging while you're playing with the other? #1.1.33
Sad to see this kind of thing happen. Did the game score well? #2
Dunno. The game is massive. I'd prolly use it to find all the hidden stuff. But then again you could just interrogate people for that. I don't really buy strategy guides. #2
If you played ground zeroes you know it won't be easy. Never knew how realistic field of vision can be such a pain. Friggin soldiers can see every flippin thing...

Edit: I'm working on my language in case anyone couldn't tell LOL XD #2.1
Am I the only one that thought of Dark Souls when I saw her walking through that fog?

Anyway, there's nothing that I've seen here that screams must have. Nothing really new about the gameplay, but that could just be them not showing it yet. The graphics look great though. All except the water. #7
Loving the cross between real and fantasy. They didn't change the theme song did they? Somnus Nemoris is still a great song. #2
LOLOL What a question. #6
I don't mind the graphics. I'm not paying 60 bucks for this though. It better be a 20 dollar download. #4
That trailer was kinda odd. #1
I bet Kingdom Hearts 3 comes out first. #1.5
Might have to readjust to 6th gen gameplay mechanics... #2
I clearly said I was joking.... #2.1.1
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