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That teaser was epic! I want a sequel or a reboot like tomb raider did. Back in the day this was the only franchise that could compete with metal gear. #1.2
Right so I wasn't arguing bloodborne is a bad game. It is better gameplay wise than the souls games. I was saying it has less content Both in its lore and items. Saying that bloodborne is an opera while the souls games are poems just isn't accurate. #1.1.3
Wouldn't go that far. Overall Bloodborne is a masterpiece by itself, but when compared to its predecessors it comes up short. Less weapons and armor, less lore, shorter campaign. I'd even argue it's easier once you've beaten the Cleric Beast. No shields would've made it more difficult if it weren't so easy to stagger enemies with the gun. #1
So I must've been the only one confused by that part then. #3
Not if you're a sadist.... #4
You can already do that. The chat audio will be lowered though so you'll barely be able hear your friends. I was doing this in Bloodborne. Just have to turn down the game audio in the settings and boost the volume on the headset. #1.4.1
Lol that's great they aim high but Kojima will likely start his own company. #3
The souls series has never been this creepy. #2
Disagree all you want the gold headset is poorly put together. Not three months after I got them both sides of the broke off. Currently holding them together with tape :( #1.1

Even though the gold headset is cheaply made the app makes it worth it. #1
Oh crap... nevermind then. #3.3.1
How do I do it? Can't find it in the store. #3.1.1
So can I download the patch now so I won't have to when the game releases? #3
That does look pretty darn cool. Almost as good as an actual sky time lapse video. #4
Ya dont say... #1
I bet we're getting trolled. He's the king of it. #2
Well that didn't sound too hopeful. #4

You should give me your ffxv code if you haven't used it yet :) #2.2.1
I wanna play the demo but I'm not dropping 60 bucks for it cuz I'm not gonna play type0 at all. #2
Still kinda worried about this. If Chain of memories, and Birth By Sleep are anything to go by, handheld games just don't work on consoles all that well. Type0 has been having stuttering camera issues in all it's gameplay videos. But I wanna play the demo so bad :(. #3
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