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I really wanted to get this but the reviews turned me off. Ill get it if its greatly improved

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Nix more than proved his mettle in Kingsglaive. He was the realest most human character of any ff story.

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Oh let's not do this again.

If somebody doesn't remaster Tenchu there will be consequences.

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I hope not. Tired of Batman. Give us Superman!

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Only one I agree with is atlantica. I'd take star wars over Marvel but neither could be done in a fitting way.

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It's actually slightly less realistic in the movie. I remember watching a documentary on the first toy story movie where they talked about the lighting in a particular scene where it was blue rather than yellow (which is incorrect obviously). But the blue added more to the tone and looked better so they went with it.

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Apart from a few obvious polys on the fingers I thought it looked exactly like the movie. I was literally taken aback by how good the graphics had improved since the 2015 trailer. Lighting and reflections are all better. The grass in the front lawn was just stellar. They have made me (and every other fan I'm sure), excited again for the game. The long wait was not in vain.

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That scene in GTA4 dlc. Went the whole time cleverly masking that old gas-bag's junk and I'm thinking, "oh cool at least they know I really don't wanna see that crap" Then boom there it was.....

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I tried to get into star wars last year but there's so much friggin content between the comics, novels, movies, games....

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One it's dbz, two it's made by arc system, and 3 it's friggin gorgeous.

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Trump has influenced our culture bigly.

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It's much improved. I would say it needs a bit more beefiness but that's what sound systems are for. I'm sure the headset companion app will improve the sound.

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The protagonist looks really plain.

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It is. I think people are comparing it to Forza 7's really beefy audio though. But they're audio is actually "over the top" where as GT Sports is more realistic as far as decibels go. I think it could be a bit beefier though.

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Im not holdin my breath. Heavy rain was fun but the horrible voice acting killed its potential. Beyond was trash all around. From what ive seen of detroit it looks to follow tradition.

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Love this franchise. I'm worried about the sense of speed in the gameplay videos. Won't be out for a while so I hope they can improve it before release.

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I wonder if it's possible to do a meaningful comparison between gt sport models and driveclub models.

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That's what I hear. In Overwatch all the characters depend heavily on special abilities but not so much in lawbreakers.

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Lawbreakers will have a smaller crowd because it's more competitive and has swearing and gore in it. But It will improve on the Overwatch formula I think.

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Thought i was the only one who thought so. It looks like a crowded mess. Wish theyd make one like xenoverse.

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