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Already did. The demo was great, cant wait for that game.

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I just want them to bring back Tenchu.

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The hype is real but after looking at the gameplay im not worried. One of the things im psyched about is possibly fighting the heartless forms of the organization members.

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Lol i had that same epiphany. Not only that but hes very predictible.

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Thats nice of them. Rumor had it, she left because of her views on certain social issues, and not wanting to add them to the game.

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Its not as difficukt as a souls game though imo

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You must master Ki Pulse young grasshopper lol. But seriously, I just beat the demo last night too. Or early this morning rather, had me up til 230.

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It does borrow alot from the souls games but it plays different in a lot of ways too. The combat is much faster paced and relies heavily on combos and stance switches.

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I think I would like it more than I like the souls games for a few reasons.

-It's more fast paced, which is great for me because I was always too impatient to finish any of the souls games due to the slow pacing.

-It's got samurai. I've been yearning for a good samurai/ninja game (or anime) and this demo came just in time.

-The weapon skills are cool.

-So far there aren't any monsters that shape like m...

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Star Gladiator

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Its fun, no doubt about it. Ive actually been longing for some good samurai/ninja action. Wish tenchu would come back.

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Its easy money. Just do it.

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Heck yea!

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This is all neo's fault. Horizon wasnt releasing until after neo. And all post neo games have to have a neo mode. Having to add a neo mode extended dev time.

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I would agree that the creative minds are different and thus they would make a different Jak experience, but because that's the case I'd say they should just leave Jak alone for now. Jak is my favorite franchise and if they change it I don't think I'd be happy.

Also, after pondering I realized why Jak didn't get a movie. He's not really a family friendly character like Ratchet and Sly. But, it being animated would also limit it's adult audience....

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1.) Because
2.) It's
3.) freaking
4.) Guilty
5.) Gear

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No. Id just sell my current ps4 and use the cash for the new one.

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Jak and Daxter is my favorite of the three, and my favorite game franchise of all time in fact. But there's no denying the love for Ratchet and Clank. Had Naughty Dog not decided to do more realistic games Jak might be getting as much love as the Ratchet series.

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4 was the first one I played and it was really good. But I like 5 the best. Being able to control your comrades was great and the story was just slightly better. Though no one is more legendary than Mobius 1.

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Jak's story actually, had 3 potential more games. We still have to know how he (as Mar) built most of the world.

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