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"New".... you keep using that word. I don't think it means what you think it means. #9
Think I'm gonna be bold a wait a while. #1.3
Me and that guy would've had to have a very violent talk.... #1.1.1
This looks really good. #2
Good news. Kingdom Hearts will now be in full swing and FFXV will be left to finish polishing by another trusted hand. #7
Literally me just now...

http://uproxx.files.wordpre... #27
Sorry, I'm excited about Lords of the Fallen but I don't buy collectors editions of new IP's (Injustice and the Last of Us are exceptions).

It cheapens the institution. Collector's Editions should be made for games that have proven themselves worthy. Why would I want a statue of a character when I don't even know who he is or if I like his story or the game? #2
The only gripe I have is the monotonous mission structure. You hardly notice it when youre playing with friends but solo it's glaring. Destiny is still the best game I've played all year. #2
Wasn't implying anything, was merely expressing my confusion over the negativity. However, if I were implying something like that I would have the right to cuz I live in America and we have this thing called freedom of speech.

http://www.chattanoogaville..... #19.1.1
I really don't see why people aren't happy with Destiny. I've been having so much fun with it. And it's a platform you know they're gonna expand on. #19
It not only can, it will. I mean even if you could say it under delivered on promises it's still the most fun I've had all year with a game. This game is just addictive fun. Just got done as a matter of fact. If not for work in the morning I'd still be playing. #1.4
I've learned that games are starting to outgrow traditional review formats. The graphics a good, the story/story-telling is bland, the mission structures are monotonous, the multiplayer is nothing we haven't seen before and the classes show little distinction. And it is one of the most fun games I've ever played. The last time a game had me sitting up til 3 in the morning was Demon's Souls. And I just realized that while I'm sitting here typing this I could be playing Dest... #1.2
What about hairstyles? Was just fuming about Destiny's lackluster hairstyles. Once again black folks are stuck with the same old low cut. Can I get a faux-hawk? Can I get a South-of-France? Cripes... #3
It's not all bad. There are a lot of surely-to-be-good games coming out this year that would've been overshadowed by the bigger releases. Lords of the fallen is still on my radar. #2
So.... par for the course? #3
For a while it will be I'm sure. But I fear it'll go the way of most open world racers (for me anyway). The novelty of freedom wears off after 4 or 5 hours. Need for Speed most wanted was absolutely thrilling but after a few hours of ticking off the cops and leveling up my favorite cars I just put it down. Didn't even complete half the game. There was simply no incentive. We'll see how this goes. #1

That batmobile is something epic though. It has the same attitude and even more practicality than the tumbler but has traditional Batmobile design sensibilities. It's the best so far in my opinion. #1
Actually I think I will. I didn't realize that this headset was wired. Can't do wired. #1.4.1
*ahem*the vanishing of ethan carter*ahem* #7
*PWNING #1.6.1
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