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You can't expect it but that's only because devs usually under deliver on their targets. They should be more conservative when showing off target renders for the first time because they know they usually don't reach it. Driveclub is actually 1 of very few examples of a game looking as good as they said it would.

As far as consoles being the reason why pc games aren't reaching their full potential I would say that's hogwash. The more probable reason is tha... #2
Nevermind I found it. Can't believe I missed it to be honest... #7.2.2
link? #7.2.1
On a side note, Arkham Knight releases in exactly a month and there's been very little gameplay shown. Should we be worried? #7
I actually couldn't stand Skate. It was boring and dull, no progression the input for a lot of the tricks were too similar. My first year of college I bought Proving grounds for my ps3 and my roommate bought Skate. He swore up and down Skate was better but we both played Proving Grounds more. But to each his own.

I like the new stuff for THPS5. Graphics is what's really concerning me at the moment. I know graphics don't make the game but heck this ps4. That looks... #1.2
I would like to see a mustang and some new modes. They should just do a 30 dollar expansion with a bunch of crap in it. The city tracks you mentioned, new cars, new modes, perhaps light customization *shrugs*. Maybe more challenge types. Treat it like a new release. #1.6
DB has already been confirmed to be back #1.2.1
Does seem over the top. I understand not wanting games to be over sexualized, but this? #3
I would legit buy this. It's simple fun and mentally engaging. And colorful 😃 #1
"Basically, we want to to add it on later as dlc to maximize profits." #3
I thought it was fun but it's not really something I would spend alot of time with. #3
Down for me too... East Coast. #1.5
Skipping both. Getting Batman next month. I'm still pretty into Helldivers to be honest. #13
Never played an Account game all the way through. Never bought one. But I am interested in this one. #2
If Superman doesn't get a frigging game soon I'm gonna be peeved. Especially after the man of steel movie and the upcoming Batman vs Superman. Batman is cool and all but Superman is still the greatest. #2
I guess we'll have to wait and see. THPS5 will be the proving grounds. All the past games have proven is that people like the original formula best. If they find a way to make with the old formulas but still add new cool features then I could see it making a comeback. #15
If you haven't figured this out by now something is wrong. Games been out for a while and numerous tip articles have already been posted. #2
I mean. A horse can only be so dead. #1.1
Certainly agree. The last Medal of Honor game is perfect example of why even 2 studios shouldn't develop a game together. #2
I guess they wanted to make it a little more fair seeing as how driveclub has been kicking errbody's butt in these comparisons. They had to pull out a launch game LOL. #1.6
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