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Wow she's about as legendary as Steve Blum.

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It's the game that never gets old cuz you'll never discover everything in it. I'll probably return to this game alot after reaching the center of the universe.

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I like the sound quality but these are fragile. Be careful not to stretch them too much when putting them on. Both sides of mine are being held together with tape.

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Why the heck isn't Mod Nation Racers on Ps4?

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SUPERMAN... FREAKING GOODNESS.... you know what just let me do it.

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I thought it looked fantastic but still yet another zombie game. I'm keeping it on my radar though.

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Seeing as how kh3 is introducing alot of new mechanics i would say no.

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That demo they showed was really rough. Pop in and screen tearing all over the place. Cant imagine why they'd show the game in such a state.

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Its not even that hard. I mean its definitely challenging but i never once thought to myself it was impossible like i did with dark souls. Or maybe ds just toughened me up a bit. i never once beat a souls game or bloodbourne but Nioh is definetly something i can see myself beating.

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Guilty Gear and Injustice are my favorite fighting games of all time!!!!

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Spider-man from Insomniac, Injustice 2 gameplay, Gow gameplay.... disappointing where?

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TENCHU!!!! *crosses fingers*

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I thought he was half European half Japanese.

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They should make William's chin smaller...

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I honestly thought they were gonna explain why hes wearing a hat.

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It would be good for all humanity if CliffyB stabbed himself in the face LOL JK.

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Already did. The demo was great, cant wait for that game.

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I just want them to bring back Tenchu.

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The hype is real but after looking at the gameplay im not worried. One of the things im psyched about is possibly fighting the heartless forms of the organization members.

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Lol i had that same epiphany. Not only that but hes very predictible.

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