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You have made this muck the third hottest story this week. Congratulations. #47
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FIFA Fanboys? I've always read this mag and OPS2, and pre-2008 they were all over Pro Evo. Seriously all over it.
It's only in this current gen that they've started enjoying FIFA more, and that's because it's much, much better than Pro Evo now. Almost everyone has switched to FIFA now. #2.2.2
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Who are you to talk? Get off this website and get a life you geek. #2.1
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I completely agree with you gillri. Killzone and Resistance really aren't the PS3's strongest franchises. They definitely don't compare favourably to Halo and Gears of War (though I have a personal dislike of the latter because the characters and art style annoy me), mostly due to gameplay I'd say. Killzone may look stunning but it isn't as fun to play as Halo, and I think Resistance has a better plot than Gears, but its graphics and gameplay are pretty shoddy.
<... #6.4
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It will have to have improved a lot. Unlike Naughty Dog's old works, Crash Bandicoot and Jak & Daxter, Resistance 1 and 2 have aged horribly in a very short time. Even Resistance 2 is near unplayable compared to more recent shooters.
FPS is a very competitive genre and they would have done better taking a more original spin on it than they did. #22
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Open world zombie game: YES
Urban zombie game: YES
Historic setting zombie game: YES
Science facility zombie game: Oh no, not again, but okay, YES
Spooky village zombie game: Well, if it's really scary, YES
Space zombie game: YES
WW2 zombie game: YES
Near future zombie game: YES
Post-apocalyptic zombie game: YES
Fantasy world zombie game: YES
Wild West zombie game: NO. It might be cool to blend the two genres,... #4.4.1
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How long can they live without fresh brains? And if they don't need them, why do they want them so badly? #4.3.1
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A western is actually the worst setting imaginable for a terrifying zombie plague, since viruses only spread well in concentrated population centres. How exactly is a plague supposed to spread across miles of desert between towns?
The heat of the desert would probably kill off any infected individuals trying to travel to the next town, since zombies don't ride horses. They eat them.

But then again it's a cool idea, isn't it? #4
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Looks like it's pretty heavy on scripted events, and it's the first time I've ever seen an FPS where the camera is taken out of your control without warning.

Surely it's not a true gameplay video and they've mocked it up a bit, because it's clear that a lot of the camera movement during some of the events aren't player controlled, and there's no GUI at all.

It'll be interesting to see what the actual game behaves like. #37
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CTR was all about the gameplay, not the tracks.

And it remains one of the best demonstrations in gaming that it should be gameplay over graphics every time. You can play it today and it doesn't feel dated. #9
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It's actually rather more realistic.

Check this bizzle out:
http://news.nationalgeograp... #6
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The visuals are absolutely incredible but the direction is utterly hopeless. #13
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Having actually read the review, I believe they couldn't give it a 10 because it lacked some of the sheer genius of a 10/10 game. The ending is apparently a little screwed up as it suddenly gets ridiculously hard as you just have to fend off a seemingly neverending horde of hellghast, and it feels like quite an anticlimax.
So we're looking at stunning graphics and brutal chunky gameplay but a few annoying design choices and less-than-stellar campaign. #1.9
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Be fair to it. Those exploding barrels were some of the best exploding barrels we've ever seen. #6.2
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Thief, Portal, Mirror's Edge, Fallout 3, Metroid Prime 3. Innovation, my friend. #1.2
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When the hell did Peter Moore become so cool?! #18
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Sounds like Timesplitters 4 to me. #34
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Why the hell did that have to get linked through Kotaku!? #36
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He really doesn't make good games. He should be fired and someone else with talent and imagination should get his job and enormous salary. #12.2
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Yeah, that's true if you completely ignore the 10/10 scores it got.... #5.2
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