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Perspective: The PS4 is split into five bundles that are all in the top ten. It'd be fair to reduce from this that adding them together would easily make the top spot.

Further perspective: Until people actually pay the full amount - i.e. first year release window - these preorder charts do not represent concrete directions for either console.

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For perspective, here are the top selling consoles on Amazon UK this morning:

1) Xbox 360 250GB with Kinect
2) 3DS XL Red/Black
3) Playstation 3 500GB
4) Playstation 3 12 GB
5) Xbox 360, 4GB
6) Xbox 360 250GB (no Kinect)
7) 3DS XL Blue/Black
8) 3DS Cosmos Black
9) DS Lite Black
10) 3DS XL Silver/Black
11) Playstation Vita (Wi-Fi Only)
12) Wii with Wii Sports & Wii Sports Resort

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English slang, unfortunately.

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