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What A lozer....they took away his precious xbox 360 and he ran away and got ass raped and found dead....LMfAO!!

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No, actually the xbox brand development tools are the same as the Nintendo wii and playstation 3 put together.So thats why you see alot xbox 360 games going to PC. LOL!

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Why is the PS3 not doing good?Didnt it got its price drop?

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Yeah I do,WHEN IM PLAYING HALO I be like"Oh man.....This game sold about 3,000,000 to 4,000,000 WHOO HOOOOO.

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Wow,I wish I has a PS3.

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Last time I checked,Last generation....the console that didnt have the best graphics but had a great library of games won the console war! This generation it seems that the xbox 360 is like the ps2(not the best horsepower,but a whole lot of games) and the ps3 is like the xbox.(powerful but dont have alot of games!)

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I have one thing to say....Your mom stinks and your daddy raped you in the butt hole!

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What,you sent him a gay message?

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and besides while your on the internet,you dont have to act all mature and stuff....Why???Because its only the INTERNET!

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really great.I mean when i went to walmart yesterday,i saw all these ads of halo 3....and that hit me ,that the launch of halo 3 will be the biggest event in gaming history. Glad to be a 360 owner.

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Are you serious? The GReatest RentaL OF all time?Man,I cant believe you sony dipsh1ts spent 600.00 on a console,whose best game out right now is just a rental???/HAHAHAHA!!Take my bubbles away,I dont give a sh1t!Fuk it!

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When you say elite,do you mean a covenant elite theme xbox 360 or the black xbox 360 with the 120 Gig Hard Drive?

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You laughed on your own time,why wanna share your laughter?I mean why post "hahaha".We can't hear you ,so dont post that nonsense again.OK?Am I clear?Geesh!Well back on topic.I think this will really help ps3,because I know there is alot of people that would wanna play those great games coming out this year and next year but the price is holding them back.I know because Im one of them and so is a couple of my friends.

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He MUST AND I SAY MUST at least post a vid on the halo 3 ending!!I KNOW IT WILL BE A SPOILER BUT i CANT WAIT ANY LONGER!!

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Wow....Glad i didnt purchase a ps3 just yet,but seriously,The almighty cell processor has reached its limit and the god damn game got a 4/10.I feel sorry for the people who paid 600.00 for a console that has crappy games and the good ones wont even see daylight.This 25th is when the Man in Green comes out and conquers the gaming Industry!
Playstation 3 PLAY B3YOND MY ASS!

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If you really want to see if its worth it,go to and do a free trial for 15 days.They always have plenty games in stock and lair should arrive in about 3 days.So yeah try that if you really want to see if its worth it.

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CRAPPIEST GAME I HAVE EVER PLAYED!Wow you ps3 dipsh1ts are all drooling over this game?PATHETIC!Wait till the Man in green comes this 25th,it will beat the living crap out of this dumb game!

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That elite looks the way what you guys think the halo 3 ending will be?Master Chief selfs destruct,or master chief takes off his helmet.I swear if I see his face I will always be a elite in multiplayer.

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I might even consider purchasing a ps3 just for this......GOOD NEWS!

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Elites showing off their underwear.......Fantastic!Is there a customizable armor that can cover that part up?

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