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"BETA" not a demo. beta is here to test, and for a long time was 90% of the game before they started trying to market you to preorder the game and get a demo.

Destiny 1 had more content in its Beta which is not a good sign at all. i wouldnt be surprised if overall there is less than Destiny 1.

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but heres the thing and people on this hipster site dont get. Nintendo make the games people want to play like Zelda.

lets take a look at Sony's E3 was all games that offered nothing new to videogames heck 9/10 of them showed the typical oh you can be stealthy gameplay that has been in video games for past 10 years now. God of war is no longer the IP it was and looks like it will be cutscene heaven.

microsoft and sony dont get it yet they will never c...

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tbh Geralt wont be the main character they clearly stated based on the books not the game.

the game made Geralt the main character when he was just a costar in the books.

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they keep hold of the collectors edition which will most likely hold some value.
i have a few that now if sold would be 2-3x what i payed when it was released as you can no longer get them.

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own all the consoles as ive always done as im not a "fanboy" like so many are.

the switch is only one im playing on right now. Xbox has become a dust collector for past year. PS4 hasnt been touched since i finished Horizen.

sure it could use more games especially would love DS & 3DS games to come over like they eventually will.

as for whole "real consoles" keep being a little fanboy as if anything their all just ...

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considering darts,chess,bowling etc are considered sports how could you say Video Games arent?

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yet none of those games will even come close to being anything more than mobile games which lets face it at best are cash grabs to try and get you to spend.

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nintendo havnt once used "home console" as a way to describe it. they have said it can be used at home on the TV but didnt say it was a "home console"

its clear this is the true form the Wii U was going to be but technology wasnt there yet its merging of handheld and home entertainment which guess what is the direction were going in.

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3hrs of this kind of content. even $800 phones last 2-3 hours running the top games on them and their crappy little mobile games so dont know why anybody would expect longer and this is 3hrs playing BoTW with everything turned on(wireless,full brightness etc) so turn off those settings and you could easily make it closer to 4hours maybe even longer if at lowest brightness which considering its BoTW is a good amount of time.

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its not really that high of a number when you consider this is 10 years of developing

constant assets,media work etc all rack up costs very quickly.
you then have developer wages each year which lets say is $20k per year for each developer. wouldnt be surprised if were talking about 40+ developers alone that equates to $8m alone in developer wages. you then have all the other wages.

people really need to sit back and realise for big companies lik...

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also sony in biggest fuck up in gaming market as well. rushing a poor spec 4k console that doesnt even work with your own Tv's is amateurish and shows how scared they are of not keeping up with gaming as a whole.

this generation will be the last PC is so far ahead that not even PS4 Pro can match $600 PC's nowadays and guess what PC games are much cheaper and their is a shit ton more + huge backlog of games that continue to grow.

and this is coming...

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you paid for the right to play the game when you brought it do you complain about sales etc because you also brought it for full price than.

you've had time to play the game for a long period of time getting you're monies worth out of it

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its a writer who is known to be complete and utter bullshit its clear he doesnt actually enjoy video games he does this as a job.

everybody who likes Deus Ex and enjoys video games has been enjoying it and said its a much improved and bigger Human Revolution which is what fans wanted.

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TF1 died because it had no content the actual game itself was brilliant.

TF2 is nothing like TF1 its a bland extremely generic fps game that i could walk into my local shop and pick up for $5 its that generic it does nothing to stand out anymore and destroyed 90% of the actual gameplay that made it so good from a gameplay standard.

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think you miss what would be f2p.

microtransactions are already in and the rumours is just the absolute base game without taken king or the other dlc that would be f2p they would still need to buy the dlc/taken king and future dlc to play them which could be a good move financially as it would allow a lot of people to try out the game then decide if they want to buy the expansions.

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they cant call it pre-alpha at this stage though otherwise they would never be releasing the game in october.
this is a demo/beta at best but their scared that if stuff doesnt work they can go "everything has changed dont worry" only to buy the game and see its the exact same game.

to me they have gone backwards even though the 1st one didnt have enough content to keep players it was new and a lot of fresh idea's that made even the mighty COD take not...

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to me witcher is a action adventure game but then so is fallout and mass effect they are at best RPG-Lite's where they take some elements but then throwaway the actual RPG elements.

stuff like Pillar's of Eternity are true RPG's

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no the fact is this is a cash grab of a game its got nothing to do with metal gear solid they just grabbed leftover art assets threw it in a game and called it MGS so it could sell.

it could have been a new IP but they know it wouldnt sell so are using the MGS name to sell the product which is why people are outraged at it

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but its about exploring thats all it ever was about if you dont like exploring different planets than it was never for you at all.

also a game is never finished on release now game development has changed and really you should count every game early access nowadays because we dont have a finished product on launch anymore because of stuff like patches/updates and DLC.

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yeah because the FF games have really been worth full price recently

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