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yes now there is those things. on launch it was as barren as you could get with a game. only thing that held it together was the procedural generated worlds.

it had no building or real story to follow other than you must go to the centre.

you then also get the fact that they flat out lied about what you could do with the game on launch, they stated there would be multiplayer,building etc all on LAUNCH.#

if they had explained what it was...

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good i wouldnt want to be friends with somebody who actually gives so much of a shit about what others he knows plays.

grow up dude

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read the article. i wrote better pieces when i was 10 years old for school.

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achievements were added recently so a lot of playtime has been lost for a lot of players.

playerbase has took some hits recently with many moving away from the game because of issues with hackers among other things (funny since they have said constantly they wouldnt region lock but as soon as playerbase started to move towards fortnite they state their adding region lock in the next patch)

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the corporate tops yes are complete twats. they didn't just want Kojima gone but also a lot of others because they couldnt control what went into games.
they actually cut a lot of jobs just so they could pad their back pockets a bit more.

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its a continuation of the art style a lot of games do it just seems a big jump because its took a while for Shenmue 3 to happen.

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plenty to do and the co-op on twitch alone will sell the game by the bucket loads. all those who have played it have enjoyed it and most likely will be buying it.

also the beta's were a tiny fraction with a lot more shown in several trailers and dev talks that wasnt in the beta's

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consoles dont push the industry forward tech wise as their still vastly behind what a PC can do.

lets see a $500(price of PS4 on launch) PC easily matched it for performance heck would look better on 99% of games and get 60 fps 1080p

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the base division game was just as good as base destiny 1. sure Destiny has had bigger press due to their marketing behind their "expansions" which by the way should have been in the game from the start.

Division has given constant free updates with new content and addressing concerns the community has had.
they offered what i feel is a great take on the "survival battle royal" style game mode which i would love to see as a standalone game by th...

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it would need a remake if they do plan to do the 60 fps as the original dark souls engine had everything tied to 30 fps its why on PC you could break the game easily if you forced it into 60 fps.

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i would argue the other way. D1 had good DLC and expansions for example taken king was exactly what people wanted it added and mixed up the gameplay at the time a lot.

but is it strange that Destiny 1 on launch atleast felt like that game that in time would become something good like you could see the potential there it just needed fleshing out.

D2 on the other hand just felt dead on arrival, you finish the story and there was nothing and you was punished...

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most likely wont see SS4 of any description unless it happens in Dragonball Super as "GT" is essentially non canon fan made.

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but if they was pushing tech they wouldnt be on ps4 anyway.

they would be pure PC developers or xbox one x which are at the front of pushing tech.

PS4 has stagnated somewhat and has actually recorded the lowest sales of all 3 consoles for first time in a long time so i do think sony are thinking at options to add more stuff to their future consoles.

also Switch is downright amazing for the tech it has you state developers dont want to b...

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but thats exactly what we pay them to do which is handle and define gambling.
ESRB is here for this exact reason to regulate what is safe for kids to access and give acceptable ratings. you can then argue they have done fuck all to stop what is a predatory practice on kids.

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@fitsniper im not so sure and this isnt just being covered by reddit its reached stage where any video games outlet is covering it because it has reached that level of publicity.

heck the reddit post has over -600k which means over 600k accounts have downvoted it just that comment alone.

you start to then have word of mouth spread and that could easily become 1+ million people who may have brought the game no longer buying it.
for a game like Bat...

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poorly written story? so them following the original Warcraft 1 story is bad? this isnt LOTR level of story they can work with.
show me actual proof of any bad CGI there wasnt any at all. sure their was questionable choices in how they went about the CGI and where it was used but in no way was it bad.
acting was so so but again very limited by the base material it followed.

"know what im talking about" yet couldnt even say what it was and called ...

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i would say a huge amount has refunded the game just go look at the reddit. reached point where people are showing screenshots where the live chat person doesnt even ask why they want a refund anymore they are just giving them out.

the backlash is huge on this, sure it was bad on Shadow Of War and i bet it hurt Shadow of War's overall sales which i reckon for Battlefront 2 it will be even more severe as i wouldnt be surprised if the sales on Battlefront 2 is pretty poor...

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needs to stay animated as i feel it fits in better with everything OW like the Shorts we have.
needs to try and not get bogdown by trying to add some crazy overarching story line when there is already good story lines to follow, in which case doesn't need to have all the characters be the main stars heck some may not even be in it.

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it wasn't a World of Warcraft Movie it was Warcraft Movie. it was a movie set around Warcraft 1's 1st campaign and followed it pretty close, so dont state trash comments when you have no idea.

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@bluefox755 3rd party titles are selling quite well on Switch with many Indie games being sold at high rates.

it was never about competing as your go to home console AAA game console tbh if anything anyone sat at home not using a PC for said AAA titles is doing it wrong and playing a inferior and not AAA game at all.

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