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you say its comparatively small and yet pc games have more active players then they do on both consoles put together.

only console gamers think pc gaming is small because they havnt seen how many people play on the big pc games.

valve made more profit in the last 2 years then sony and microsoft combined and that was mostly due to the success of steam.

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you say that but Steam which is effectively DRM and has the limitations xboxone has and yet has brought more money into the gaming market then sony or microsoft.

end of the day people will buy the console to play exclusives which if microsoft keep pumping out blockbuster exclusives it will make people forget about the other problems just because they want to play those exclusives.

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and those rights were given up as soon as you put the disc in.

unlike other media you dont own the game when you buy it you essentially rent the right to play it yourself for a indefinite amount of time.

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yet there isnt a sell option on steam for EU and most likely never will be.

tbh its not so much the consumer they're trying to take advantage off its the companies who have made millions by leeching off the used game market.

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its not your property and hasnt been since the start of gaming.
buying the game doesnt mean you own it anyway it just means you have brought the right to play it and thats it if you read the terms and agreements you accepted when you put the disc on your console you are breaking them by then selling it.

love the disagrees when all i was doing was pointing out a fact. end of day this has been in gaming for a long time in which you was breaking the T&A's by sel...

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same line that costs game companies millions.

blame companies like gamestop which have made millions from ripping off customers with trade value and then reselling.

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set a trend that for PC has been implemented for years.

used games hurt gaming why shouldnt companies expect to get the money for games they developed and not shops that rip off customers who trade in games for others.

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why should it matter.
why do console gamers still get all in a fuss over something that PC gamers are fine with for a long time.

theirs always bargain bins for games a couple of months old and good riddens their trying to get rid of the used market its hurt gaming more then people think it does.

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so that must include the other 200+ games that have been released on both platforms yet wait they dont include GFWL on pc.

it had nothing to do with microsoft just that fromsoftware could easily port the 360's network code to pc using GFWL which they stated was the reason on many occasions.

now its being developed at the same time as consoles and the fact its going back to demon souls network code will mean its most likely going to be a steamworks game wh...

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it wont be a success because it will have the same problem the gamecube had which is oh look it has about 10 good games over the course of 5 years. its not enough to warrent buying that console.

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actually if their from UK they can ask for a refund and EA can do nothing about it due to consumer laws we have in place as so what if it works in 2 weeks from now that isnt acceptable by any trading rights organisations if they release it then it should work as soon as the person gets it home if not then they are well within rights to ask for a refund.

its people like you that make it acceptable for companies like EA to continue these kind of practices.

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ha game broken only people who cant play the game say that.

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i dont get why people are finding it so hard to accept the change that of course is going to happen by the 3rd installment.

the whole idea of dead space was isac was just a normal maintance man who was chucked in with all the necromorphs fighting for his life so of course hes scared.

after 2 games worth hes faced everything and so isnt scared anymore and so this reflects how the atmosphere has changed.

tbh dead space 1+2 were not that scary o...

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i wouldnt say that, while they have ruined there reputation with their more hardcore fans the casual fans which make up 90% of their sales(this is just a guess) were very happy with those 3 games.

SWTOR while a failure as an MMO has still 1 major factor if you play it like KOTOR3 then the game is brilliant its not untill the MMO parts come into play where you see all the flaws.

DA2 while wasnt what fans wanted as a sequel still proved to be succesful for the ...

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how are they doing a terrible job the combat will be some of the best spectacle fighting around up there with bayoneta etc.

the story was partly done by kojima and people say platinum are ruining then kojima must also be because he has just as much control on the story as platinum do.

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have you seen kids go from 6-10 years old they change completely in looks.
she still has some facial features that sunny had that makes it believable.

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tbh i always thought for a 6 year old in MGS4 she was didnt look like any 6 year old ive seen in terms of how she acted and her looks(she looked closer to a 10 year old then a 6 year old then)

i think you just have to imagine the world is very different to our own due to the mass nano machines in everybody's body.

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you cant really go by speedruns the main aim is to look for ways to make stuff broken so they can shorten there time.

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while i agree for the price its well worth the money. The problem was there was promises for so much more that he didnt deliver on.

i never understood Terraria developers due to 1 thing all they needed to do was open up mod support and they wouldnt have to bother with content anymore if they wished to take time off.

the reason games like Minecraft do so well is because of the constant release of mods that are changing the game in new ways.

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@XXdubstepXX even if the release dates were the same the Wii would have still outsold the other 2 combined due to these types of games not being bothered with by the PS3/360 owners since 99% of them are just in it for the big name games.

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