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but if they was pushing tech they wouldnt be on ps4 anyway.

they would be pure PC developers or xbox one x which are at the front of pushing tech.

PS4 has stagnated somewhat and has actually recorded the lowest sales of all 3 consoles for first time in a long time so i do think sony are thinking at options to add more stuff to their future consoles.

also Switch is downright amazing for the tech it has you state developers dont want to b...

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but thats exactly what we pay them to do which is handle and define gambling.
ESRB is here for this exact reason to regulate what is safe for kids to access and give acceptable ratings. you can then argue they have done fuck all to stop what is a predatory practice on kids.

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@fitsniper im not so sure and this isnt just being covered by reddit its reached stage where any video games outlet is covering it because it has reached that level of publicity.

heck the reddit post has over -600k which means over 600k accounts have downvoted it just that comment alone.

you start to then have word of mouth spread and that could easily become 1+ million people who may have brought the game no longer buying it.
for a game like Bat...

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poorly written story? so them following the original Warcraft 1 story is bad? this isnt LOTR level of story they can work with.
show me actual proof of any bad CGI there wasnt any at all. sure their was questionable choices in how they went about the CGI and where it was used but in no way was it bad.
acting was so so but again very limited by the base material it followed.

"know what im talking about" yet couldnt even say what it was and called ...

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i would say a huge amount has refunded the game just go look at the reddit. reached point where people are showing screenshots where the live chat person doesnt even ask why they want a refund anymore they are just giving them out.

the backlash is huge on this, sure it was bad on Shadow Of War and i bet it hurt Shadow of War's overall sales which i reckon for Battlefront 2 it will be even more severe as i wouldnt be surprised if the sales on Battlefront 2 is pretty poor...

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needs to stay animated as i feel it fits in better with everything OW like the Shorts we have.
needs to try and not get bogdown by trying to add some crazy overarching story line when there is already good story lines to follow, in which case doesn't need to have all the characters be the main stars heck some may not even be in it.

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it wasn't a World of Warcraft Movie it was Warcraft Movie. it was a movie set around Warcraft 1's 1st campaign and followed it pretty close, so dont state trash comments when you have no idea.

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@bluefox755 3rd party titles are selling quite well on Switch with many Indie games being sold at high rates.

it was never about competing as your go to home console AAA game console tbh if anything anyone sat at home not using a PC for said AAA titles is doing it wrong and playing a inferior and not AAA game at all.

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clone from a 80's book? as PUBG is also a clone from the same book.

PUBG doesnt own that game mode if anything he stole the idea from the book and film and continues to release the same shit for everything with no innovation at all.

heck Arma 2 Battlegrounds had more and it was a free Mod than his "own" version of the game as he wanted a nice big paycheck off the exact same game.

if anything Epic could sue him for copying ...

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PUBG would be over if it wasnt for the countless game modes it copied from long before it existed.

also not a single one of them is facts as if your stating facts go look up what Epic actually stated about Fortnite in that from the start they was adding other game modes and planned it all to be F2P eventually with one of the game modes being a Battle Royal Game mode.

if anything Fortnite's Game mode is more innovative than PUBG is by far fact you can ...

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blatent ripping off? off who? as if anything they all rip off a 80's book which created the game mode.

PUBG doesnt own the game mode as its existed in other games 20+ years before PUBG existed.
unreal tournament had a similar game mode and what is 20 years old.

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base game is continueing to be developed on. any research would of seen that they did have plans for a BG style game mode at some point they just moved up the plans to help with funding.

and before you go oh stealing the game mode erm PUBG isnt new the game mode has been around for 20+ years in plenty of other games heck unreal tournement 2003 had a game mode where everyone spawned with nothing and was a free for all with last guy surviving winner and guns scattered all ove...

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"BETA" not a demo. beta is here to test, and for a long time was 90% of the game before they started trying to market you to preorder the game and get a demo.

Destiny 1 had more content in its Beta which is not a good sign at all. i wouldnt be surprised if overall there is less than Destiny 1.

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but heres the thing and people on this hipster site dont get. Nintendo make the games people want to play like Zelda.

lets take a look at Sony's E3 was all games that offered nothing new to videogames heck 9/10 of them showed the typical oh you can be stealthy gameplay that has been in video games for past 10 years now. God of war is no longer the IP it was and looks like it will be cutscene heaven.

microsoft and sony dont get it yet they will never c...

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tbh Geralt wont be the main character they clearly stated based on the books not the game.

the game made Geralt the main character when he was just a costar in the books.

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they keep hold of the collectors edition which will most likely hold some value.
i have a few that now if sold would be 2-3x what i payed when it was released as you can no longer get them.

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own all the consoles as ive always done as im not a "fanboy" like so many are.

the switch is only one im playing on right now. Xbox has become a dust collector for past year. PS4 hasnt been touched since i finished Horizen.

sure it could use more games especially would love DS & 3DS games to come over like they eventually will.

as for whole "real consoles" keep being a little fanboy as if anything their all just ...

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considering darts,chess,bowling etc are considered sports how could you say Video Games arent?

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yet none of those games will even come close to being anything more than mobile games which lets face it at best are cash grabs to try and get you to spend.

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nintendo havnt once used "home console" as a way to describe it. they have said it can be used at home on the TV but didnt say it was a "home console"

its clear this is the true form the Wii U was going to be but technology wasnt there yet its merging of handheld and home entertainment which guess what is the direction were going in.

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