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I would agree the Wii U definitely needs a price drop, however for the PS4 and Xbox One, not at all. For PS4, its current momentum is still too high to drop the price. They are making money hand over fist worldwide, with each PS4 sell continuously adding profit to their bottomline, not including software sales.

Another Xbox One price drop would not to be feasible for Microsoft at the moment. With each system sold they are losing money however, they are able to leverage the br... #8
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Hilarious! #6.1
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Valid points made in the article. All we can do is hope for the best. #1
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Wow! That listwar site is a serious eye-opener. I never saw a software comparison so detailed. When you see it laid out like that it definitely changes the perspective. Of course, I aim to stand on the side of respecting everyone's subjective view, however seeing this software breakdown says a lot about the success of each platform and where they stand today. #11.2
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This sounds like a great idea. It depends on how much value they place on the platinum trophy...if they even go in this direction. Again, this would be a great idea! #6.1
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It would be great if Sony implemented the option allowing PSN users to gift games to their friends, like Steam. #12
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DriveClub is clearly a better graphical expression overall. The one visual advantage of Project CARS is found in the way the wet tires kick up water realistically. What I also find most interesting is the PS4's ability to put out games that graphically rival high-end PC titles like Project CARS. This is possible due to the level of development talent working as first party devs for Sony despite the horsepower found in high end PC 's. It's all about the developer talent and not alw... #28
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While Project CARS is a beautiful game, from my experience with all three racers, DriveClub takes the crown in graphical fidelity. This comparison video is sound, however seeing the weather/rain effects and the environment comparison in realtime without the compression of youtube make the differences even more dramatic.

However, as someone stated before, Forza Horizon 2 due to its massive scope is indeed doing a great overall job despite having to give way to resource balanci... #36
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I was really not expecting that much of a contrast between the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Project CARS. Sure, the resolution difference is commonplace for many multiplats in the PS4's favor, however this video is a serious eye-opener with the Xbox One version looking toasted in comparison to the PC and PS4 version.

It almost seems like the video isn't real, that's how bad it looks. Wow! #18
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I've personally tried games like Killzone 3, Lost Planet 2, God of War Ascension and Uncharted on PS Now and the experience is truly a great one. Of course I am fortunate to have a great connection so I can't speak for those with a sub-par connection. I've yet to try a multiplayer game on the service but so far it's been great. #6
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Exactly! This is foolish in so many ways. #6.3
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Interesting... #4.1.2
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Exactly! #17.3.1
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It seems unlikely that Microsoft has sold through 11.6 million Xbox One's to consumers. My reasoning is founded on Microsoft's November 2014 announcement by Yusuf Medhi:

"Shortly, we will have sold in to retailers more than 10 million Xbox One consoles."

VGChartz numbers are saying that the consumer demand for the Xbox One si... #19
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Based on this update it does look that way and it also looks like PS Nation will be up to their eyes in some promising titles. #1.1
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Very nice read! #1
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@ thejigisup - Shoot me a friend request and we'll SHAREPlay - my ID is ShadoSpawn. The new feature is great. #8.1.1
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Lol, exactly! We had a great time playing this little gem so we decided to re-introduce it to those who may have overlooked it. It's a great time well spent on the PS Vita. #1.1
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With games like Assasin's Creed Unity, Far Cry 4, COD Advance Warfare, Alien Isolation, Dragon Age Inquisition, Lords of the Fallen, The Evil Within and Middle-earth Shadow of Mordor all of which are releasing within in the next 2 months, Destiny, based on its lackluster reviews doesn't stand a chance of becoming even mentioned as a GOTY contender. The hype can only go so far. #2.1.2
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@ system22, yes we have played the demo of The Order (I work for Game Insider magazine)and our brief time with the game completely contradicts this articles claim. Now when you say everyone is entitled to their opinion, you are absolutely right. However based on the fact that their is only one main demo which Ready at Dawn has made available, the argument made in this article is objectively not supported in the all! This is a clear example of someone going into this demo with a neg... #79.1.2
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