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@ BallsEye - We are all entitled to our consoles of choice and based on what you're saying, it's clear you simply prefer playing games on your Xbox One and you're more than entitled to do that. However, your rationale or logic for doing so just doesn't hold up that well. You would've been better off saying "I simply like playing games on my Xbox One more than on my PS4, period", but then again how would that have related to the article, yet stating that there are... #1.4.12
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A very good video review and highly comprehensive. Please keep them coming. If I could add any advice I would say stay away from the foul language as its really not needed and unnecessary but other than that great work. #1
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I personally think the voice acting is pretty good and Garrett's voice is very cool. As Stavrami stated above, the loading screens can be a bit taxing on the gameplay however it is forgivable due to the overall experience. #4
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This review is one of the only reviews that understands THIEF. A fair and honest review. For some strange reason reviewers are grossly missing the point of this game. This is not Assassin's Creed but more Dishonored without super powerups. #2
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and if you are currently without an Xbox One you can place one on layaway as Gamestop has more than enough systems for sale. #2
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Call your local Gamestop... #1.1
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Of course this is completely speculation however, God of War 2 game director Cory Barlog who is now back with Sony Santa Monica Studios is said to be working on an undisclosed title.

At the moment Sony Santa Monica is more than equipped with designers, programmers and a seasoned director in the form of Stig Asmussen (GOW 3 director) to head up a next-generation Kratos experience, so why bring Cory Barlog back?

Because Heavenly Sword is a first party owned I... #16
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Subjectively of course, I consider Outlast to be much more entertaining and terrifying experience over Amnesia by far. Making it much more than just a $10 budget horror game. It may only cost $10 on steam at moment but at that price that is an absolute steal for horror fans who have never visited the Asylum. #14.1.1
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You should also consider taking these other PS4 games for a drive:

Don't Starve
Blacklight: Retribution
DC Universe Online
Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition
Trine 2 #8.3
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Mr_cheese you're certainly on to something with that idea. #2.1.3
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Lol! Yes it is! #1.11.1
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I couldn't agree more. #1.1
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It is a glaring difference, the DE looks much better than the PC version on Ultra. The shadow effect, lighting, everything about it just looks better. And to think you can experience this on $399 and $499 hardware, amazing!

- However, at the asking price of $60 for a game we've all already played, I'll pass. #22
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This is an opinion piece so no hard feelings however, the list is questionable without games like The Witcher 3, The Order 1886, Infamous Second Son, The Division, Quantum Break and Dark Souls II. #14
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Very well said! #13.1.2
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This review is quite interesting. For a game this polished with cross platform play, regular DLC updates and fixes making the game a progressive improvement every month all while being a free-to-play title and it's clear Gametrailers is clearly missing the point of the game all together.

While I certainly respect everyone's opinion(review), Warframe is a delight to play with a cooperative team of friends on PS4 and PC. Much better than a 6/10. Did I mention it was free! #8
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That certainly seems to be the trend. Sacrificing great games with years of hard development work in order to capitalize on the introduction of the next generation of gaming with flame bait, false reviews to drive an audience to these so called informative gaming sites. It is pathetic and a disgrace.

MrDead you are absolutely right! a very solid well read review that actually speaks the truth, keep it up! #1.2
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While Polygon does have some great people Like Brian Cresente over there who is a genuinely great guy, I don't believe you can take Polygon seriously when it comes to reviews due to their incompetence and blatant stance to smear specific developers and their amazing works.

Their reviews are as if they were forged from the National Inquirer, it's all make believe. I've been privileged to play The Last of Us, Killzone Shadow Fall and much of Contrast and on all acco... #15
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Yes it would! #33.1
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Shenmue 3, Gears of War 4 or maybe a look at the highly anticipated Heavenly Sword 2 is my guess. While it probably should be assumed that Heavenly Sword 2 is coming to the PS4, this news wouldn't top my list as a megaton update, but certainly exciting news nonetheless.

The Gears of War news however, would be. With Kojima-san recently chimming in, it does throw a twist on the impending update. Some form of exclusive content related PS4 update for MGS5 Ground Zero or Phan... #19
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