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I couldn't agree more.

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I thought Halo 5 Guardians greatly represented the Xbox One quite well.

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I believe your reasoning is exactly why most if not all PlayStation exclusive will struggle to meet the need of this articles question, primarily because there is simply so many impressive exclusives to choose from. I don't mean to say that another platform offers better exclusives, it just that the variety on PlayStation is quite vast. The minute a considerably great PlayStation exclusive releases, another is not too far behind.

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Simply based on the games list according the article I would say Splatoon, as it launched during a time of severe drought on the Wii U. The game was not only well received it actually sold quite a few Wii U's. Of course, the article isn't asking which games were subjectively better, nor am I saying Splatoon was a better game than say UC4, however a far as which platforms were in greater need of greatness and received just that, Splatoon on the Wii U, by far.

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Not a bad direction list of rating the best Infamous games. Though I would still put the original Infamous over Infamous: First Light simply based on the amount of content afforded in the first game. However, there is no denying that First Light was great!

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Wow, that would have been a great idea.

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Insightful Q&A - So looking forward to embracing this narrative.

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Our update comes directly from the publishing source.

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Watch Dog 2 could be revealed at E3 and though the original title left some things on the table to be desired, I still enjoyed the overall experience. Hopefully the sequel can deliver in spades.

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This is a pretty cool theme!

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Absolutely not!

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This was a solid read. While the article stated the obvious, it certainly left room for the imagination. In ones opinion, Microsoft truly needs to build upon a great foundation from this point moving forward, a foundation that should be represented by a barrage of quality first party titles, and not just the conveyor belt approach of simply a few recognizable franchises from last-gen. They need to hit hard in this department. This is something Sony has masterfully established with SWS, Sony W...

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Again, looking at the fact that GTA V is only one game, despite being a multiplatform, its sells numbers are staggering when comparing them to the Halo series and the Gran Turismo series.

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Your caption is awesome!!! Too funny!

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You make an interesting point! I currently have a 4K Sony Bravia Android smart TV, which comes integrated with Playstation Now and the option to install android games to the TV's hdd. I've subscribed to PS Now for one year for $99 and have since been playing tons of PS3 games with my dualshock 4 controller, directly from the TV, bypassing my PS4 console altogether and the experience is crazy smooth. I believe it to be an intelligent move by Sony.

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Though there is no specific game announcements just yet, this is a megaton announcement for Playstation. It seems Kojima Production will be working alongside Sony in the same vein as Quantic Dream whose wholly independent, yet only brings their games to Playstation platforms. I'm sure Hideo Kojima will looking to swing for the fence with his next franchise in order to affirm his healthy legacy. Sony just got a gold mine.

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I must say, you seriously confirmed it in advance. Your source was crazy reliable. Great call my brotha!

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A new dynamic DD theme based on the show would be great!

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@ Gansta_red,

I completely agree, she's greaat for the role!

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Lol! You make a good point, but nevertheless JJ is a great show. If you haven't checked it, you should. The antagonist is the former Doctor Who, who is a serious psycho, sorry for the spoiler, enjoy!

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