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As of June 2017, Sony confirmed that HZD has passed the 3.4 million sold mark -

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Having spent quite a bit of time on the game on the PS4's closed beta, I was jumping in and out of games sessions rather quickly after each completed match. So, I would venture to say that while those Steam beta numbers are interesting, my experience on the PS4 closed beta supported a super fun shooter with a well supported community. I believe the lions share of the Lawbreakers community will certainly be supported on the PS4.

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And I will be playing:

LawBreakers - (Pre-Ordered)
Hellblade - (Pre-Ordered)
Uncharted Lost Legacy - (Pre-Ordered)
Yakuza Kiwami
Everybody's Golf
Knack 2
Monster from the Deep
GT Sport - (Pre-Ordered)
Ni No Kuni 2 (Pre-Ordered)

Exclusive really do matter!

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Watching this video on a 4K monitor absolutely showcases just how impressive this PS4 Pro re-master truly is. Wow!

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Hi Otaku,

Our list of console exclusive titles and their official release dates is based on detailed feedback from the various publishers as confirmed releases. Also, at the moment only Pokken Tournament DX for the Nintendo Switch is also launching this year on September 22, 2017, so thanks for the clarification, however the other three games you mentioned are currently without official launch dates and a launch window is still being decided. In addition, while Gran Turismo...

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@ TechnoGoat, very well said!

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How this young man exercised his frustration was extremely unprofessional and unacceptable. As a professional, responsibility comes into play regardless of how you are feeling. It is a great thing that his contract was terminated, as it sends the right message.

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So far this year we have received 3 masterpieces: Horizon Zero Dawn, Zelda BOTW and PERONA 5. I would also add NIOH, Resident Evill 7 and NieR: Automata as very close runners ups. From January to April 2017 has been arguably the best first 4 months of gaming in years. I would go as far as to say that these first 4 months are better than the first 4 months of 2007 and 2011 as far as quantity and quality.

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Gladly. Beginning with Horizon Zero Dawn, the innovative achievement founded upon the game was heavily supported by it's gameplay and technical achievements. To explain it in a bit more detail, many if not all RPG's in recent years, if considered great are maintained and consistently praised for their creative narrative of intrigue. From Skyrim, the Fallout series, some of the Assassin's Creed titles (starring Ezio), The Mass Effect trilogy, as well as the Witcher series and Drago...

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@Legatus, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was fantastic! We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

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Not to step on any toes, however, I just wanted to chime in and state that according to our (Game Insider) professional opinion, both Horizon Zero Dawn and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild scored perfect 10's, because they are simply that good. The last time we scored a game with a perfect 10 was MGSV: Phantom Pain and before that The Last of Us. The games which have received our lofty praise of a perfect 10 offered unique, innovative and memorable experiences, exceeding that of th...

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Foxtrot you make a great point, with Alan Wake for example. If Alan Wake as successful as it was for the Xbox 360, was a PlayStation exclusive, I am sure we would have seen a sequel on the PS4 or in the works before Quantum Break.

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Yes it is!!

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If you have a 4K HDR TV then I highly recommend it!

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I'm sure Phil is doing as much as he can based on the hand he is being dealt at Microsoft. Phil just doesn't have much to work with when it comes to getting the Big M to spend money on new IP's.

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Very true! Depending on how much leverage Phil has might determine much of what goes on behind closed doors. Maybe I'm wrong, however Phil may very well be pushing for all sorts of initiatives for new games, which are shot down. If this is the case he has a tough road ahead in this competitive climate.

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Very well said, despite the disagrees. I also find the disagrees to be rather interesting. Do gamers really not want 343 Industries and other developers who create exclusively for Xbox One to invest their talents into new IP's? I'm sure the Xbox faithful doesn't want to hear this, yet again......but, Guerrilla just pulled off Horizon, the next game from Sucker Punch (infamous dev) is a new IP, Naughty Dog ended Nathan's story and are diving in...

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Very well said!

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Not necessarily. While it would have been great, my experience with the PS4 Pro without Boost has been stellar while going back to play games like Infamous Second Son, First Light and even newer games like Titanfall 2, Battlefield 1, COD Infinite Warfare, Rise of the Tomb Raider 20th Anniversary and Resident Evil VII, just to name a few. As for the upcoming new Boost feature, it just adds a more attractive appeal to the already impressive PS4 Pro.

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@ UCForce, I'm also still trying to get over that bone-head move by EA.

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