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Another click-bait conspiracy theory article. How professional. #11
Can we please stop these useless click-bait articles? #31
Don't believe everything Yong says. Besides, that's what it looked like in GZ, but we don't know if Cipher ordered it or not. #1.1
Take every review with a huge grain of salt. They are only personal opinions and nothing more. #1.1.6
This has been going on for two weeks. Very shocked that it took this long to be noticed by the media. #5
I hope they lose a ton of sales over this. #4
What a bunch of sellouts. I refuse to support this crap. I hope they enjoy their small sales. #84
They could have at least given NeoGAF credit for the videos since that is where they came from. -_- #46
It's almost the end of September and no 2.0. This is getting obnoxious. Not to mention another click-bait article that gets their "information" from a moron who isn't even legit. Sony really needs to step up their game. #19
Wait. People still trust Kotaku...? #24
How is this the trailer? It was a cutscene.... #2
Capcom has just earned a well-deserved face palm. #2
The GC version looks waaaaaaay nicer to me. #8
Yeah, the blue tint on the screen from the camera kinda of ruins it. #1.2.1
I honestly don't think as many people care about the PC version at the moment since the PS4/XB1 user base is bigger. No offense (Since I am a PC guy myself), but not that many people have PC's good enough for this game at 1080p/60FPS, so they're going to be more focused on the console versions in which most people can afford. Besides, I love my PS4. Just because my PC is powerful, doesn't change the fact that PlayStation & Xbox have the better games. It can't be de... #3.2
I agree completely! I am a Photographer and Indie-Filmmaker myself, and Photo Mode definitely has my attention. I am so excited for the 29th!! #1.2.1
Why can't you even be excited for this? I find it amusing that your name is "PlaystationSquuad" and you are here dogging on a game just because it is a remaster. Besides, Sony just mentioned that most PS4 owners have never even played The Last of Us, so quit complaining. #2.4
Yeah....I have 44Mbps and using an Ethernet cord and it still has issues. It's a great thing to invest in, but no way in hell will the full thing be ready in July. They NEED to push it back farther and keep it in beta to experiment with it more. It's a cool concept, but it's just not ready. #3.4
Am I the only one who feels that it would be a huge loss to purchase Capcom with how terrible they have been over the last generation? #1.2.2
Click bait article just to stir more hatred in the gaming industry. Just ignore it, everyone. #37
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