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TheWorse's mod not only makes the game look like the E3 demo; it also gets rid of a lot of the stuttering even after making the graphics look better. Sorry Ubisoft, a modder got there first. Shame on you!

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I picked up this game late in (a couple of months ago) and all I can say is: WOW!... Masterpiece. I am usually a Day 1 buyer so I don't know how I held up for so long...

Anyway, one reason I would not get rid of my PS3 would be to keep this game in my collection. If it comes for PS4; I'll buy a PS4 with LoU and get rid of my PS3... Yeah, the game is that good!

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I am glad it only takes 20 seconds since it took that guy 3 mins to freaking be able to open the box and get the disc out. Does he have shit on his hand?

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This is an old article that, for some reason, it's being reused as if it was written on 11/10/2013.... Whenever this was written, Microsoft had not even announced the Xbox One...

And yeah... even when the article came out a while back... I laughed at the author...

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Been playing on PC since launch and no problems here.

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Waiting for PC version here... tired of playing suboptimal versions of games.

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Who the fack cares!! It's BATTLEFIELD!!! Who gives a shit about dinosaurs? Get a different game!

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Since when do we care about what GameStop says?

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Great game. Still playing SP after getting it at launch for PC. Will play again on harder setting now that it has been released.

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The PS4 will run PAC-MAN at 1000 FPS.

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Pachter... You are a joke... And irrelevant. STFU.

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Metal Gear What!!!?? ;-)

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Let the whole year of bullshit until release begin!

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Plug your nVidia based computer to a 65" HDTV; problem solved!

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So MW3 gets perfect score for changing nothing and keeping the formula unchanged. Uncharted 3 gets slammed for it in some reviews, and BF3 gets killed for its innovations without changing the game in a revolutionary way. MW3 might as well be an expansion pack. MW3 its staying on the store shelf and I am keeping my money. BF3 is awesome and years ahead of BF2. Sure Bad Company 2 was great, but BF3 improves on both BF2 and BFBC2. PLaying BF3(PC,) Batman(PC), and Uncharted 3 (PS3) for now... wil...

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Playing on PC... ULTRA GRAPHICS are awesome... But this game is AWESOME even if it had ATARI 2600 graphics.

Only for the hardcore... babies, go wait for COD...

Not to say that there aren't a few glitches here and there... They'll get ironed out... Go get this game NOW!

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What would MW3 developers know about new engines? they have not come up with a new one for about 4-5 years.

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I still have not seen something of Uncharted's quality on the 360. Yeah, most multiplatform games do better... but still, nothing like Uncharted 2+.

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Caspian Border is EPIC!!!!

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I have an i7 2600K with SLI GTX 460 4GB total Video Memory and a PS3.... PC leaves the PS3 in the dust... however, I have to say that the PS3 version is looks good. I will be getting the game on PC...

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