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Could you name a next-gen console game that is locked at 60fps? And please don't say Forza, because then you'd look silly.

Your ideal "true 60fps" is going to disappoint you tremendously.

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"Despite the fact they said his story was done...end of "

You play as Delsin in the DLC...

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That's because that's what the studios ask him to do. He's gone on record saying a lot of studios ask him to do his normal voice, or the Drake voice. Prince of Persia comes to mind.

If you want Troy Baker and Nolan North to go head-to-head, play TLOU or Arkham Origins. They both have parts in both.

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Kleptic, I'm going to help you out so that your next post is even more informed than the last (which seems to be the pattern, as ImG2theB pointed out).

You state that 1080p is some kind of broadcast standard (at 60fps). This isn't true. I'm not an expert on global broadcast stations, but I do work at a local station in America and I can tell you it is far from standard to broadcast in 1080p. Check your cable box. Mine has an option for 720p and 1080i. No 1080p. I&...

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The retail Xbox One is a devkit...

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I know I shouldn't feed the troll, but...

It will take a lot more software sales for these gamers before Sony earns a profit on them. They're taking a complete loss on each one of those consoles. According to Sony, they break even with the sale of the console and a couple games or accessories. So without charging anything for the PS4, they won't make a profit on any of the gamers for a while, if at all.

In the grand scheme of things, the small los...

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According to VG Chartz, X360 has an attach rate of 10.3 and PS3 has an attach rate of 9.2. So there is a pretty big difference.

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This is false, plain and simple. Here's what Sony had to say about the bundle:

[The company has told UK retailers to alert those who have pre-ordered PS4 that they now have the option to upgrade to one of these.

"It [the mega bundle] is in limited volume, and therefore it is probably going to go mainly to current pre-order customers, then follow-up volume may well be post-Christmas," Gara added.

"Starting yesterday, our ret...

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Also because some of us were stupid enough to make our accounts a sub-account. Since you can't make a sub-account a master account, you have to create a new one.

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The same way they do now, since the PS3 (and maybe the 360?) has this restriction.

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I thought the PlayStation mascot was Michael?

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Besides the D-Pad, my only other complaint with the 360 controller is the bumper buttons. They seem too high to me. I like to have my index fingers on the triggers, and it's awkward to shift to the bumpers from this position.

Most of the time when I need to press them, for speed, I end up just pushing the very outside of the button with the middle of my finger. I hope their placement is better on the Xbox One, but probably not since it's not a common complaint that I...

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Could you explain to me why the cloud is needed for any of the things you just listed? I mean, the game reacting to the time of day? Games have done that the past couple generations. Game reacting to your in-game behavior? Psycho Mantis comes to mind, from PS1. Random item placement? Again not new. Local machines can do all these things.

The cloud is better for storing either large amounts of shared data (Drivatars in Forza) or game changes that will h...

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"It does not require the CPU or the GPU within the XB1 to gather and process the information from it's sensors or camera."

Apparently it does, or they wouldn't be reserving 10% of the GPU for it and Snap.

Sony doesn't set anything aside for the PS Eye to work. Instead they let the developers decide how resources are distributed. That's what they've always done. Sony also has a separate chip for multitasking and handling backgroun...

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"Spoken like a true person who has never owned a 360. How about you play Gears 1 and compare that to 2 or even 3 to answer your own question. "

Which might be a valid point if MS had ever made Gears. Godmars is talking purely about MS's first party studios.

"How about halo 3 and 4... "

Halo 3?? Have YOU ever owned a 360? Halo 3 is a ton of fun. It's also one of the most feature rich games I've ever played, but ...

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No that's from Metal Gear Solid V gameplay. First seen at Microsoft's E3 conference.

Graphically, that screen looks much, much better than RDR.

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He didn't do a very good job making his point. GTA V earned $800 million in 1 day and (according to Peter) will eclipse $1 billion in it's first month.

Then he says some mobile games sell $5 million a day.

Well, $800 million > $5 million
$5 million x 31 days in a month = $155 million
$1 billion > $155 million

Granted, there's a lot of factors to consider. One is a $60 AAA game with sales that will drop quickl...

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900+180=1080 "

I can't believe this was repeated as many times as it was. It's math. It's extremely simple to check.

1280x720 = 921,600 pixels
1600x900 = 1,440,000 pixels
1920x1080 = 2,073,600 pixels

900p - 720p = 518,400 pixels
1080p - 900p = 633,600 pixels

So 900p is actually 115,200 pixels closer to 720p than it is to 1080p. Whether or not that's signif...

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