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"I've always wanted to kick a duck up the arse" - Karl Pilkington"


Was that day april fools day? #3.1
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A test for which product is the best at plummeting

Why am I not surprised it's the xbone #1.1.6
I think there's a typo on number 5. Pretty sure SCE wasn't created in 1933, but rather 1993.

Does proof reading exist anymore?

It is an interesting article though

Don't know if its well known or not but there was a black PS1 system called Net Yaroze. Sony released this system and it was a development kit. Which meant anyone could buy it and create their own ps1 games. Which is completely awesome. And they still support such ideas... #3
One thing I heard in an interview is every star you see in the game is a real star that you can warp to and it will have its own planetary system. Even the creators of the game don't know what is out there, because it's all procedurally generated. Planets are planet sized, the universe is universe sized.

As for what to do in the game, they've shown some mechanics on trading, collecting resources, upgrading, fighting, exploring, but not too much has been shown off... #16.2
Yes exactly! What I want in a racing game is to own a car, even if it's a crappy Peugeot 206, buy it with money I've raced hard to earn in the game, spend money I've earned to tune it mechanically and aesthetically, paint it totally customised. Because that becomes MY car.

I want MY Peugeot 206 that I've worked on. And that means something to me, and I've worked hard to modify it to the point it has. I DO NOT want to drive around a map and own 5 supercars... #4.1.2
It's pathetic that racing games can't make progress over ps2 racing games, in anything but graphics that is. Before online gaming, developers focused entirely on the single player experience. Which made the games incredible. These days they sacrifice the single player, and it shows in lots of games.

If NFSU3 is true, I hope they improve on NFSU2's feature list. But I'm not holding my breath. #4.1
Please Criterion don't go anywhere near this game. You've already destroyed Most Wanted, let a developer that understands what a NFS game is supposed to be like develop it. And get on with Burnout Paradise 2 #8
I think I might pick this one up. It will give me a reason to stop wasting time with minecraft. I can either spend weeks creating, and at the end have a video game I made to share with the world or spend weeks putting blocks on top of one another and at the end of it just, look at it and do nothing else with it.

Will be good to get back into lbp and actually put some creating time to some good use #2
Many years ago on this site, someone was very convinced Microsoft had a 3 generation long term plan. The Xbox was to test the water of this new market. The 360 was there to build a strong userbase. And then he assuredly told me their grand plan was to completely dominate the market by their third console.

LOL #10
G2OWLY check if it's OK in salt water before you dunk it. I've got a feeling it's fresh water only

I dunked my z1 in my fish tank before. It can make for some great videos. Love that it has a dedicated camera button too

The z3 is a fantastic phone. Had it since launch. It's been a dream #1.1.3
Old trash...

Explain to me how driveclub is progressing the racing genre please and I will give you many more reasons why a 2004 Need for Speed had better gameplay

Driveclub is just an A-B racer, it's progressed nothing. It is basically a modern day remake of this: #2.1.1
What up FriedGoat? I still think your 8-bit cowboys is one of the coolest levels in lbp2. I remember playing it the first time, and in the saloon where you can talk to everyone and thinking, 'wow that's so cool. You can do so much in lbp2'. Cool level. Shame you didn't create more levels, I remember that racing level you started making. You're a great creator #1.3.4
Releasing an unfinished game is unacceptable, it's something I hate about modern console gaming

I could forgive this if driveclub was crammed with content. It isn't. Driveclub is another showpiece of how modern games are going backwards.

I look at a game like Need for Speed Most Wanted (2005) and it is exploding with features. Open world, mechanical and visual customisation, money, story, it had everything a great racing game should be. And then moder... #1.3.2
Very good video, and all the more so with Puss In Boots narrating it as well

I like how the skidmarks remain permanently on the track. The one time in life when permanent skidmarks are a good thing #23
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It would be nice for Sony to do that but it's not really needed at the moment as Hello Games are only focusing the game development on the most important console. There's no real need for a small team to waste time developing for flop hardware #1.3.1
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So out of the ps4 version and xbone version of No Man's Sky, which one is currently the priority for Hello Games?

The Xbone version is not a priority #6.3.2
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No Man's Sky on xbone isn't really a priority #6.3
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I think you've just given Square-Enix the plot line for their next Final Fantasy #6.1
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Only 10? #5
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