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I tried researching this matter and this is what I found. It's very difficult to find anything official however.

Sony own the console publishing rights to Final Fantasy VII in the PAL,NA regions. Square own the console publishing rights in Japan.

So in the PAL, NA regions Square was effectively a 2nd party developer. The same as how insomniac was with Sony.

Therefore Sony does have console publishing rights to Final Fantasy VII, which mak...

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"Play it first on PlayStation 4" - means that game will at a later time become available to one or more systems other then PlayStation 4

Does this mean Xbone?

Well consider this. It's understood that Sony own the licensing rights to Final Fantasy VII. We can see evidence of this. Nothing related to Final Fantasy VII has ever made its way to a system directly competing to a Sony console.

Final Fantasy VII - PS1, PS Store, Pc, ...

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I was under the impression that Sony own the licensing rights to Final Fantasy VII. Which is why it's existence has never appeared on any other home console. Also why none of its spin offs have appeared on any direct competing consoles. Other then pc and phones. Also why Sony had big involvement in Advent Children.

So in a nutshell, Xbox can suck it, it gets nothing.

PS4 first, Pc later, Xbone never.

Just like the original game released ...

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People say the remake will be all dark and gritty, but its impossible to do that with the whole game. Some of the soundtrack is inherently silly and fun. Such as the cargo ship music when they all dress as Shinra soldiers. Or the honey bee Inn music. Electric de chocobo.

The game at its core doesn't take itself too seriously, so I really expect the remake to keep that feel

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I didn't like the English voice cast from advent children. I thought they were poor voice actors and didn't sound as I imagined the characters would.

However I thought the Japanese voice actors were spot on perfect. They all sounded as I imagined they would. Especially Cloud and Sephiroth. I hope very very much that they have the option to hear Japanese voices for the remake. I may even go to the extent of buying the Japanese version of the game if needs be

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The ones that say FF7 is overrated come from mainly 2 camps:

-They either didn't play it at the time of its release, and therefore dismiss it for its graphics and miss how revolutionary this game was at the time

But more importantly

- They likely have been told it's the best rpg of all time, heard a lot about it from everywhere, so they play it with massively inflated expectations, expecting to be blown away straight away. And all t...

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You'd think all the people there were FF7 fans specifically there for the FF7 trailer. But all of them were average gamers with varied game interests, with no expectations of anything related to FF7.

So for all of them to react in such a euphoric way as they all did, shows just how far reaching, memorable and just how damn good Final Fantasy VII is

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I'm not worried.

They've had almost 20 years to think about what they'd like to change and improve about this game. I think they know exactly what they feel is the best road to take. They have the Kitase and Nomura at the helm, who worked heavily on the original. If they made the original game what it was, I trust they will treat this remake with the love and respect it deserves. And I wouldn't trust anyone else to do the job.

As for turn ba...

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This is for the players

Sony living up to their motto. 3 games nobody ever expected to see. And we got all 3 of them. Final Fantasy 7, I'm still expecting to wake up.

Even games like Need for Speed are going back to what the fans want. This has been the best e3 ever because it's all been for the fans

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This was a victory for Japanese developers too. Every one of those 3 huge announcements was from a Japanese developer. And I couldn't be happier because certain types of games will only ever be produced from Japan. Sony rules.

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It may bring joy.
It may bring fear.
But let us embrace whatever it may bring.

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This makes me so happy for 2 reasons. It shows they don't plan on changing the original story too much. But mainly that they are keeping the more light hearted moments in the game.

This is one big reason why older games are fondly remembered for their charm, while new games are discarded because they are often far too serious.

Let's not forget some of the zanier moments in FF7:

-Cloud dressing as a woman
-Fighting a house

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I thought I was the only one. I've been watching reaction videos to ff7 all day. To anyone who says ff7 is overrated, tell it to the fans in those videos. Their emotions are borne from something incredibly special. One of the best games ever made

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Sony dropped the Ultimate announcement. The Final Fantasy VII Remake. It is the ultimate announcement, one that fans have waited for almost 2 decades. There won't be another game announcement of that magnitude for years to come.

And for Sony to just drop that announcement into the middle of their press conference, like it's just another game on their list, just goes to show just how strong their E3 was.


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Was that day april fools day?

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A test for which product is the best at plummeting

Why am I not surprised it's the xbone

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I think there's a typo on number 5. Pretty sure SCE wasn't created in 1933, but rather 1993.

Does proof reading exist anymore?

It is an interesting article though

Don't know if its well known or not but there was a black PS1 system called Net Yaroze. Sony released this system and it was a development kit. Which meant anyone could buy it and create their own ps1 games. Which is completely awesome. And they still support such ideas...

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One thing I heard in an interview is every star you see in the game is a real star that you can warp to and it will have its own planetary system. Even the creators of the game don't know what is out there, because it's all procedurally generated. Planets are planet sized, the universe is universe sized.

As for what to do in the game, they've shown some mechanics on trading, collecting resources, upgrading, fighting, exploring, but not too much has been shown off...

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Yes exactly! What I want in a racing game is to own a car, even if it's a crappy Peugeot 206, buy it with money I've raced hard to earn in the game, spend money I've earned to tune it mechanically and aesthetically, paint it totally customised. Because that becomes MY car.

I want MY Peugeot 206 that I've worked on. And that means something to me, and I've worked hard to modify it to the point it has. I DO NOT want to drive around a map and own 5 supercars ...

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It's pathetic that racing games can't make progress over ps2 racing games, in anything but graphics that is. Before online gaming, developers focused entirely on the single player experience. Which made the games incredible. These days they sacrifice the single player, and it shows in lots of games.

If NFSU3 is true, I hope they improve on NFSU2's feature list. But I'm not holding my breath.

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