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Its a great game but it has blaring issues when it comes to balancing especially with custom characters. They need to rework the whole items and leveling system to where your not just incredibly OP in one area without any real drawback to focusing on that one trait because as it is now being able to one-shot human players with incredibly large, OP, and unstoppable blasts is in no way shape or form good.

hand to hand combat wise its great much better than storms IMHO has that... #8
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Wouldn't just put it on older consoles, it could of been issues just pertaining to the engine they were running into. #5.1.1
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3rd time trying to get in still no key #11
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I just hope that they balance out the MP soon, those BS Z souls and how easy it is to abuse them to basically make you invincible is insanly bad design on their part. #8
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Yeah i hope they have a patch soon to fix some of the problems

But im loving the game so far #2.2
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I actually really interested in this game i love the different class concepts and the power-ups are really unique #3
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Mario maker is the most unoriginal thing on that list first of all so many fans have already made a mario maker so that is just irrelevant to the argument.

xenoblade is just a normal JRPG it has it pros but it also have its cons its a good looking game but you have to face the facts its not that amazing expect from its huge world which from the new trailer looks pretty empty. also for the 100+ argument these games do have replay ability i have over 200+ on skyrim only.
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I actually noticed it too lol thats awesome he is doing the music #3.2
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I do agree that Squareenix hasn't been doing that great with its recent games but we cant just stop hoping that FF15 will be good due to some 15 mins of xenoblade i am a ps4 owner and think xenoblade looks like a good game i would buy if i had a wii u that said i do think it has cons and so does every game.
But FF15 has barely been shown to us so we don't have the right to judge it in my opinion, from the trailers though it looks like the story and gameplay are going to be the... #2.4
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I hope they changed the combat i dislike the new system due to it being so unbalanced and broken the first Ultimate ninja had the best system to me. from videos that i see it hasn't changed much so hopefully they will have some game changing mechanics #3
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I wouldn't say that other companies aren't innovative with their next installments of their games usually all installments add something new to the playing field.

That being said games such as yoshi wooly world to me aren't innovative at all its just kirbys epic yarn with mario themed backgrounds and monsters and a few mechanics that were used in yoshi's island.

PS:i actually love splatoon and know that it most likely well do good. #6.1.2
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I wonder whats the max amount of players they can get on the consoles. I'm hoping for at least 500 #7
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wasnt there another game sony published that had like a bunch of players shooting at each other. #5.2.2
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I just wanted the ability to play with friends in DD really #9.1
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So having the ability to only give you access as to when said feature can happen but not where while also having the features rewards be accessible even to non purchasers who happen to be in the vicinity ( could be upwards to like 40 + or 100+ people who want to take your stuff going for the drop as well or even higher depending upon the amount of player near) is pay to win? #4.2.2
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They must not be true fans if their just now figuring this out since this model came to light a month or 2 after the announcement of the game itself which was even before the early access announcement. #1
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Adding more to the basic combat system of punching, blocking, and subs would also be more beneficial, regaining Chakra can definitely stay but more emphasis should be put on timing for jutsu as well, doing moves with some characters after being knocked down were just too fast and characters like Madara in the basic attack department were clearly more focused on being more visually pleasing than actually working out and being balanced / fair.

I personally want a more in depth sor... #2.1.2
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please dont jut be the same stuff with prettier graphics and a few new characters and suits thrown in. Go all out and end it with a bang. #3
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There's actually as been a post about a new set of abilities coming to the game, for example titan as a move where he/she can shoot pillars of light in four directions at their foes.

I would post the link but sadly did not save it #5.1
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I'm thinking maybe they just have options for the inclusion of ADS and sprint in the game settings now and maybe gamemodes that allow and dont allow it. #2.2.6
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