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I wouldn't say that other companies aren't innovative with their next installments of their games usually all installments add something new to the playing field.

That being said games such as yoshi wooly world to me aren't innovative at all its just kirbys epic yarn with mario themed backgrounds and monsters and a few mechanics that were used in yoshi's island.

PS:i actually love splatoon and know that it most likely well do good. #6.1.2
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I wonder whats the max amount of players they can get on the consoles. I'm hoping for at least 500 #7
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wasnt there another game sony published that had like a bunch of players shooting at each other. #5.2.2
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I just wanted the ability to play with friends in DD really #9.1
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So having the ability to only give you access as to when said feature can happen but not where while also having the features rewards be accessible even to non purchasers who happen to be in the vicinity ( could be upwards to like 40 + or 100+ people who want to take your stuff going for the drop as well or even higher depending upon the amount of player near) is pay to win? #4.2.2
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They must not be true fans if their just now figuring this out since this model came to light a month or 2 after the announcement of the game itself which was even before the early access announcement. #1
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Adding more to the basic combat system of punching, blocking, and subs would also be more beneficial, regaining Chakra can definitely stay but more emphasis should be put on timing for jutsu as well, doing moves with some characters after being knocked down were just too fast and characters like Madara in the basic attack department were clearly more focused on being more visually pleasing than actually working out and being balanced / fair.

I personally want a more in depth sor... #2.1.2
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please dont jut be the same stuff with prettier graphics and a few new characters and suits thrown in. Go all out and end it with a bang. #3
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There's actually as been a post about a new set of abilities coming to the game, for example titan as a move where he/she can shoot pillars of light in four directions at their foes.

I would post the link but sadly did not save it #5.1
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I'm thinking maybe they just have options for the inclusion of ADS and sprint in the game settings now and maybe gamemodes that allow and dont allow it. #2.2.6
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I got most of my exotics and legendarys that give lots of light from nightfalls and the bounties and in freeroam. almost lvl 28, gotta also remember that you have to level up said weapons fully to get all the light. #5.2
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I like the PVP :( teleporting out of harms way just before I'm disinterested by a nova bomb or golden gun bullet is awesome to me. #1.2
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Really wish they stayed with the whole story mission structure they had in 2013, scrapping it and what not really screwed it up, really liked the way the awoken sounded as well beforethen. #3.6
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one guy i ran into just wanted the white console that didnt care about the game that came with it. #1.9.2
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those people must of not heard of the warranty, MS gave everyone a full on 1-2 year free warranty cause of the issue my xbox died on me about 3 times ( one of which was because of this third party controller which caused it to overheat ). IDK about the 4 console purchase thing seems exaggerated. #1.7.6
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basically, its like if krillin somehow just happened to get the last hit before goku basically ended freeza. #1.2.2
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Halo 3 had a million + online before . #2.1.2
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It actually has a story but its placed within grimoir cards, its just not presented and executed well to the player. What you see and what is aren't always the same thing. #1.1
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Ok i kinda see them doing the better with kinect thing but most likely for something dealing with lore and not gameplay wise. I agree though after Halo 4 i felt like it just should of been left where it was with Halo 3. Their turning Spartans into some sort of monday night combat sports thing with spartan 4's and the story wasn't that well put together either though 1000 times better than Destinys story was in terms of being put together.

Just how you got a lot of t... #8.1
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I honestly believe Halo 4 got past the 70's range just because it was had Halo in it and Bungie's made by all Bungie employees. The game has issues but i still enjoy it, IDK what happened with the development that made them change so drastically. #4.1
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