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Yup, lol didn't think anyone would get it! #11.1.1
"b*tch stepped out" #11
What if I already bought the game at launch; do I have to buy this also? #4
@Omar91 I'm right there with you. Was so excited about this game. Played the demo and just couldn't get into it. #8.2
showing 29.99, wtf! #12
Just for kicks Tommy Lasorda should get the vote.
lmao #4
Just hope it isn't overpriced. #10
Ill be playing dark souls. 24 hrs in so far. #2
Last night, right before quelaag, I was invaded. Funny thing is there were three of us waiting for him. He charged; we raped him. I love this game. #6
Idk, metropolis is too bright for me. Gotham is just perfect. #11
Calling my local Walmart now. Hope they have it so I can walk into gamestop, get my money back and never set foot in there again. #9.1.1
Wish I was playing. I reserved my copy at stupid gamestop, when I went to pick it up, they handed me an xbox 360 version! WTH! They didn't want to give me the PS3 collector's edition because of their error! Said I'll have to wait 3 days! There's a reason I don't shop there... #9
I still have mine unused in the box with guide and scratch and sniff cards. How much is it worth. Not selling, just wondering. #7
Red Dead Redemption baby!
Most buy. You can't deny; it looks too sick! #34
Please Stop!
With the "where's the cross game chat?" crap. Thank you. #19
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