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Yeah me too... I think I was always going to get the full version anyway just to support the dev's.

I was just curious as to what the differences are. #5.1.2
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Does anyone know the differences between the PS+ version and retail? #5
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I forgot about Dragons Teeth. Hopefully it's good.

I wish they were more servers running ALL the DLC in random order so that I don't need to find a new lobby every time me and my bro's want to play something else. #13.1.1
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I love my PS4, but I'm currently pretty bored with it, however it's my own fault. I get games and complete them all within days, it's just something that I've always done. I have played everything I find interesting and now I'm just cycling between FIFA Ultimate Team world cup mode and Battlefield 4.

Can't wait to get my hands on TLoU:R even though I've played the game from start to finish twice already :)

EDIT: Oh except OutLast,... #13
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I would start with the UC series first, because once you've played TLoU, everything else just feels half hearted. That't not saying UC is bad, infact it's in my top 5 games of last gen, it's just the TLoU is such a masterpiece. #1.1.1
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If so then that's cool bro. I wasn't digging at you and I'm not going to pretend that I know everything about TV's and their specs.

I remember when HDTV's first came out and they were £2,500+. Soon after those exact same TV's were down by half because they were replaced by much better spec'd TV's, and it didn't even take long. I have a feeling 4 years from now 4K TV's will be much better than the current ones out, and probably chea... #20.1.2
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By the time you're swimming in 4K content, your TV will not be as good as the new 4K TV's at that time. So right now you're enjoying 1080p content (the same as you was before) and by the time all this 4K content hits, your TV will look dated compared.

This is why I won't early adopt on TV's. #20.1
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The problem is that today's gamers are so petulant. If the Deep Down beta came out right now, all we would see for the next few days is doom and gloom articles telling us how much the game sucks because of it's 'beta' flaws. People expect beta's to be like demo's, and treat them as such.

I would love to get my hands on the beta sooner rather than later, but how many people do you think actually treat the beta for what it is,... #1.6
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How is XBL better than PSN? I'm not sure it does anything that PSN doesn't. They both perform the same in multiplayer gaming, and that's all that matters.

In terms of value, you have to give that to PSN... It has far better offerings. #3.1.2
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One of the reasons for the alpha was to play test the multiplayer, and fix any imbalances the game may have. I loved the MP, but dislike playing on the moon 75% of the time, because as you said, there's players out there who just whored the vehicles the whole game.

I'm not sure how Bungie are going to balance the multiplayer because they're always going to make some part of the community unhappy.

Example 1: If I grind my ass off hours on end for a... #11.1
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Without consoles most of these games that PC elitists claim are being held back probably wouldn't even exist! #4.2
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After finishing the story etc. I'm guessing the whole point of Destiny is to find better gear to take into PVP like with most MMO games?

I played the Alpha solid for 3 days, and the MP does feel quite competitive, which is right up my alley. After adjusting to the game from playing nothing but BF4 (MP FPS wise) since the PS4 came out, this is going to be a very good change of pace for me. I loved Halo 3 & Reach MLG playlists, and I really miss a good competitive shoot... #1.1.2
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You're right, you can achieve a good team without paying, but I'm going to guess that you might be one of the few that doesn't do that on FUT. I myself don't buy gold packs with real money and have established myself a decent team (83 overall I think) but not world class.

It just really frustrates me that when I do lose it tends to be to those over powered players who often create those bull s**t moments.

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MMO's are new to console gamers, but I have also spent my fair share on MMO's over the years. Over 750 hours on the original GuildWars, got to level 50 on WoW before it was 'cool' and played the hell out of FFXIV:ARR, but recently stopped as I got a few games all at once and just haven't returned to it since.

It's not that you don't like the game that's showing you're a bias PC user, or at least in my opinion, it's that you're sayi... #4.1.4
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Well said.

To people who aren't FIFA fans, the game may look the same every year but if I was to go back and play FIFA 13 now, I'd most definitely be different! EA has taken a different approach with 14, and it is much different than the previous installment.

The only thing I dislike about FIFA is how FUT is such a pay to win gamemode. #5.3.1
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Say again? Have you played Destiny? Or are you another PC only guy downplaying something on console because you know you won't have access to this great game?

I've been playing the Alpha since Thursday night and it's more polished than any Beta I've played. The fact you're calling this game generic just shows your elitism.

My only complaints about this game so far, and they aren't really complaints considering this game still has tons... #4.1.2
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I'm in the beta, I can confirm that this pretty much just feels like DLC for Battlefield 4.

Having said that it's still a fun game, even if it is running on an old build with bad net code problems. #1.2
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Ditto... #1.1.1
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Are you using a Turtle Beach headset? If so then it's a flaw with Turtle Beach technology and has existed since as long as I can remember.

I've not experienced this using the mic I got with my PlayStation. #1.1.1
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I agree, BF4's gun play is so hit and miss as it is already with current 'normal' damage. Sometimes they drop insanely quick, other times they take insane amount of bullets. Hey, sometimes you don't even get hit markers at all and your bullets pass right though people!

Altering this now could just make things a whole lot worse, why not just focus on current game issues, then tweak the non broken things later.

If anyone fancies a game of BF4 bt... #1.1.2
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