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They should fix how easy it is to glide past people with the ball... Skill moves are way to easy and unrealistic!! #5
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PES used to be the go to football game for most people, the fact is, it just got sh*t, while FIFA improved. Now most people go to FIFA.

I try out the Pro Evo demo every year, but it always sucks. I hope they can step it up this gen and challenge FIFA because I am not a brand loyal person, I play what is best, and if the next season PES is better than FIFA, I will buy that game instead. #6.1
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They are plenty of ways to earn money in Ultimate Team. Just playing a match earns you coins, winning grants you more, and then depending on how well you do throughout your season (winning the title) depends if you get bonuses.

The problem we have are these pay to win arse holes, who are willing to spend hundreds of £ or $ of real money to get good players. They should be a version of Ultimate Team where they are no micro transactions allowed, then it would be 100% fair.... #8.1.1
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Remember when they was no chance of Planetside 2 reaching 1080p on PS4? Not only is it 1080p, it's 60fps and it's on Ultra settings.

These elitists love to pretend that they know everything about hardware and a games development process. In reality they know as much as the rest of us, and that's F/A.

I will not be surprised if The Witcher 3 is 1080p on PS4, but I won't be disappointed if it's only 900p either.

Consoles are... #16.1
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... And InFamous:SS #11.1.2
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I have TLoU on PS3, but got it on PS4 as I wanted to play it again in all it's glory as this game deserves it.

Also the MP is quite decent :) #1.1.2
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... Double post! #4.2
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Does this game not have a matchmaking mode to play online? I might still pick it up if that holds true, but it would make my decision a heck of a lot easier if it did.

I don't fancy getting a PGA game from EA game again. #4.1
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Microsoft won't throw in the towel, and if for some reason they ever did, it would be bad for gamers everywhere.

I am a PS4 gamer primarily, but you have to realise that competition is good, and is what strives Sony to be as good as they are. #12
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I already shit my pants at games like OutLast in the dark with sound turned up. Not sure I have what it takes to play them on Morpheus haha. #1.1
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I downloaded TLoU Remastered digitally (41.7GB) it only took me about 2 hours, so this really wouldn't be a big deal for me.

The only problem I have with games this large is that my PS4 HDD is only 500GB, I recently had to remove some games from my HDD as I was running out of space. It doesn't matter if you buy digitally or on BluRay because you have to install the game anyway. #15
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Haha he's a douche bag... But I like him. Impact might be coming to an end :( #2.1
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I'm not sure how somebody couldn't notice the difference between 30 and 60 frames per second. However, I'm also not going to pretend that it's the be all and end all of gaming either. Sure 60FPS is nice and is clearly better than 30, but it isn't half as important as the N4G community would have you believe.

I've been playing alot of Destiny MP lately, it's only 30FPS and it's a fast paced game, I've absolutely no problems with it, or it&#... #13.2
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I was a Titan in the alpha, and I'm currently a Warlock in the beta... I don't quite fancy being a Hunter. #1.9
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They used to be, now I would say the elitists are the worst. Desperation to be heard. #11.1.3
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I was thinking the exact same thing. #2.9.1
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Yeah me too... I think I was always going to get the full version anyway just to support the dev's.

I was just curious as to what the differences are. #5.1.2
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Does anyone know the differences between the PS+ version and retail? #5
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I forgot about Dragons Teeth. Hopefully it's good.

I wish they were more servers running ALL the DLC in random order so that I don't need to find a new lobby every time me and my bro's want to play something else. #13.1.1
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I love my PS4, but I'm currently pretty bored with it, however it's my own fault. I get games and complete them all within days, it's just something that I've always done. I have played everything I find interesting and now I'm just cycling between FIFA Ultimate Team world cup mode and Battlefield 4.

Can't wait to get my hands on TLoU:R even though I've played the game from start to finish twice already :)

EDIT: Oh except OutLast,... #13
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