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While your initial statement is correct. I would bet my money on the console version outselling the PC version, probably quite significantly as well.

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I hope this doesn't spell the end of account game sharing for those people who don't exploit this bullshit.

This is why we can't have nice things. Remember Linux support on PS3?!

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Better have a pretty good rig if you want solid 60FPS in this game.

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Thank god... I thought I was the only one!

Would not hesitate to buy a sequel.

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This should be an option for all console games, but not in multiplayer.

Everyone in multiplayer should all play the same settings to prevent someone from having an unfair advantage. Turning down graphics settings to make other players more visible by having less foliage on the map. Or just having a higher frame rate in general.

I like to think of consoles as the more fair level playing field when it comes to multiplayer gaming. The only thing separating you f...

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I doubt a £320 PC could run this game at any resolution...

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Microsoft can not expect to push Xbox One sales if they are bringing out all their exclusives on PC. This means Xbox One won't have any exclusives at all.

Who would want to buy a system that only produces multi platform games?

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This is awful news, so pumped for this game!

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I loved The Order, I'm honesty not seeing what all the complaining is about.

The Order does things that gets slammed in reviews, yet gets free passes in other games.

This is why reviews are irrelevant.

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As someone who absolutely adores Halo, and someone who can't wait for The Order on Friday the graphics of Halo will be nowhere near the quality of The Order.

However that shouldn't matter, Halo is and always has been about great game play, and I think Halo 5's MP beta delivered on that front. I had a blast, and I love the new ranking system.

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Sounds promising, matchmaking alone would be enough to bring me back to the game.

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The golf club is good, but I struggle to look past it's PS2 style graphics and no matchmaking!

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Spoken like a true PC elitist jack-ass.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say you don't have a girlfriend. Don't worry, neither do 99% of all the other PC Master Race nerds.

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They mean what maps would you like from previous BF games to be added to BF4.

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Waiting for the PS4 version also. This game looks cool.

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I always ask myself that question. The best bang for buck goes to consoles easily.

The PS3 produces much better results than a PC can of the same spec. I mean the limitation of 256MB RAM in the PS3 alone means you couldn't play no decent looking games on the PC of the past 8-10 years or so.

Even games like TF2 (which isn't no powerhouse) requires a minimum, and I emphasise the MINIMUM of 512MB RAM ( 1337d ago 7 agree4 disagreeView comment

They should fix how easy it is to glide past people with the ball... Skill moves are way to easy and unrealistic!!

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PES used to be the go to football game for most people, the fact is, it just got sh*t, while FIFA improved. Now most people go to FIFA.

I try out the Pro Evo demo every year, but it always sucks. I hope they can step it up this gen and challenge FIFA because I am not a brand loyal person, I play what is best, and if the next season PES is better than FIFA, I will buy that game instead.

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They are plenty of ways to earn money in Ultimate Team. Just playing a match earns you coins, winning grants you more, and then depending on how well you do throughout your season (winning the title) depends if you get bonuses.

The problem we have are these pay to win arse holes, who are willing to spend hundreds of £ or $ of real money to get good players. They should be a version of Ultimate Team where they are no micro transactions allowed, then it would be 100% fair....

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Remember when they was no chance of Planetside 2 reaching 1080p on PS4? Not only is it 1080p, it's 60fps and it's on Ultra settings.

These elitists love to pretend that they know everything about hardware and a games development process. In reality they know as much as the rest of us, and that's F/A.

I will not be surprised if The Witcher 3 is 1080p on PS4, but I won't be disappointed if it's only 900p either.

Consoles are...

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