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That sad thing it was already in production on the ps3 before they even announced or started work on the 360 version. But fanboys want to believe what they want to justify their purchase.

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A spec lvl 21, B spec 8 and the AI is still dumb as shit, still no damage to cars even when doing over 200mph in a boogotti

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JP: 0.55
UE: 3.65

Now how did Sony sell 1.55 units in USA in When NPD got them at 423k.

Ahh your trying to hurt my feeling by calling me faga. You need to try harder.

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Does the link say anything about 61 million shipped or GT5 shipped. Read the links instead of trying to spin what I said. GT5 didn't "sell" 6million unit they "shipped" them to retailers. Every link I posted says "SHIPPED" yet sonyfanboys keep claim they are sold. Even If you tale out the joystiq link. They all still say "shipped" not "sold".

Keep spinning if you like. All I'm asking for is a quote from Sony, the Mex...

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People can disagree all they want. You only prove that I'm right. Keep those disagrees coming instead of proving your claims or providing a link to "SOLD 6 million copies" by Sony

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Halo and gears sales started last gen. Lol get a clue first before posting a comment. GT5 is probably 6 million "shipped" by now, MGS4 is at 5 million( I'll give you that one)And saying CoD is about even on both systems, I think you need to look again. Ghats like saying well FF13 sales are about even is the sales difference isn't by much.

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For everyone acting like pirating is wrong. I'm sure many if not everyone in this post have pirated something in their lifetime. Where it be songs/albums/movies/porn it's still pirating and if you getting upset because someone is doing to games then the same should be applied to to those forms of entertainment

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I don't have black ops nor will I support it

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Maybe if they did this before the release of GT5 maybe this wouldn't have been "one" of the many reasons it got low scores from reviewers. Doing this update isn't going to change the fact that this should have been done in the first place.

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So will people have to order from Spain to get the psjailbreak or will this start to open up the flood gates to more store winning agianst Sony to sell these things?

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I doubt these are real sales of kinect. But congratz to MS on their success in getting people interested in kinect and expanding it's user base.

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Your asking too much for these guys to admit that kinect is really doing well. They can't accept the fact that move isn't moving as sonyfanboys and Sony would have expected. They don't know how well kinect is doing in EU so they say it's only doing good in America without any proof to it. I may not believe these are actual sales of kinect until I hear official numbers from a more reliable source. But I'm not going to deny that people are buying and enjoying kinect.

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That's the very reason why I'm getting it for PC

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This is true that's why I'm getting it for my pc along with Rage,Crysis 2,Witcher 2, and a few others on my pc. I slowly starting to turn from consoles and starting to just game on my pc.

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Seems like the author is upset that GT5 was a disappointment to the point he thinks MS can't compete because MS doesn't have 50 exclusives. Lol sound like 2009 all over again how did that work out because MS is still around kicking sonys ass.

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I agree that too human was repetitive, But so is alot of games. It wasn't a perfect game and with the media and neogaf bashing this games long dev time didn't help it either It still was a fun game. I hope MS does support a sequel to this game and just fix the death penalty and some other minor bugs surrounding the game.

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Too human wasn't that bad. Just the death penalty was annoying and long and some put some decent fighting combo or something in it.

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And 3 resistance games, 3 Motorsport games, About to be 4 ratchet and clanks games.

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The topic is on forza 4 Not GT5. Please stay on topic

@ below
So GT5 was the FOTY now you want to call Forza 4 a fail. Yeah "buddy" I guess I'm not "in" topic.

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