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Yeh, that Long Service one is awesome :D , sort of rewards the players who kept their saves...but still I'll be playing it multiple times with my many old saces and new ones :) God my excitement is SKY HIGH!! I'm also happy that the Achievements seem challenging but not as time consuming as ME's ones...god thise were crazy and specific (those ally ones were a b1tch)

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Glad to see inFAMOUS, even though I dont see it as GOTY material, I still loved it, it was my biggest surprise and I know that with the additions and fixes of the few flaws Sucker Punch can make the sequel GOTY material.....also it saddens me that Batman:AA is not on that list, even though I dont want it to win (UC2 should win), it still deserved a nomination.
@Chubear: I'm sorry but I don't think KZ2 sould be on that list, don't get me wrong, I played through the game 3 times, have al...

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This update sucks...for me :P
Got it (2 trophies away from Plat)
Got R&C today ....loving it
P.S Don't take the "update sucks" me as long as they are updating...anything whether trailers, demos, or themes. it's a good update to me

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@gaffyh: In your opinion, GtA is a pile if my opinion it's a great game(overrated by cirtics, over hated by "gamers" online), I think UC2 is a better game than it (even though they can not really be compared) but if I would round my scores by whole numbers (e.g a 9.4= 9) both would be 9's, and by the looks of it the episodes have the greatness of 4 with all those amazing extras...can't wait for the disc.

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Speaking of time....Uncharted 2 altogether was developed in 14 months, same time as Halo 3:ODST (which is a solid game BTW).....I hate ignorant developers, Turn 10:P, but for once a dev has something to back it up, in this case some of the best animations I've seen in my life

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@ Mr. Logic: I never really favored the UE3, but if you see what it has done, it IS amazing (even though I really dislike its ragdoll physics), if you look at the least I named in my previous post 4 of those games use UE(Mass Effect, Shadow Complex, Batman: AA, and Bioshcok) and all 4 games look exceptionally good.

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@ assassin: he wrote the
@ rashid: pretty good article I could see that you're actually putting some work into this, unlike half of the articles here....just some advice from a reader who enjoys what you write, in part 2, make the description a bit more interesting, what I mean is, give more than just what the game is etc..
my picks are Mass Effect, Uncharted, Shadow Complex(good pick), inFAMOUS, Dead Space, and Batman:AA (assuming it's THE actual Videogame represen...

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*hugs fishd and then realizes how dirty he is and tells him to go take a shower*
Yeah, it does look better :D

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Before I watched the video, I thought you were over exxagerating...after watching the vid. Icompletely agree with you.
Unless this character changes, evolves etc... I don't see her as a good character. I'm currently playing through the first one, and I'm loving it, a lot of the characters are very well written, but THIS one.....but I won't let this stand in the way of my hype, we haven't seen anything of the character so, you never know. I just hope she doesn't turn out to be a cliche...

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LOL, "mother raped by a PS3" that made my day XD
@ why dis: you say you played both versions......I find it hard to believe that you own a PS3....actually I find it hard to believe that you touch a PS3 controller and it didn't turn into acid lol

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Haven't played the PS3 demo yet...I'm downloading it right now...I played the 360 one and was impressed, the graphics are actually good, the videos online don't do it justice :P...after Im done downloading the PS3 version, the first thing im doing is comparing them :D
EDIT: Just took a look at the link and like The Killer said, this is a horrible comparison, all the pics don't match and most of the PS3 ones are during movement

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ALRIGHT...DOUBLE U, TEEE, EFFF? There was no reason to bring up inFAMOUS whatsoever...I loved inFAMOUS, one of my favorite games this gen(great story, great gameplay, great visuals IMO), but comparing it to Crackdown is useless, all they have in common is the fact that they're both superhero games, and they both have some platforming.
I haven't played Crackdown yet, getting it really soon(can't wait :P), but Unlike most people when I play it, I will sit and enjoy it for what it is.......

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Just to say something which may sound obvious and logical, but here goes.....I really wish people would just play games and not care what console...what I mean is when I was a ps3-only owner I used to play a game(like uncharted) and think "Wow, this is one of the greatest exclusives ever", now I love uncharted close to my favorite game, but I realized something wrong with my thinking :P, I bought a 360 a couple of months ago, still getting used to it :D, when I played the Gears game...

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Also that you MUST have the american version(shown at the back of the box) cause DLC is region locked, american disc-american DLC

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@ totalPS3fanboy: let me correct that..54.2% of the GI readers are taking a break :P

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@ rockleex: you're right the 360 is sort of shoddy hardware I agree, but at times one has to realize tha people bought the machine for the games, it's not their fault Microsoft is a horrible company, I bought my elite 360 around 6 months ago to go with my PS3 and black HDTV, and till now it has been performing great, hopefully no RRODs soon XD
On Topic: it's a bummer for those peole who don't have the game working, I bought it a few days before release(advantage of living in the middl...

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Not watching, don't want any spoilers :(
Man that looks B E A U T I F U L, can't wait :D

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To be honest when I first saw this game at E3 it seemed OK, then I saw the dev diary of PAX and the passion of the creative director got me REALLY interested, rewatched the E3 demo and fell in love...and now it's EASILY one of my most anticipated games of 2010, it's up there with GOW and Alan Wake :D

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@ bubbles: yup, same here :P, but this collection was already a must buy, now I want it even more :D, I know I'll replay the demo hundreds of times just for the sake of trying out combos XD

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@ family guy: DLC IS, games are NOT....I know this cause I downloaded one of the free costumes for LBP off my eu account and it didn't show in my game( US version), then I downloaded the same outfit off the US store and it worked

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