PS3 gaming is ONLY my hobby not my way of life


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Its a good deal but that TV isn't all that... The 65" Bravia X960D is the one to grab! Still at that price! That's basically a 500 4k HDR TV

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I'd return to the world of Spira in a heart beat! I love the Universe of FF 10 and i may be one of the few who thoroughly enjoyed FF 10-2. Id their is a 10-3 in development I'd want to experience it! Make it happen Square! :) Looking forward to FF7 remake chapter 1 as well :)

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So near 60 fps and 1800p , HDR! I'm ready to "touch EVERYTHING" all over again!

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60 fps is an engine design issue! Games that were made to target 60 fps from the onset of their development will support and scale. Its a developers choice. And the truth is some of the BEST games we've played and enjoyed have been 30fps games, This obsession with 60fps is getting out of hand. And it needs to stop, I appreciate those games that have 60fps, But I honestly over anything just want a game with perfect locked frame rate that doesn't drop and looks beautiful to boot, and i...

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All these XB, and PC fans, worried about the PS centric! HAHA! its great, trolling the most powerful machine console available! Gotta wonder, what if they are happy with their rigs or their XBOs....Either way... I'm on my way to HDR and 4k in just 5 days! :) PS gamers step into the goodness of Console 4k this year! Its really a brillaint time to be a gamer!

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Arena, dont worry, they are the same ones bragging about xbo s 900p being upscaled to 4k via the XBO S upscaler

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From what ive been following, Sony's best 2016 Tv is the XBR65X930D! And I'm gonna cop that SOB along with a sound bar to have some great volume! I'm getting rid of my 50" hiesense TV as its crap! The reviews for the XBR65X930D and 55X930D off some incredible insight into Sony's technology with its HDR and 4k display tech and processing...

I'm sold on this so i'm getting the 65in

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This is hardly a good comparison! I say Let Digital Foundary do that with direct feed videos, and make sure you all have a 4k feed to view it from.

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Both a features many will write off untill they've seen it. Games designed to take advantage of higher resolutions and broader range of colors are the new frontier in gaming. And its really a transformative experience you have to see to believe! I'm gonna be there, I'm especially glad that I already have a plethora of games in my library that will already support higher resolutions once i get the Pro and a Tv to display it properly

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They included watch_dogs 1 in a new bundle?

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LOL at doubters in Cerny's words when he built it himself to utilize and take full advantage of 4k TVs

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BRUH!!!! NATIVE 4k/30!!!! This is a CURRENT GEN GAME AAA!!!!! LORD!!! THATS IMPRESSIVE and a 1080p 60 version! THE PRO IS A BEAST!

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It must be PS4 Pro reveal day! All the PS4 Pro support details have been rolling in. since 11/1... Good to see that RotT is supporting 3 modes, but we already knew this from the PS Meeting in september... Their engine is incredibly scalable so they can easily have these settings on the PS4 Pro... I like that there are all these options

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This is Fantastic NEWS!!!! I seriously cant wait to pick up my PS4 Pro next week along with My 4K TV on Black Friday! Just gotta make sure the 4k set I get has great HDR latency

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lmao! Yes! sometimes I wonder about that.

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I'm having a blast playin g through it on Dante Must Die Mode and still trying to find all the secrets it offered! and I'm really starting to get the full scope of the combat! Enemies are far far more brutal and unforgiving! I'll stop playing once ive completed Hell or Heaven! I'm not messing with that HOH shit!

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Fans who vehemently hate this reboot ultimately damned this game no matter how good it was, they were willing to admit that this is a great acttion game but dismissed it as a great DMC game and personally, The only BAD DMC game there was was DMC2 and that has been unanimously the admitted consesus. The fact is the never let of of the ire of the initial look of the redesign when it was unveiled back in 2010, fast forward later and that hate they held onto later affect the already dwindling fan...

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This is more of a degradation of the human psyche, The Zombie's in 28 days were all dead, these are human beings who arent trying to eat you. it isn't some t virus which kills you then takes over your body or las plagas who has a hive mind. its just humans affected by the fungus, degrades our civil aspect to make you be have eratic. it sounds like morality and choice may be a huge factor since you'll have to choose to spare or kill based on the inclination that you dont know if th...

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Please go listen to the Fox engine interview and you'll see why MGS5 and or anything Kojima developed(Related) will not be revealed until Rising has been completed, at the very earliest Kojima's next game made and directed, and produced by him wont be unveiled late 2012.

he has already confirmed that the only thing he'll be showing is a new trailer and possible demonstration of Rising at the show. And he also confirmed that His next Game will be on the fox engin...

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