PS3 gaming is ONLY my hobby not my way of life


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lmao! Yes! sometimes I wonder about that.

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I'm having a blast playin g through it on Dante Must Die Mode and still trying to find all the secrets it offered! and I'm really starting to get the full scope of the combat! Enemies are far far more brutal and unforgiving! I'll stop playing once ive completed Hell or Heaven! I'm not messing with that HOH shit!

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Fans who vehemently hate this reboot ultimately damned this game no matter how good it was, they were willing to admit that this is a great acttion game but dismissed it as a great DMC game and personally, The only BAD DMC game there was was DMC2 and that has been unanimously the admitted consesus. The fact is the never let of of the ire of the initial look of the redesign when it was unveiled back in 2010, fast forward later and that hate they held onto later affect the already dwindling fan...

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This is more of a degradation of the human psyche, The Zombie's in 28 days were all dead, these are human beings who arent trying to eat you. it isn't some t virus which kills you then takes over your body or las plagas who has a hive mind. its just humans affected by the fungus, degrades our civil aspect to make you be have eratic. it sounds like morality and choice may be a huge factor since you'll have to choose to spare or kill based on the inclination that you dont know if th...

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Please go listen to the Fox engine interview and you'll see why MGS5 and or anything Kojima developed(Related) will not be revealed until Rising has been completed, at the very earliest Kojima's next game made and directed, and produced by him wont be unveiled late 2012.

he has already confirmed that the only thing he'll be showing is a new trailer and possible demonstration of Rising at the show. And he also confirmed that His next Game will be on the fox engin...

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you couldn't be more farther from the truth! especially when he said his next game will be multiplatform! if you paid any attention to that interview with the fox engine you'd here that the game being shown was a concept to show off the fox engine and to conduct research, so there were no official characters or story sequences being shown to spoil his game. This Game the last of us is a Sony IP and they've prolly tapped one of the biggest developers and hired some crazy writers to...

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exclusiveon 12.07.11 which the site has been teasing since this weekend, images from the game show up on the site with more cryptic clues as to what the game is going to be about, Other things point to the screan shot also being used on the Playstation blog on the Playstation's website! holy hell!i'm interested! this looks down right amazing, who ever this developer is has an amazing handle on the ps3, as Geoff confirmed on the promo trailer today that this game is not a teaser but a...

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At this point I'll just wait and see! 13 world premiers 1-2 ps3 exclusive 1 of which is mindblowing and metal gear Rising, Bioshock, Alan wake sequel, and a new ip from Biowares new studio, It's gonna be an interesting night!

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own the IP, and i dont think WB does exclusives, especially this late stage in the console gaming market a publisher like WB wouldn't alienate a market to make a nitch genre to just one platform! Which is why i dont think MS tapped WB to commission NRS to make Killer Instinct! now if MS sold the ip then hell yeah! bring me Jago and Orchid and Cinder! loved all three of those characters

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If there is another game worthy of contending then its Batman AC, that game was just amazing! we will see though! It'll be interesting if Uncharted steals it all yet again!

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that is not yet clickable! The date 12.7.11 indicates that another teaser will be viewable on that day not only that! Geoff on Twitter told "TOO PWNED" a user here on N4G to check back on the website on the 7th to see something else revealed, when he asked Geoff about the the "12.7.11" on the website!

1754d ago 1 agree0 disagreeView comment so we will have to see what's the next cryptic clue will reveal in regards to this game!

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I can't wait! It seems interesting to say the least. I have a feeling Sony will have 2 ps3 exclusives to reveal, but this game is gonna set it off!

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Maybe I'm missing something but could anyone please confirm or clarify its affiliation to Sony! Before I hype anything up I'd just like something concrete to stand on!

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Necromorphs flying ships just doesn't make sense, I think they began looking at uncharted for reference as to how well dead space 2's pacing and cinematographic set pieces were as well as the oh shit moments that permeated the entire game, it was simply well done, not uncharted 2 good but very well put together!

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It really looks like the team are doing their home work! the concept video looks pristine! and it seems from the video that this is being led on PS3! I've never cared for a Ubisoft's multiplats this gen, but this look well on its way to being a show stopper in 2013! Impressed from the target video, we will see how it pans out. I'm sure a reveal will be at VGA this year as well as an E3 stage demo for Sony next year!!!

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VGA related :-) Alan wake sequel! new Bioware title, MGS:rising cover story! or is it Sony's new PS3 exclusive? Either way next week should prove quite entertaining! i have a feeling it's Sony's new IP!!! Smoke is in the air and fire is a foot somewhere!

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Every black Friday, Microsoft has publicly come out to brag about how they out sold Sony by 33% or 3-1/2-1, ms's or are rather quiet when they are either outsold or very close to Sony's numbers, we just have to wait and see! This year I think its more or less an even playing field. I think both Sony and ms the same or close.

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Lol, I think he wishes that it happens.

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A game studio can pull off a big budget game like this yearly...

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