going to E3!


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Must have $250 accessory for my must have $400 console? Okay, Mr. Moneybags.

I actually agree with you though. If they actually do remote play right, I'll take my fucking Vita everywhere. I'll have it surgically welded to my hands.

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Did he acknowledge that the sky is blue, because no shit it's not performing that well ;P

It's so hard to tell just how poor it's performing, because Sony hides the PS Vita numbers with the PSP numbers. For all we know, of that 600K number, the majority of those could have been PSPs.

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C'mon, you could have asked them anything, and you didn't even ask if they still eat mushrooms on their pizza? For shame.

My fav AMA ever was Arnold.

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His body is ready.

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TJ Combo!

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I wonder if this place has discount codes?

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I'm going to pick up the PLAY games anyway.

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I think the PS2 is the exception and reason for why it says (almost) always wins.

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Nah, if you read through all of the article, Nintendo wouldn't be the underdog this gen because they won last gen.

Essentially, Sony is poised to win after stumbling last time.

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That fish face is creepy as hell!

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$39.99 for two goddamn iPhone apps? They'll have to force choke the money out of my wallet.

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What a weird fucking comment.

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Thank you Agent Scully... or is it Fox Mulder?


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Good. Better. Best.

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I'm not talking about the fanboys, I'm talking about the competition, and the one-upmanship they do.

A perfect example is the snarky "how to share games on the PS4" video. Or the way Microsoft changed policies just to better compete with the PS4. This is what makes the industry aspect of games great. Games can be great separately from the industry and business aspect.

I for one, enjoy the business end of things.

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AKA each one of your eBay accounts :)

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Dis gun be good. The console wars, that is. My favorite part of this industry.

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I'm glad they're adding so many new and unique characters. I wonder who else they'll announce.

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If you don't listen to him, you are a Psycho... not.

Okay that was a terrible pun. I'm fresh out of good jokes. I'll see myself out.

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Yeah, I don't get it either. The gaming public flip-flops more than Microsoft does.

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