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They really needed a dog to compete with Call of Duty: Ghosts next generation technology.

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Crazy story. People need to be careful.

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Why call it Real Boxing when it's not real boxing? I mean, don't call it fake boxing either, just call it like Super Boxing Game 5000

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"Hey David Cage, how are you?"

"To fully explain how it is I am at this very moment, requires the full power of the PlayStation 4, it's architecture, and years of development time from my cutting edge studio, Quantic Dream—which got its name from a dream I had one night, while sleeping at a hostel in Amsterdam, having fallen asleep after reading a book on quantum theory, and wholeheartedly disagreeing with it. For that reason, sir, I am doing well - you?&qu...

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That's what it seems like. They do tend to keep first-party titles around for a while. That's one great thing about PS Plus.

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Finally a reason for AO games to exist.

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Crazy how little buzz there is for Splinter Cell. There was once a time when it was a AAA release and people went nuts for it. Shame that a series can fall so far from the top.

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Love this game so much.

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I'm excited for more new IP. That's my favorite part of a new generation of consoles: risks are taken again.

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Week weak.

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Later that night, will you touch mine?

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How could you?...

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Fuck games. I played those PlayStation Underground demo discs like crazy. God I loved those.

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That is so fucking creepy.

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Greatness is sold out. Never wait for greatness, preorder immediately.

People really need to scoop up this standard edition or risk not getting it until 2014.

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The article isn't bluffing, look: http://www.playstationlifes...

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Crazy Sony is committing to so many preorders. They seem endless. Those eBay resellers are going to have a difficult time making bank on consoles this year.

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I am so thankful I built one recently now. Although it could be a curse.

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Yeah, because we saw how eager people were to shell out $600 for a console with the PS3. Great idea.

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Simply put, just like the Wii U, it desperately needs a price drop.

$250 is too much when the 3DS has all the games and is $100 less. That, or people would rather spend another $50 and get an iPod Touch, or another $70 or so and get an iPad Mini. It's priced too high in comparison to other electronics that offer more value for the money.

The Vita is an absolutely wonderful little gaming device. But dedicated gaming devices just aren't enough anymore. ...

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