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going to E3!


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Woooosh! Right over your head.

I am shaking my head so hard at you right now. It's so obvious you wrote the article. It all "adds" up.

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Thank god. I fucking hate addition. Subtraction and multiplication for me all day long.

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Rumor =/= Confirmed

Totally contradictory.

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LOL. Seriously? Out of all those things, they censor that? Must have been Microsoft's doing.

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The Last of Kirby's would be good for me, since I don't want any more of them. :)

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What a fucking crybaby.

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GTA online! Rain is interesting too.

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It was, on June 31st:

It wasn't buried by GTAV buzz, it was buried by the months of July, August, and September. LOL

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That would give the PS4 some real competition.

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Might be sooner than that ;)

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Yeah, I really didn't care for the soundtrack as much as I have in the past. Nothing will ever compare to Vice City IMO.

I've enjoyed the West Coast rap station, but I've now heard every song five or six times within a couple hours of playing.

Want to be entertained? Listen to one of the talk radio stations.

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I came here to post this.

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It really does. They're being aggressive. They're being smart. They're even trying new product ventures like the PS Vita TV. Definitely a different Sony than the PS3 generation.

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I saw some commercials for it over the weekend and I really wanna pick it up for the PS3.

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Well, it's called Call of Duty so....

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No. They won't. They haven't at the past three or so of them, and the game is said to be on hiatus. At this point, it'll be completely re-debuted on a more grand stage, like E3.

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Definitely. Looks real pretty on my iPad.

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The Wii U version is incredible. Other versions, not so much. They're good and all, but it's missing that special sauce. The Vita is actually missing levels.

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Here. This'll make it easier for people to make sure they don't miss out on the PS4.

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Um, what? This isn't news. They've been like this since E3, and they've been sold out for a few weeks now.

How did this get approved?

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