going to E3!


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It really is. That's like the PS3 being only $80 with $120 in games.

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Sadly, $35 is probably the best you'll find because it's still relatively new.

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Fixed. Not sure what happened there. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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That's a great bundle. Let's hope the price is just as good.

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Smart, because I fucking hate holiday traffic. It turns me into a cold-blooded killer with no regard for life.

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Holy shit - $149 for a PS3? That's like PS2 mass market pricing.

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Agreed, I've been disappointed by the PS4's launch line-up. I can't speak personally on Xbox One's yet, since I don't yet have a system (bastards).

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Two different reviewers on each game. That can make a big difference even though its the same site.

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Magic Lab is a dumb name, but there are some geniuses working there.

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I fucking cancelled my preorder by accident. Although, I should have a PS4 on Monday, so.....

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Future? How about now.

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Could just be another Abstergo simulation experience.

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They'd be hit with lawsuit if they came out and said, 'well, it really sucks we couldn't do 1080p with the Xbox One', so this is their defense.

A developer, publisher, or partner of any sort would be shooting themselves in the foot if they bite the hand that feeds.

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It's a great headset - http://www.playstationlifes...

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Whatever that is, I don't think we've seen it yet.

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Great point, I didn't even think of that.

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What a disgusting person. How could they do this? To kids? This type of thing makes me sad to raise children in a world full of hate.

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It's def not that interesting. I got one. But admittedly that's the most gorgeous invite I've ever received. Much nicer in person than the picture does justice.

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Yeah, that might be the case. Because PC should be > PS4 every time.

Oh well, this is a good thing for PS4 owners.

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My thoughts are divided. Sometimes I like it, other times I just can't get into it.

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