going to E3!


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I am not proud of it, but I hung around that Saints Row car wash at E3 for a lot longer than I care to admit.

They may not work for marketing, but they sure work at making other things happen.

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Wow. I really feel bad for them. The Wii gave them such a false sense of direction and security.

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Still a few days to wait before it'd ship, but securing a PS4 is a good thing no matter how you slice it.

I haven't seen ANY in stores. However, I've seen packed shelves of Xbox One consoles at Best Buy, GameStop and Target. That said, I can't say if MS is just doing a better job at staying restocked, or if PS4 demand is really that much higher.

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LOL - It's not that bad.

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It's also great for Amazon right now, because everyone is going to choose two-day shipping to get it before Christmas. But that's a little pricey, so it could potentially move a lot of Prime memberships for Amazon at the same time.

I bet they both knew this and worked out some last minute partnership to spur massive sales for each.

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They're probably using the free two-day shipping option for PS4's to leverage Prime Memberships. I mean, it'd cost like $30+ for two-day, which is like half a prime membership. Might as well pay a bit more and get a year of free two-day shipping. Smart move.

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I don't know, seems like Amazon got a good amount of stock. They even have bundles this time. Almost as if they were holding out to create this last minute feeding frenzy.

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Can't blame them, that's what kept on happening the last few times.

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Yeah, this is the longest so far.

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Every time a PS4 is sold an angel gets its wings.

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I did exactly the same thing. Got one for my brother who is a huge Uncharted fan.

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For some reason I always read the word Minecraft with a heavy German accent. Try it, it's fun to say. Although I say it more like Minekrauft.

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Oh shit you're right. Although each refresh it'll go back and forth between in stock and not.

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Yeah, but the market is demanding more.

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Let's hope so. Last time the dang thing sold out again in minutes. I'd hate to see the Xbox One win simply because Sony can't keep the supply coming.

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That'll cause some trouble.

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It will. Let's hope that they have a good stock so that PS4 can sell like mad.

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How do these retailers make any money with deals like these? Or is the mark up normally that high all year round?

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Yeah, man, that's just incredible. Everyone should jump on that.

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Dude, you're like the best cousin ever.

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