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"going to E3!"


If I remember correctly Darkie has a PSP. SO he does like Sony #1.3
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Thats interesting info. That explains why I have so many bubbles.

I certainly havent cheated any bubbles. I dont cheat on anything in life. I dont even cheat in games except GTA cheats. Those are a must.

Also @ InYourMom... Why am I a retard? I bet if you read most of my comments you would see that I actually am pretty down to earth.

I prefer PS3, but thats because it has the games I want, and I like Sony electronics, they have always been reliabl... #8.5
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What is a bubble cheater?

I dont have any other accounts if thats what you mean.

I really dont know how I got 9 bubbles. But since I have reached 9, I had a couple people tell me they were gonna give me bubbles, but alas I am still at 9...

And dont get pissed at my above comment.

I never post in Open zone because I am not a fanboy. I have never even said the word xbot (until now).
Thats just not how I roll.

I was me... #8.4
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Yeah the last few Insomniac games have really impressed me. I look forward to anything they release. #3.1
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There is one extra thing they need to update. It should feature NOT SUCKING #8.1
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Gears 2 looks phenomenal. But Banjo and Too Human, look like Xbox 1 games.
Very disappointing line-up.

MS better hope that Epic doesnt delay GeOw2. #6.2
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I couldnt agree more. I am not watching this. #2.2
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Its fake and its not even made by Sony. Why the hell is this at 330 degrees already? This story is going to heat right up to the top story in no time, yet its completely bull, and a worthless story.

I dont understand the N4G heat/degrees system at all.

I see some huge stories never make it past 400 degrees, yet crap like this reaches 1000 degrees in a couple hours. #1.1
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Yet another thing I announced days ago... #1.3
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Why would they make 2 tapes of the PS3 version for them to even get mislabeled in the first place?

Wouldnt they make a 360 and a PS3? Not 2 PS3 tapes? #12.3
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Very cool. Looks like this "What you need" video has a lot of interesting things in it. I wonder what else we can find?

First TV Channels and now new buttons/tabs for the PS Store? Awesome video. #1.2
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Very funny comment. You get a bubble.

Your right. With the Wii you want a blue light it means something new.

With the others it means death. #3.1
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Actually now that I think of it. This Team Xbox member could have gotten it anywhere as its on PS3Fanboy, Scrawl (formerly onAXIS) and even Kotaku...

Man they just hate posting stuff about the PS3. #4.9
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No problem, not really your fault. The dude on the Xbox forums should have posted where he got the info from.

I figured because the title said video store it wouldnt have shown mine as a duplicate. So I dont blame you at all.

I am sure you can understand my frustration. I work very hard to make sure I have news first. #4.8
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When ?I first posted the article the picture was backwards, as thats how its shown in the video. Whoelse flipped the pic for me. #4.6
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Take a look at when it was posted. It was this morning.

I get a megaton story and someone on the Xbox forums gets the credit... NICE #4.5
2670d ago by Sev | View comment is where the teamxbox forum member found the info and the pic. #1.2
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Are you FN kidding me?
I posted this on here earlier today?

This story is from my site. #4.4
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Portable? It FN huge!!! It looks like a safety deposit box #8
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I really dont understand this degrees system N4G uses. Only the hottest stories make it to the front page.

This is a huge story and its only at 180 degrees.

If this story said GTA freezes. It would be at 1000 degrees already. Even though its been posting a million FN times. #27
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