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"going to E3!"


Gamestop = Just lost their last remaining ounce of credibility.

Even though HAZE does suck. #1.2
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No offense taken at all.

I just happened to see it, I did a google search, then checked here for duplicates, and there wasnt any.

So I posted it. I had no idea it was old news.

But like I said no offense taken, in fact you snuck a compliment in there too, so I appreciate that. #4.3
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they paint PS3s for cheap. #3.1
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Yeah its Transformers the game. What made me click on the Ebay auction originally is that I thought it said it came with Transformers Blu-Ray. #2
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Its news from around the net, its news directly from us obtained through unspecified sources, its feature editorials, and opinions on whatever is going on in the PlayStation world. #3.1
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Yep, I figured I may as well throw in some pretty good prizes since its our first contest...

Here is a direct link to the contest...
http://playstationlifestyle... #1.2
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We are looking for PS3 game themed logos.

IE a GTA themed logo, or a LBP themed logo.

We also want to welcome anyone and everyone, all console owners to our forums.
There is a 360, Wii, PC, NDS, retro console forums as well as all the PlayStation stuff.

Also thank you everyone for supporting the site so far.

Make sure to read the forums to get the prize for winning the contest.

There is no official ship date yet, just slated for Oct.

I said a long time ago (and was right) that Killzone 2 wouldnt make it out this year. But Little Big Planet definitely will. #7.1
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Fishy dont be jealous.

Exactly. If we told our sources even once then we would quickly lose our sources.

Honestly though I could care less if you dont believe. Just keep reading the site. #4.2
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LOL, we prefer PlayStation, but we arent biased against other consoles.

I own a wii.

We even have 360 and Wii sections in our forums.

We love gaming, oh and insider info...

thanks for the compliments guys #6.1
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Thanks man. We caught a ton of flack because of being a free wordpress blog.
Now we are the real deal. #3.1
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Thanks for approving this one guys.

Its important to me that everyone knows about the site name change. #2
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I appreciate that.

When I first started nobody believed anything I said.

The thing is too, even inside info can be changed last minute, so we have to pick and choose what we post about. #33.1
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What? Edit ship? Now I am definitely buying this expansion. #2.1
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Cool find.

By team pack does that mean online coop? #1
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Wow Kotaku reporting on Sony US Gamer day? This should be interesting. #1
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I will rip this mofos head off if he isnt good. And take a crap in his skull.

SOrry crazy Rant........224

I will drink you under the table....................oiiii iiiiiiiiiiii #9.1
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