going to E3!


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Decent update. I'll take it.

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Grand Theft Auto V. Calling it now.

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I'm a little bit more excited about this than more Gran Turismo.

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True. Sony could milk the shiznit out of this. DLC paint, DLC rims, DLC cars, DLC tracks. Hell, it's not really Sony's fault that racers are DLC glory.

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The PS4 didn't yet - it's not even out.

This last console generation went on far too long, and everyone in the console business is paying for it. Software sales, which drive the profit from this business, are way down. Publishers are taking less risks, so there are less and less releases on the horizon. Even the big games that have released this year, have been considered failures (like Tomb Raider) because they needed to sell more to be truly profitable.

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It means that EA will publish games under the Star Wars license. End of story.

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So little time.

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Well, it only works with the Dualshock and not the SIXAXIS. It needs to vibrate to stimulate the bear's anal sensors.

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And I'd put a few other things in its rear end.

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How the fuck do you preview a game off 60 seconds of footage that was shown during an event two and a half months ago?

It hasn't been shown or demoed since.

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Looks like Soul Sacrifice is the clear winner this week.

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What's a soul? I don't think I have one of those.

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Your avatar looks like he's screaming "goal!"

Edit: Darnit, this was supposed to be a reply to acharlez.

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I didn't think it was funny at all.

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I absolutely loved these games. So addicting. I'd gladly take more.

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This game is a lot more fun than you'd think. Even my daughter loves it.

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Needs more nude code.

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In Soviet Russia, Injustice pick you up at midnight.

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It's true. Google needs to do a better job at finding the quality content to match to the person searching. And instead it just matches whoever has the most backlinks, causing many sites to use shady backlinking practices.

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Always nice to save some dough.

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