going to E3!


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I'm thankful for my family, health, and the brilliant people I work with.

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It's like wearing Darth Vader's helmet on the Xbone version.

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True, but that's also because Sony's first-party lineup is the weakest its been in a long time. Uncharted is the real start of that change IMO.

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I too agree that's better, but they also NEED to do this to be able to compete with Sony's first-party offering.

Sony does and always has had MS beat in that respect.

Microsoft is doing a HELL of a lot better in that regard, though.

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That name stinks. Haha, get it?

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That's high praise.

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Poor Sony. Always getting hacked!

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Honestly, this is STILL my favorite game ever. I've gotten into fist fights over this game. If I put my quarter up on the arcade screen, I'm next. Don't you dare fuck with that.

Edit: This video is a must watch for any Mortal Kombat fans.

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Not only am I going to be broke by Saturday, I'm going to be in debt if they keep having these sales.

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I finally picked up an Xbox One. Waiting for the PS4 bundles to go on sale later and I'm gonna get one as a gift.

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This is a game very much deserving of a perfect score. Really impressed with how much content there is and the sheer attention to detail.

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True dat, homeslizzle.

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They should have a Trap music theme song.

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I've been a PS fan for a long time, but I'm really surprised by how large the gap is growing between PS4 and Xbox One.

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Finally, a reviewer that didn't get caught up in the hype.

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Timeless classics.

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Who let the dogs out?

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Yeah, E3 so close. yum.

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Yeah.... I'm not gonna buy figures. Sorry, Nintendo.

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Pretty much everyone has given up on the Wii U except Nintendo at this point. So sad, I love that console.

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