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Mark Cerny? The Mark Cerny? That would be awesome. He's always talking about bringing the magic back to video games. Perhaps that would make him feel the same way of Shenmue, which undoubtedly had the magic. #4.1
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I'm all for Jet Set Radio and Panzer Dragoon too. I don't think Shenmue is "craptastic" though. Public stoning? This is N4G man. Where everybody is as gentle and caring as a mother goose. #2.1
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I don't really even talk about sequels. Shenmue is an important game regardless of whether it gets a continuation or not. That said, Shenmue should at least get a proper ending in some form if not a game. It deserves at least that much. #1.1
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I've had my eye on this game ever since it was called P-100. Move out of the way 101 dalmatians! #2
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@Masterman280, The Namco Smash Bros character has been revealed! It's I-Ninja! #5
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I don't know why you're apologizing, but I agree about Sonic. Pac-Man's great, but I'd love to see Klonoa come to the series as well. No idea what half of his moves would be though. #4.1
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I'd enjoy seeing Knuckles as a playable character. Right now he's just sitting by his emerald waiting for a phone call. I just depressed myself. #3.2
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Don't give up hope! Adding an extra third party character is an incredible publicity stunt. It would help out Smash Bros 4 and Nintendo themselves a lot. I don't think they'll go crazy with additions like you say, but Namco Bandai is working with them on this one, so that has to lead to something. Yeah, Sakurai said that doesn't mean Namco receives special privileges, but uh......HOPE! I wonder if Snake and Sonic will be back. Sonic should. He signed a contract with them. #2
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I agree. Personally single player games are what I prefer. No one sitting in the major publisher chair thinks single player can get by on its own and it's this sole fact that jeopardizes the single player game. I don't mind multiplayer, it's just not my preference, but it can take away from the concentration of the single player campaign. Many people don't seem to see that happening, but in some ways they already are. Just look at all the people knocking Infinite for its lengt... #6.1
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A 40 hour single player campaign sure sounds awesome, but I think it would put the publisher and developer out of business. I say if a game feels short to some people, then it's just because they wanted more. Hopefully single player games can find a way to add more to themselves such as an abundance of side missions and such. Honestly, I love single player games. I don't want to see them go. If the biggest problem with a game is that it's too short, then chances are it must be doi... #4.1
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