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scientific fact ? its just a theory that have many contradiction .

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your telling me that this Accuracy , this level of details and function that have been assembled through out your body was the act of coincident ?
really ....
..... until the time comes when you can crate a fly from ( nothingness ) .your argument is invalid.

And religion was there because we were simply ignorance and needed to be guided ,and that life is not meaninglessness . as some guys like him, thought 1871d ago 1 agree2 disagreeView comment

Please you sound just like this guy here

Open your eyes , you have nothing to lose if you have a little faith .And I dont understand ? 6 minuts isnt enough for you ? you want more ? check youtube , read the quran , Try to be open minded

science every day prove Quran miracles and that it is truly god words . Dont be like the jews when Moses kept s...

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My Friend That Book contain convincing proofs . so its not really about ignorance .

(No matter how you think about it , No person could ever fabricate such a thing especially at that era .

And you only die once .either...

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There is ignorance , hate , racism , as many other things that people died because of it . basically religion was exist to set this thing right along with other things That God has sent prophets to guide people to it .

[email protected] God had given you a brain without that there would be no science . God also give you a hand , without it you could not type your view on this site .or any site at all .

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Hope this is well be useful .

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Metal gear solid 4 >>>> I watched every single trailer + gameplay ..............and its nearlly ruin the game for me .

not like Mgs 1+3 the thing that made it soo amazing for me that I didnt know anything about it .

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the first ninja gaiden had a good story

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ya same here . and asura wrath both were great

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what ??

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give me a breack copcom you didnt even puplish one good ground breaking game this gen . soo your not the one to talk .

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ya sure

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I played Metal gear solid 3 . now I am ready to survive wild life

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intersting comment really

devolpers dont have balls >>>>>> I LOL d

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yap mass affect 2 is great game > but god of war 3 is my goty . anyway

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where the hell is the last demmansion

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