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You say it's your birthday? It's my birthday too. (I'm dead serious.)

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My mistake. Thanks for pointing that out. My point still stands, but that does put things in a different light...

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ONM's editors must not give a crap. The writer's views don't bother me (and that XSeed guy comes off as more than a bit petty himself) but it's astounding that "preview" was in a serious publication.

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Okay. Okay. Fair enough. We all have our gaffes. Bubble system is broken.

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Okay... okay...

having collected myself for a second. I realize you weren't necessarily saying the South was right in the Civil War.

But the fact that you so lightly bring up the most tragic and unjust time in American history, not thinking of the implications of such argument, proves you are not thinking about these issues. I take them extremely seriously. That's why we'll never agree.

And it's also why you should stop bother...

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I was gonna be my usually snarky self but then:

"The responsibility of representation falls upon those that want to be represented. It always has, it always will. The history of the U.S. has one particular example of this in the Civil War which, in an albeit minor part, was caused by taxation without representation. In order to be represented and gain fair and equal rights, the U.S. took up arms and fought for those rights."

What, you mean the right...

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Oh, my mistake. This is about "freedom" now. I'm sorry but freedom INCLUDES the ability to say someone is sexist, racist or homophobic. Your argument seems to be that I wouldn't want to be called that myself. Well, if I'm making a product I want people to buy, and someone points out "hey, certain groups might be offended by that element, you may want to reconsider it" or "don't we see that kind of story/characte...

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Design by committee is already freaking here. The AAA market is in a creative stranglehold because of how much money is poured into it and how much they need to make back. As a result, they can't leave the comfort zone of straight white "everyman" saving the world with vague revenge motivations.

Sarkeesian's point and most other similar critics isn't that that stuff needs to go away, it's that writers need to think about the writing shortcuts (i.e. t...

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False: Phoenix Wright

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Yes, but unlike many games, genders are getting equally stripped in this one.


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Also, what's wrong with an emotional response?

The "emotional response" got us the brilliant XCOM reboot. The "emotional response" got us the Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut. The "emotional response" cemented a Borderlands 2 character as a bisexual, when they could have just said it was a glitch in the original game. The "emotional response" has snuffed out a lot of DRM. The "emotional response" gets us improvements in sequels ...

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I want "inclusion for its own sake?" Did you not read my bit about that I defend GTA V for not having a female player character? And I'm willing to defend Unity for the same thing if it proves that there is a narrative reason for it?

I don't they're trying to exclude women. My problem is that AAA games are terrified to leave their comfort zone, and the straight, white male protagonist is an element of that comfort zone. I think we'll advance as an ar...

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What do you think I meant by "no fault of your own?" As in you didn't drive it over anything bad, it just has an in-built flaw that the manufacturer should have spotted. And now they're giving you a bull-crap reason like rear tires are... um... hard to animate? This metaphor is falling apart.

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Yeah, but what if the tire is busted through no fault of your own? You should fix it, if you know how, obviously, but shouldn't you inform people that manufacturer is making a lousy tire? Or tell people who DO know how to make tires what they can do to avoid the mistake?

Just saying.

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Yeah, especially black women in Colonial America. Could you imagine an AC game about that?!

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"Did you read that? Make a female protagonist by reskinning the male protagonist and using gender neutral movements.

Does anyone think that that would fly?"


Blacklight: Retribution (I think that was it, all these shooters blend together) did something very similar, essentially copy-pasting the male animations to give a female option. The women are BIT disproportionate to the real thing, especially in height, but nobody had an is...

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"Crippled" probably isn't the ideal word, though I get what the author's saying. It's still a very good game, just not the masterpiece a lot of people envisioned, which can make some see the final product as being worse than it actually is.

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I just want to point out there's a difference between being a jounalist and being a critic. You mention Sarkeesian, she's the latter. She doesn't report things. She just says what she thinks. Journalism is "Tomodachi life won't have an option for same-sex relationships. Here's why." Criticism is "Tomodachi life won't have an option for same-sex relationships. Here's why I think that's wrong." And somewhere along the line, expressing any opin...

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Are you sure it isn't "Uplink with Guns?"

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