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Downloading this tonight. That demo was a LOT better than it had any right to be.

"I'm glad I have your permission to make children with your sister." - actual quote #4
Did somebody say space mutiny? #6
They're definitely all Sith Lords. #3.1.1
"Listen, Niko, I need you to deliver this car full of guns to the Triads."
"You're dealing guns?! I thought your ads said you wanted to get them off the street!"
"And we ARE getting them off the street. OUR street." #7.2
The funniest thing I read about this whole thing is that between the scheming, hypocrisy, and being well in over his head, Yee sounds like exactly the kind of politician who would give you missions in GTA. #7
Just finished it myself. I cried, I laughed, I cheered, and I peed myself a little. Might be the best single episode of Telltale game yet. #2
Agreed. I had my fears after episode 1, but 2 showed they still know what they're doing with it. #1.1.1
Time to but it a third time! #5
I think you're just playing the wrong games, to be honest. True, we don't get as many stick-in-your-head theme songs as we once did. Deus Ex is a prime example. Yeah Human Revolution had a great ambient soundtrack, but I think we all prefer the original's theme over anything in HR.

And low standards for getting popular has NEVER NOT BEEN THE CASE. Anyone can get popular but people only REMEMBER the good stuff. That's true of everything, not just music. Everyt... #4

See, Sega? When you release games, people buy them!

Fingers crossed for cross-buy... #4
Can't hear you over how hyped I am for Blazblue.

If you can't stand the drawn-out story just play arcade mode... #4
I just had to share this quote:

"In video games, females are portrayed exactly as they are in real life."

Usually when someone, including me, writes "lol" they maybe let out a little chuckle at most. I was writing this whole paragraphs-long comment, shooting down some of the individual points he made, but I swear to whatever you hold holy, I had to get up and walk away from my computer I was laughing so hard when I read that line.
... #21
User review section. User review section never changes. #10
I can neither stress this enough nor explain why, but you should REEEEAALLY play this on DS if at all possible, and not just for the puzzles. #11
Is there a source for this, because that transcript reeks of satire...

That said, the fact I'm not 100% sure if its satire speaks volumes.

No, this site is definitely satire. Look at these headlines

Still though... #11
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I imagined it, and now I'm coughing up blood #9
All the characters in The Last of Us are going to "die anyway." Every fictional character is going to "die anyway." Every REAL PERSON is going to "die anyway." I don't understand how you play The Last of Us and don't walk away with the lesson that life and relationships have meaning even when you could die any second. #4.2
Ohhhh-ho-ho-hooo wow.

Rather than argue with you on that point, I'm just going to recommend you brace yourself for everybody else arguing with you on that point.

EDIT: No, you know what, screw it, I am arguing. If you think homosexuality is in stories just for shock factor, your viewpoint is messed up. You have a right to think that stuff is "wrong" somehow, but it's a massive insult to some brilliant writers think they just throw things lik... #2.1
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We knew it was "one mission" for a while. That's a little longer than the tanker in MGS2. #24
"I have yet to play Black Flag but they better have a damn good explanation for this shit."

Haha, nope! #2
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