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Of course they should impact the score...who's to say that they get fixed? If and when they get fixed maybe it should be looked at again, but for now, you need to review the game with the bugs and horrible AI...

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a 9 of 10 means that the game is nearly perfect..... This game isn't even close to that. I have seen so many bugs on the game..its not even funny

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What did having those extra exclusives "win" Microsoft?

I would say that maybe xbox gamers "won". If you want to argue that they had more games to play.

But the company...they still didn't sell as much as PS4..even if you want to believe they had less exclusives.

So I ask again,you stated that they won round 1.


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It was actually rated very high....

OT. I would love a sequel to the game!!

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man I would love a sequel to Ni No Kuni.. that game was absolutely amazing..

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i mainly only keep games that have a high online replay value...

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You what, after reading your reply, I take back the insult.
I still dont agree with your opinion, but i do apologize for the "idiot" and "douche" comment.

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These guys are idiots...

He states that that they talked about "Powers" for 40 minutes... Now, he was most likely exaggerating, but it wasn't even that long.

I think that its just that last E3 was so amazing for SONY that i think this year was hard to live up to...

Also, he said that The Order was not that good... WTF? The gameplay was amazing!

And again.. the host of this show.. is a douche..

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You are 100% right...

For me... SONY won. But thats cause I love SONY games...

For others, MS won..cause they love FORZA and HALO...and other MS games..

Its totally subjective.

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It will probably be timed...or just for certain parts..

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Im sorry...but your response doesnt make sense.

Xbox DIDNT come out with "always online"

I agree with Nifonge. Nothing that MS showed really got me to even consider buying a ONE.

Looks like they are just giving the 360 fans a reason to move to the ONE..

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A true MMA fan...nice.

I wonder why is was a 3 round fight if they announced Jones a the champ before the fight.

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thats what she said...

@okmrman - thats how it works.

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I would lock myself in a Walmart...I would have everything I need.

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The interface looks pretty cool. But I think that going to the dashboard means closing the app sucks and also if you want to not use Kinect seems like a huge hassle.

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What?? They either need to find it or replace it with a new one!!!!

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Funny how the roles have been reversed... last gen it was the Xbox fans yelling about how much the system was selling...

Im a SONY fan. I like thier games more. I dont really care who sells more, as long as SONY sells enough to stay in business.

Titanfall looks like it could be fun, and would be a game that I wish would come to PS4.

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Do you even have a PS4?

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I agree !!! Not every game needs multiplayer tacked on. Give me great single player and im happy.

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Exactly.. Gamefly is my best friend.

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