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Gameplay looks better than the cutscene.

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Why is something like this here as opposed to say avsforums? Is lossless audio comprised with games like Wipeout HD, Motorstorm, or Super Stardust HD? Not seeing the relevance here. Anyway where are the articles blasting manufacturers for not being able to upgrade past HW via FW like the PS3? Why is the PS3 the only "future proof" player?

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looked worse than Forza and GT5:P even though it was running at 30 frames. Kind of like how GoW3 spanks Castlevania even though its running at 45ish instead of a locked 30.

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GT franchise is a slow burner in terms first 24hrs or first 48hrs. Even though VGchartz has been proven to be a joke sales tracking site by a certain internet forum (GAF), the fact is that they're probably not too far off. It's not like CoD or Halo where it sells a lot of units in a short period of time, then continues to sell. It starts of modestly relative to those games and continues to sell. GT will probably end up around where Halo and CoD (360) are as it averages a bit over 11 m...

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I hope the ESRB doesn't catch this lol....

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avg over 10 mil with each numbered release then you're pretty anticipated. That's just an educated guess on my part though.

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get your head out of the x-cone. You know my day wasn't going too well because it was raining hard outside n ruined my plans for saturday but the system wars is always good for a laugh to ease the stress.

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Wow he must make a cameo at E3 with Jack.

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I hope Sony uses songs like this for the commercials. Really helps to show the game's charm.

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guys c'mon you really fell for this BS....

Maybe I would've saw it as clever if it came out before the GI issue when the rumor mill for LBP 2 was still spinning

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paid and took up the project. They didn't come up with the camera tech themselves.

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did Kevin need to spit water on himself? Hitting the locker was funny though the man is the greatest thing to ever happen to Sony's marketing dpt. Really needs to be at E3.

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about as smart as fanboys I'll bet.

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its possible for them to obtain credit card info and password info from merely viewing the msg on your end.

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higher framerate, uses better suited HDR type for PS3, best motion blur on consoles period, better/more subtle use of post processing, arguably the best in-game character model at only 20k, MLAA that eliminates jaggies better than any console game out on the market, soft body collision, more impressive set pieces, better camera work, high quality texture resolution/filtering.

Uncharted 2 is a jack of all trades master of none outside of Drake at over 30k polygons. ND stated befor...

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has graphical niggles here and there. God of War. Uncharted 2. Gears. FFXIII. Etc. Alan Wake has a lot of low-res textures and shadow maps just going by the bullshots and weak animation based off the gameplay vids so it's not like they're a shining example of perfection......

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don't ever sell a car in your lifetime.

Anyway selling Ratchet and Uncharted: Drake's Fortune for GOW3 and FFXIII is a good deal seeing as I've gotten my $60 out of those games and U1 almost 3 years now so trading them would get me less than $10-15 from any place like amazon or gamestop at this point.

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outside of a few combat sections the graphics look pre-rendered. This game has the best motion blur and camera work I've ever seen. And THIS IS 60 FRAMES most of the time according to Santa Monica. Wow....

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nothing outside of Crysis 2 is touching what I just saw just now. OMG my eyes it looks pre-rendered with those camera pans. PURE insanity. Bravo Santa Monica. Bravo.

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people claim Heavy Rain isn't a game yet you're using every single button and analog stick on the controller to do various actions. Plus motion control.

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